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The ILS Steering Committee was charged in August 2009 at the request of the ILS Advisory Group as a way to continue the ongoing work of guiding and maintaining our Millennium Integrated Library System.

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Our Charge and Membership

Archive of minutes

Agendas will be sent to allusers so that Library staff can contact committee members to give feedback or indicate interest in upcoming discussion topics. The committee will gather input from the Library via email reflectors and meetings of various standing groups, with special meetings scheduled as needed for broader discussion.

ILS Steering Guiding Principles:

  • Each member of the Steering Committee comes to the table to represent what is best for the Library as a whole, not each member's own individual workflow or unit.
  • Members of the Steering Committee agree to raise concerns as appropriate, understanding that our diverse viewpoints add value to the group.
  • We affirm these values as a group:
* Full Participation - Everyone is encouraged to speak up about what is on their minds.
* Mutual Understanding - In order for our decisions to have sticking power we need to understand each others needs and goals.
* Inclusive Solutions - Inclusive solutions make for better decisions because they consider a wide range of needs.
* Shared Responsibility - The decisions we craft are the responsibility of all members of the group to support going forward.
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