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Troubleshooting Print/Scan

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Equipment Problems

Get help from a library employee at a public service desk.

Error Messages/Problems

Public PC error:
"Pharos Update Failed"
When you see the Pharos Update message, just click OK, and the print job will proceed. The “update failed” message is automatically generated by the Pharos billing software due to system changes made behind the scenes and can be ignored.
Public PC/Guest Card error:
“Process Credit Card There was a problem: the data you submitted for the Cal 1 Guest Card did not match our records. Please use your browser's back button to return to the previous page to correct the data.”
For Guest Cards, the lower case letter l (L) and the upper case letter I (I) look very similar; try the other character.
You must enter information for your credit card exactly as it appears in the credit card company's records (name, billing address, etc).
Bookscanner card reader isn’t reading Cal 1 Cards upon swiping. Reboot the bookscanner by pressing the lowest button on the lower right side of the monitor. Touch “shutdown” on the screen and wait a couple of seconds. Then press the button again to power up the bookscanner. If the card reader still does not work, then report it to a library employee at a nearby public service desk.
Bookscanner frozen after several scans. Large scan jobs or scans with a lot of graphics can exceed the bookscanner’s memory. We recommend that you limit scans to 40 black and white pages or 10 color pages per session. For example, if your total number of pages to scan equals 100 black and white pages, you would scan two 40-page sessions and then one 20-page session.
Print Release Station/Cal 1 Card problem:
Print job doesn’t appear
If your Cal 1 Card debit account is low on funds, a message will pop up on the public PC asking you to confirm that you want to continue printing. If you miss confirming, your print job will not appear at the Print Release Station. Try printing again, and wait 10-15 seconds before going to the Print Release station to see whether the message appears on the PC screen.
Print Release Station/Cal 1 Card error:
"User not recognized"
When printing, you are asked to enter your CalNet Username. This error usually appears if you have entered your Cal 1 Card number instead of CalNet Username.
Print Release Station/Cal 1 Card error:
"Cal 1 user account balance error"
Students, faculty and staff using their Cal 1 Cards cards may have different types of funds on their cards: debit funds or meal plan points. To print sufficient funds must be in the debit account on your card (separate from your meal points account). Go to the Cal 1 Card site to review balances and add funds.
Print Release Station/Cal 1 Card problem:
Cal 1 Card user account error (such as "SVC plan" error)
These messages indicate that your account needs to reactivated, has insufficient funds, or does not have a debit account activated. These issues must be resolved by the Cal 1 Card Office.
Print Release Station/Cal 1 Card error:
"Billing Balance: Balance request failed. Patron SVC Plan2 not scheduled."
Student Cal 1 Card debit accounts are deactivated if unused for a year. Going to the Cal 1 Card site to add value to your debit account will reactivate your card.

Cal 1 Card office

  • 180 Cesar Chavez Center, Lower Sproul Plaza
  • Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Credits (for failed print/scan jobs)

  • The Library can only provide credits for failed print/scan jobs.
  • Cal 1 Card debit accounts will be credited for the amount of the loss.
  • The credits can only be used for scanning and printing.
  • Credits are not available as funds for other Cal 1 Card merchants.
  • Credits will be provided after verification.
  • Cash refunds are not available to Guest Cards.

Go to the Copy Center in Moffitt Library during normal business hours, and provide your:

  • first and last name
  • Cal 1 Card number
  • CalNet username
  • e-mail address
  • time and location of the problem
  • description of the problem you encountered
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