Computers in the libraries

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Public computers

Wi-Fi in the libraries

Wireless access to the Internet, and wireless printing are available in all campus libraries. For more information see:

Laptops in the libraries

  • UCB students use AirBears2 to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
  • UCB students register and configure your laptop to use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol service to connect to the Internet via a network jack.
  • UCB students may borrow a laptop, iPad and other electronic devices from the Library. For more details, see the laptop lending FAQs, and the Electronic Devices Lending Policy.
  • Visitors use CalVisitor to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. CalVisitor allows visitors to access their email and the Internet but does not allow access to licensed library resources.
  • UCB students and visitors may print from a laptop or portable device using PrinterOn. A Cal 1 card (students), or Cal 1 guest card (visitors), is needed to release print jobs.

Library Data Lab - 189 Doe Library Annex

  • UCB students, faculty and staff use the Data Lab for numeric data research.

Technical assistance with Wi-Fi

  • Student Computer Consulting Service (walk-in basis or by appointment).
  • Faculty, staff and visitors can contact Campus Shared Services (phone: 510-664-9000 > select 1 for IT support > select 1 for telephone and network support > select 2 for data and network support).
  • Campus posting of known network issues or outages.

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