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Regents of the University of California


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Rafferty, Max, b. May 7, 1917, New Orleans, La.; d. June 14, 1982. Ex officio Regent as state supt. of public instruction, 1963-70. Education: A.B., A.M. 1949, UCLA; Ed.D. 1956, U.S.C. Career: teacher, vice-principal, 1940-48, Trona, Cal.; principal, 1948-51, Big Bear High Sch., Big Bear Lake, Cal.; supt., 1951-55, Saticoy elementary sch. dist.; supt., 1955-61, Needles elementary and high sch. dist.; supt., 1961-62, La Canada sch. dist.

Ralston, William Chapman, b. 1826, Ill.; d. Aug. 27, 1875, S.F. Elected Honorary Regent, to fill unexpired term of Regent Low, 1868-75. Career: store clerk, Wellsville, O.; clerk on river steamboats, later employed by C.K. Garrison who operated steamships between Panama and west coast points; arrived in S.F. as captain of steamer Uncle Sam; became junior partner, Garrison, Fretz, and Ralston; later (about "the beginning of the war") became partner with Joseph A. Donahue and Eugene Kelly in Donahue, Ralston, and Co., S.F. (with Donahue, Kelly and Co., as N.Y. branch) selling currency exchange in N.Y.

Ramm, Rev. Charles Adolph, b. Aug. 3, 1863, Camptonville, Cal.; d. Dec. 23, 1951, S.F. Appointed Regent vice Regent Yorke, 1912-28; reappointed, 1928-44. Education: Ph.B. 1884, UC; M.A. 1889, St. Mary's Seminary; S.T.B. 1891; LL.D. (hon.) 1908, UC; D.D. 1917. Career: ordained, Sept. 24, 1892; elevated to rank of Papal chamberlain (Very Reverend Monsignor) 1918; elevated to rank of domestic prelate (Right Reverend Monsignor), 1919; appointed asst., St. Mary's Cathedral, 1895; serving as asst., pastor, admin., and rector-emeritus (after 1948).

Reagan, Ronald, b. Feb. 6, 1911, Tampico, Ill. Ex officio Regent as gov., 1967-75. Education: A.B. 1932, L.H.D. (hon.) 1957, Eureka Coll., Ill. Career: radio sports announcer, Des Moines, Ia., 1932-37; motion picture actor and executive, 1937-; capt., USAAF, 1942-45; cattle rancher; breeder of thoroughbred horses. Mem., Bd. of Directors, Screen Actors Guild, 14 yrs.; pres., Screen Actors Guild (six terms); mem., Bd. of Directors, Motion Picture Industry Council, ten yrs.; pres., Motion Picture Industry Council (two terms); mem., Bd. of Directors, Committee on Fundamental Education; mem., Bd. of Directors, St. John's Hospital; mem., Bd. of Trustees, Eureka Coll. Recipient, Ntl. Safety Council Public Interest Award, 1954; Hollywood Citizenship Award, 1956; chosen Father of the Year (motion picture industry) by Ntl. Fathers Day Committee, 1957; recipient, American National Red Cross Distinguished Service Award, San Diego Chapter, 1959; two Freedoms Foundation Awards, for "outstanding achievement in bringing about a better understanding of the American way of life," 1960, 1962; Ntl. Humanitarian Award, Ntl. Conference of Christians and Jews, 1962; Orange Empire Council Citizenship Award, 1964; City of Hope "Torch of Life" Award for Humanitarian Service. U.S. President, 1980-88.

Reddick, John Burke, b. April 9, 1845, Scioto county, O.; d. Sept. 16, 1895, San Andreas, Cal. Ex officio Regent as lt. gov., 1891-95. Education: A.B. 1869, UCB. Career: came to Cal., 1856; teacher, 1869-72, Calaveras county; deputy supt. of public schs. for two years; admitted to Cal. bar, 1877; assemblyman from Calaveras county, 1875-77, 1880-82; San Andreas justice of peace, two years.

Redding, Benjamin B., b. Jan. 17, 1824, Nova Scotia; d. Aug. 21, 1882. Appointed Regent to fill unexpired term of Regent Pixley, 1880-82; reappointed, 1882. Career: clerk, 1840, Boston; began retail grocery business, 1843; came to Cal., 1850; mined; was assoc. editor, Shasta Journal; was publisher of State Journal; state printer, 1855; mayor of Sacramento; Cal. secty. of state, 1863-67; land agent, 1868, Central Pacific Railroad Co.; land agent (3 years), So. Pacific Railroad Co.; pres., Summit Ice Co., Denver Quicksilver Mining Co.

Reed, Charles F., b. 1826, Mass.; d. Jan. 24, 1898, Auburn, Cal. Ex officio Regent as pres., State Agri. Soc., 1868-72. Education: cadet at West Point. Career: civil engineer, Old Colony Railroad and Vermont Central Railroad; came to Cal., 1849; mined, then farmed; stockholder, Southern Pacific Railroad; pres., Sacramento Irrigation and Navigation Canal Co.; assemblyman from Yolo county, 1864-66; pres., Bd. of Reclamation Fund Comnrs.; mem., Cal. Constitutional Convention of 1878; supt., Cal. Quicksilver Mining Co.

Reid, William Thomas, ex officio Regent as President of the University, 1881-85 (see Administration, Presidents).

Reinecke, Ed, b. Jan. 7, 1924, Medford, Oregon. Ex officio Regent as Lt. Governor, 1969-74. Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1950, California Institute of Technology. Career: President, Febco Inc, 1950-64; U.S. Congressman from Los Angeles, 1964-69; Lt. Governor, 1969-74.

Reinstein, Jacob Bert, b. 1853, S.F.; d. April 16, 1911, S.F. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Ainsworth, 1895-1900; resigned, 1896; appointed, vice Regent Bartlett, 1896-1911. Education: A.B. 1873, A.M. 1876, UCB. Career: S.F. law practice, 1896-1911. Suggested Architectural competition for development of Berkeley campus to Regents, 1896.

Reithner, Donald G., Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, 1977-78. Education: B.S. Business, 1949, UC Los Angeles. Career: Businessman, IBM Corp.

Reynolds, Robert O., b. March 14, 1914, Morris, Okla.; d. Feb 8, 1994. Appointed by Governor Reagan, 1969-86. Committees: Nominating Committee, 1975-76; Vice Chairman of the Board, 1977-78; Chairman of the Board, 1978-80. Education: B.A. Economics, 1936, Stanford University. Career: President, California Angels baseball team, 1960-74; Vice President, L.A. Rams, 1965-70; Stanford Football Hall of Fame.

Rhodes, Augustus Loring, b. May 25, 1821, Oneida, N.Y.; d. Oct. 23, 1918, San Jose, Cal. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Casserley, 1880-88. Education: grad. 1841, LL.D. (hon.) 1873, Hamilton Coll. Career: tutor and teacher, 1841-45; Bloomfield, Ind. law practice, 1845-54; farmer, 1854-56, Cal.; San Jose law practice, 1856; county atty., 1857; dist. atty., 1859-60, Santa Clara county; state senator from Alameda, Santa Clara counties, 1860-64; assoc. justice, 1864-79; chief justice, 1870-72, Cal. Supreme Court; S.F. law practice, 1879-99; apptd. judge, 1899, elected judge, 1902-07, superior court, Santa Clara county; resumed law practice, 1909.

Richardson, Friend William, b. 1865, Michigan; d. Sept. 5, 1943, Berkeley. Ex officio Regent as gov., 1923-27. Education: attended San Bernardino Coll. Career: publisher, San Bernardino Times-Index, 1896-1910; Berkeley Gazette, 1901-15; state printer, 1912-15; state treas., 1915-23; publisher, Alameda Times Star, 1931-32; Cal. state bldg. and loan comnr., 1932-34; Cal. state supt. of banks, 1934-39; retired, 1939.

Riles, Wilson, b. June 17, 1917, Alexandria, La.; d. April 1, 1999. Ex officio Regent as Superintendent of Public Education, 1971-82. Committees: Nominating Committee, 1975-76. Education: B.A., 1940, Northern Arizona University; M.A., 1947, Northern Arizona University. Career: elementary school teacher and administrator in Arizona, 1940-54; first black state school superintendent in the U.S.; first black elected state official in California.

Rodgers, Arthur, b. Aug. 6, 1848, Nashville, Tenn.; d. June 24, 1902, Auburn, Cal. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Curtis, 1883-90; reappointed, 1889-1902. Education: A.B. 1872, UCB. Career: came to Cal., 1864; began practice as atty. several years after grad. from UC; traveled abroad, 1881-82; practiced law, 1883-1902.

Rodriguez, Jr., Guillermo, Appointed Student Regent, 1989-90. Committees (1989-90): Educational Policy, Grounds and Buildings, Finance. Education: UC Berkeley. Career: Director, State Student Lobby, 1988; ASUC Senator, 1987-88; member of various UC committees, e.g. UC Berkeley Five Year Student Affirmative Action Plan.

Roeding, George Christopher, b. Feb. 4, 1868, S.F.; d. July 23, 1928, Livermore, Cal. Ex officio Regent as president, State Agri. Soc., 1917-19. Career: employee (beginning in 1885), mgr. and later owner, Fancher Creek Nurseries, Fresno; operated large orchards; organized Roeding Fig and Olive Oil Co., 1905; bought Fresno Nursery Co., 1916; pres., Cal. Nursery Co., Niles, Cal., 1917. Author, The Fruit Grower's Guide, 1919. Comnr., U.S. Dept. Agri. to Asia Minor, 1901; Cal. Comnr. to La. Purchase Exposition, 1904, to Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1905, to Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in Asia Minor. 1912. Comnr., Panama Pacific International exposition, 1915. First president, California Nurserymen, 1911; president, 1910-11, Pacific Coast Association of Nurserymen.

Rogers, George H., ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1870. Career: assemblyman from Tuolumne county, 1857-58; from S.F. county, 1869-71; state senator, 1858-60, 1875-79.

Rolph, James, Jr., b. Aug. 23, 1869, S.F.; d. June 2, 1934, S.F. Ex officio Regent as gov., 1931-34. Education: Trinity Coll., S.F.; A.B.(hon.), St. Ignatius Coll., S.F. Career: office boy, 1888, shipping firm; partner, 1900, shipping and comn. business; fdr., 1903, Mission Bank; fdr., 1906, Mission Savings Bank; mayor, 1912-30, S.F.; mem., 1928-31, James Rolph, Jr., Landis and Ellis, gen. ins. Was trustee, S.F. Chamber of Commerce; pres., Merchants Exchange (3 years), Ship Owners Assn., Pacific coast.

Roman, Frederick William, b. Nov. 19, 1876, Sidney, O.; d. April 9, 1948, L.A. Appointed, vice Regent O'Melveny, 1940-48. Education: B.S. 1897, A.B. 1899, Ntl. Normal U., Lebanon, O.; A.B. 1902, A.M. 1905, Yale; Ph.D. 1910, U. Berlin; Docteur des Lettres trés honorable 1923, Sorbonne, U. of Paris. Career: prof., 1905-07, Ky. Normal Sch.; instr. (sociology and economics), 1911-12, Smith Coll.; prof. (economics and sociology), 1912-14, U. So. Dak.; prof., 1914-19, Syracuse U.; prof. (economics and education), 1923-26, N.Y.U.; dir., Assoc. Forums, Ltd., L.A., after 1926; fdr., dir., The Roman Forum, 1935; mem., British Soc. of Authors; assoc. mem., Inst. Intl. de Sociologie. Author: Die Deutschen Gewerblichen und Kaufmannischen Fortbildungs-und-Fachschulen, 1910, The Industrial and Commercial Schools of U.S. and Germany, 1914; La Place de la Sociologie dans L'Education, 1923; The New Education in Europe, 1923.

Rosencrans, William Starke, b. Sept. 6, 1819, Delaware County, Ohio; d. March 11, 1898. Appointed, vice Regent Davidson, 1884-1900; resigned, 1885. Education: grad. 1842, U.S. Mil. Acad. Career: brevetted 2d Lt. of engineers, 1842; served as 2d Lt. on fortification of Hampton Roads, Va., 1843-47; asst. prof. (natural and experimental philosophy, dept. engineering), U.S. Mil. Acad.; supt., repairs at Ft. Adams, Mass.; in charge of various govt. surveys and improvements 1847-53; 1st lt., 1853, resigned comn., 1854; architect and civil engineer, Cincinnati; president, 1856, Coal River Navigation Co., Kanawha county, Va.; organized Preston Coal Oil Co., manufacturers of kerosene, 1857; col., 1861, 23d O. Volunteer Infantry, 1861; brig. gen., U.S. Army, 1861; won Battle of Rich Mountain, 1861; succeeded McClellan, 1861, as commanding gen., Dept. of O.; chief, 1861, of new dept. of western Va., 1861, expelled Confederates, making formation of W. Va. possible; maj. general, U.S. Volunteers, 1862; succeeded Gen. John Pope in command of Miss. Army, involved in successful engagements at Iuka and Corinth, 1862; commanded Army of Cumberland; defeated at Chickamauga, 1863, relieved of command; commanded Dept. of Mox, 1864; brevetted maj. general for services at Murfreesboro, 1865; resigned from U.S. Army, 1865; U.S.. Minister to Mexico, 1868, 1869; engaged in mining operations, Mexico, Cal.; president, 1875, Safety Powder Co., L.A.; California Congressman, 1881-85; brig. general on retired list, U.S. Army, 1889; register of the treasury, 1885-93.

Ross, Jacquelyn, b. Nov. 10, 1965, Berkeley, Calif. Appointed Student Regent, 1987-88. Committees (1987-88): Educational Policy, Hospital Governance, Grounds and Buildings. Education: B.S., UC Davis.

Rosston, John W., b. Oct. 18, 1921, San Francisco, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, 1980-81. Education: B.S., 1942, UC Berkeley. Career: L.F. Rothchild, Unterberg & Tobin.

Roth, William M., b. Sept. 3, 1916, S.F. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Naffziger, 1961-68; reappointed before term expired to succeed Regent Hagar, 1964-80. Education: A.B. 1939, Yale. Career: business and govt. service; chmn. of bd., Pacific Ntl. Life Assurance Co. Dir.: Matson Navigation Co., Pacific Mountain Express Co., U.S. Leasing Corp., Mandrel Industries, Atheneum Publishers. Former dir.: Crocker Citizens Ntl. Bank, Crown Zellerbach Corp. Special representative for trade negotiations (Common Market), 1963-. Trustee: Mills Coll., Fund for the Republic, Am. Civil Liberties Union, S.F. Museum of Art. Former pres., dir., S.F. Planning and Urban Renewal Assn.

Rowell, Chester, b. Oct. 17, 1844, Woodsville, N.H.; d. May 23, 1912, L.A. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Sloss, 1891-94; reappointed, 1894-1910; reappointed, 1910-12. Education: Lombard Coll., Ill.; Chicago Business Coll.; private medical study; M.D. 1870, U. Pacific. Career: Union soldier in Civil War. Physician, 1870-74, S.F., 1879-192, Fresno, Cal. Fdr., 1876, pres. and largest stockholder, 1891, Fresno Republican. State senator from Fresno. Inyo, Kern, Mono, Tulare counties, 1880-82; from Fresno, Madera counties, 1899-1901; from Fresno county, 1903-05. Mem., State Bd. of Health, 1880-1912; Presidential elector, 1884; delegate, Rep. Ntl. Convention, 1900; elected mayor of Fresno, 1909.

Rowell, Chester Harvey, b. Nov. 1, 1867, Bloomington, Ill.; d. April 12, 1948, Berkeley. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Dohrmann, 1914-20; reappointed, 1920-36; reappointed, 1936-52; resigned, 1948. Education: Ph.B. 1888, 1888-89, U.Mich; 1892-94, U. Halle; U. Berlin; U. Paris; U. Rome. Honorary degrees: Coll. Pacific, 1927; U. Mich., 1928; U. So. Cal. 1928. Career: clerk, 1889-91, comm. on elections, U.S. House of Representatives; teacher, 1891-97, Kan., Wis., Cal.; instr. (German), 1897-98, U. Ill.; editor, publisher, 1898-1920, Fresno Republican; pres., gen. mgr., 1912-20, Fresno Republican Publishing Co.; lect. (journalism), 1911, UCB; lect. (political science), 1927-34, Stanford; organizer, pres., 1907-11, Lincoln-Roosevelt Rep. League; chmn., Social Ins. Comn.; dir., Cal. Development Bd.; editor, 1932-39, San Francisco Chronicle; trustee, 1932-39, World Peace Fdn.; pres., 1927-39, Cal. League of Nations Assn. Mem.; Rep. State Comm., 1906-11; Progressives Ntl. Comm., 1912-16; Rep. Ntl. Campaign Comm., 1916; bd. state comnrs., Panama Pacific Exposition, 1913-15; Cal. State Council Defense, 1917-18; U.S. Shipping Bd., 1920-21; Cal. Railroad Comn., 1921-23; Inst. of Pacific Relations Conferences, 1925, 1927, 1929, 1931, 1936; Ntl. Crime Comn., 1926-30; Cal. Tax Comn., 1927; Cal. Constitutional Comn., 1929-31; Ntl. Rep. Program Comm., 1938, 1939; Presidential emergency bds. on railroad strikes, 1928, 1931; Am. Youth Comn. after 1935. Received Theodore Roosevelt Medal "for distinguished public service as a private citizen," 1940. Engaged in travel, lecturing, writer after 1923. Nephew of Regent Chester Rowell.

Rush, Benjamin Franklin, b. Oct. 12, 1852, Sacramento, Cal.; d. Sept. 8, 1940. Ex officio Regent as president, State Agri. Soc., 1904-07. Education: Oakland Military Academy, Heald's Business College, S.F. Career: entered cattle and sheep business, 1857, Solano county; managed Solano County Republican; sheriff, 1895-99, Solano county; director, Solano County Bank. California senator from Napa, Solano counties, 1905-21, 1923-27. Retired, 1929.

Russell, Richard, b. Sept. 7, 1956, Santa Barbara, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, 1996-97. Committees (1996-97): Educational Policy, Audit, Investments. Education: A.B. Political Science, 1978, UC Berkeley; J.D., Boston University. Career: atty., Overlander, Lewis & Russell

Ryland, Caius Tacitus, b. June 30, 1826, Howard county, Miss.; d. Dec. 5, 1897, San Jose, Cal. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1868-69. Career: came to Cal., 1849; appointed mil. gov. of territory, clerk of Court at First Instance, S.F.; began San Jose law practice, 1849; private secretary to governor Burnett, 1850; resumed law practice; promoted, became director, first railroad in state--from San Jose to S.F.; active in building wagon road across mountains to Santa Cruz; assemblyman from Santa Clara county, 1855, 1867-69; chairman, Democratic State Convention, 1876; vice-president, National Democratic Convention, 1888. Was trustee, San Jose Normal Sch. Founder Santa Clara Agri. Soc. Mem. (three times vice-pres.), Cal. Soc. of Pioneers.

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