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Regents of the University of California


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Pacheco, Romualdo, b. Oct. 31, 1831, Santa Barbara; d. Jan. 23, 1899, Oakland. Ex officio Regent as lt. gov., 1871-75, as gov., 1875. Career: lt., U.S. Navy, 1846; judge, San Luis Obispo county, 1854-58 ; state senator from San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara counties, 1858-60; traveled in Europe, 1859-61; state senator, 1861-63; state treas., 1863-67; state senator, 1869-71. Elected to Congress, 1876, but lost seat in contested election. Partner, 1878, in stock brokerage; Congressman, 1879-80; U.S. Minister Plenipotentiary to Central Am. republics, 1890; retired to manage cattle ranch; later resumed activity as stock broker.

Pannor, Michelle K., Appointed Student Regent, 1999-2000. Committees (1999-2000): Educational Policy, Finance, Grounds and Buildings. Education: UC Berkeley. Career: twenty-fifth Student Regent.

Pardee, George C., b. July 25, 1857, S.F.; d. Sept. 1, 1941, Oakland, Cal. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Phelan, 1899-1904; resigned, 1903; ex officio Regent as gov., 1903-07. Education: Ph.B. 1879, A.M. 1882, LL. D. (hon.) 1932, UC; M.D. 1885, U. Leipzig. Career: medical practice in Oakland; mem., Oakland bd. of health, 1889-91; mem., Oakland city council, 1891-93; mayor of Oakland, 1893-95; mem., Ntl. Conservation Comn., 1907-09; chmn., Cal. Conservation Comn., 1911-15; chmn., State Forestry Comn., 1919-23, 1928-30; pres., bd. of dirs., East Bay Municipal Utility Dist., 1924-41; mem., Oakland Port Comn., 1927-41; named chmn., 1930, Cal. Joint Federal-State Water Resources Comn.

Parks, William H., b. 1824, Lake county, Ore.; d. July 23, 1887, Marysville, Cal. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1881-82, 1885-86. Career: came to Cal., 1851; provost-marshal, no. dist. of Calif. during Civil War; developed ranch in Sutter county; state senator from Yuba county, 1859-62; state senator from Sutter county, 1862-63; assemblyman from Yuba county, 1881-82, from Yuba, Sutter counties, 1885-86. Pres., Drainage Dist. No. 1, 1880-87, sometimes called "father of reclamation in Cal."

Parsky, Gerald L. Appointed as Regent by Governor Wilson for the term 1996-2008. Committee memberships (2000-01): Audit, Finance, Investments (Vice Chair). Education: Mr. Parsky received his bachelor's degree in English from Princeton University and his juris doctorate degree from the University of Virginia Law School. Career: Gerald L. Parsky is chairman of Aurora Capital Partners, L.P., a Los Angeles-based investment firm specializing in the acquisition of U.S. companies. From 1977 to 1992, he was affiliated with the law firm of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, specializing in international corporate and tax law. He served as assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department from 1974 to 1977. During that time, he received the Alexander Hamilton award (the highest award presented in the Treasury Department) and was voted One of Ten Outstanding Young Men in America by U.S. Jaycees in 1975. Mr. Parsky has served as a trustee of the University of California San Diego Foundation and serves on the Board of Visitors for the Anderson Graduate School of Business at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is on the advisory council for the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a trustee of the George Bush Presidential Library Foundations and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation.

Patterson, Ellis Ellwood, b. Nov. 28, 1898, Yuba City, Cal.; d. Aug. 27, 1985. Ex officio Regent as lt. gov., 1939-43. Education: A.B. 1921 UCB; 1930-31, Stanford U. Career: high sch. teacher, 1922-23; principal, supvr. of schs., 1923-29, Lockwood, Monterey county; assemblyman from Monterey, San Luis Obispo counties, 1933-37; atty., 1937-38; Congressman, 1945-47. Served with U.S. Navy during World War I; later served with Merchant Marines.

Pattiz, Norman J., Appointed by Governor Davis, 2001-04. Education: Honorary Doctorate, Fine Arts, Southern Illinois University. Career: Founder, Chairman, Westwood One, America's largest radio network company; U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors; former President, Broadcast Education Association; Board of the Annenberg School for Communication at USC; Communications Board of UCLA; Dean's Advisory Board of California State University, Fullerton; member, California's Commission on Building for the 21st Century; Board of Trustees of the Museum of Television and Radio; Board of Directors, Hollywood Radio and Television Society.

Pauley, Edwin W., b. Jan. 7, 1903, Indianapolis, Ind.; d. July 28, 1981. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent MacFarland, 1940-54; reappointed, 1954-70. Education: A.B. 1922, M.S. 1923, UCB. Career: fdr., chmn. of bd., Pauley Petroleum, Inc.; independent oil producer and real estate developer. Dir.: Western Airlines, Inc., Eversharp, Inc. Represented gov. of Cal. on Natural Resource Comm., 1939. Mem., Interstate Oil and Compact Comn., 1940. Petroleum coordinator for war in Europe on petroleum lend-lease supplies for Russia and England, 1941. U.S. representative, reparation comn. with rank of ambassador, 1945-47; advisor to U.S. Secty. of State on economic affairs, special asst. to U.S. Secty. of Army, 1947. Chmn., Bd. of Regents, 1956-58, 1960-62.

Peek, Paul, b. June 5, 1904, West Union, Iowa; d. April 1987. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1939-40. Education: 1927, U. Ore.; 1930, Southwestern U. (night) Law Sch., L.A. Career: admitted to bar, 1930; L.A. and Long Beach law practice, 1930-40; assemblyman from L.A., 1937-40; secty. of state of Cal., 1940-42; assoc. justice, 1942-62; presiding justice, 1960-62, Dist. Court of Appeal, Sacramento; assoc. justice, 1962-66, Cal. Supreme Court. Mem., judicial council of Cal., 1946-50. Trustee, McGeorge Sch. of Law, Sacramento. Mem., State Jr. Chamber of Commerce (vice-pres., 1936); Long Beach Jr. Chamber of Commerce (pres., 1935). Chmn., Dem. State Central Comm., 1939-40.

Peeples, Daryn S., b. May 15, 1954, Savanna, Georgia. Appointed Student Regent, 1976-77. Education: UC Berkeley, English.

Peltason, Jack W., ex officio Regent as President of the University, 1992-95 (see Administration, Presidents).

Pendergast, Gene E., b. March 23, 1940, Sacramento, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association Vice President, 1977-78. Education: A.B., 1961, UC Davis; L.L.B., 1964, Boalt Hall School of Law. Career: Partner, Schei, Fort, Taylor & Pendergast; member of the Governor's Advisory Committee on the Selection of Regents of the University of California.

Pendleton, Cornelius Wells, b. Jan. 4, 1859, N.Y.C. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1901-02. Education: 1878, Madison U.; A.B. 1881, Brown U.; private law study. Career: admitted to Cal. bar, 1884; S.F. law practice, 1884-85; L.A. law practice after 1885. Court comnr., L.A. county, 1890-95; assemblyman from L.A., 1892-95; 1900-02; state senator, 1903-05; collector of customs, 1907, 1911. Was president, L.A. County Improvement Co., secretary, L.A. Baseball Association.

Pennebaker, George, b. Oct. 9, 1936, Oakland, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, 1984-85. Education: B.S. Pharmacy, 1960, UC San Francisco; PHAR, 1961, UC San Francisco. Career: Pharmacist, C.E.O. EDS.

Perkins, George Clement, b. Aug. 23, 1839, Kennebunkport, Me.; d. Feb. 26, 1923, Oakland, Cal. Ex officio Regent as gov., 1880-83. Career: went to sea at age of 13; shipped on sailing vessel bound for S.F., 1855; went to mines near Oroville on arrival; entered mercantile business, S.F.; later engaged in banking, milling, mining, live stock, steamship business; mem., Goodall, Perkins, and Co., owners of Pacific Steamship Co.; introduced steam whalers to Arctic Ocean; mem., Cal. senate, 1869-76; appt'd U.S. Senator, 1893, reelected, 1893, 1895, 1903, 1909; established Bank of Butte County; was pres., Pacific Coast Railway. Dir.: Starr and Co., Cal. State Bank at Sacramento and First Ntl. Bank of S.F. Trustee: Academy of Sciences after 1880. Pres., S.F. Boys and Girls Aid Society after 1882.

Perry, John M., b. Dec. 14, 1872, Stockton, Cal.; d. Nov. 27, 1953, S.F. Ex officio Regent as pres., State Bd. of Agri., 1914-16. Career: bookkeeper and clerk, Monarch Publishing Co.; asst. to pres., 1894-98, secty., 1898-1903, Union Transportation Co.; developed large farming interest, 1900-53; became partner, Melone and Perry, grain and warehouse business, 1903. Was pres., Stockton Chamber of Commerce for two years; served as first pres., Stockton City Planning Comn.

Pettitt, Roger C., b. Oct. 27, 1927, Riverside, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, 1968-69. Education: A.B., 1951, UC Berkeley; L.L.B., 1954, UC Los Angeles. Career: Partner, Brant & Pettitt; Alumni Regent from the Los Angeles campus.

Phelan, James Duval, b. April 20, 1861, S.F.; d. Aug. 7, 1930, Saratoga, Cal. Appointed, vice Regent Marye, 1898-1914; resigned, 1899. Education: A.B. 1881, St. Ignatius U.; Ph.D. 1903, Santa Clara Coll.; studied law, UC. Career: vice-pres., Cal. Comn. to Chicago Exposition, 1893; mayor of San Francisco, 1897-1902; pres., Relief and Red Cross Funds after S.F. earthquake and fire. Was S.F. park cmnr. and trustee, S.F. Public Library. Was chmn., charter assn. that gave new charter to S.F. Was pres.: adornment assn. which procured Burnham plans for S.F.; Playground Comn. for S.F. Was pres., Mutual Savings Bank. Was chmn. of bd., U.S. Bank and Trust Co. Appointed, 1913, by Dept. of State to visit Europe to support President's invitation to foreign countries to participate in Panama-Pacific Exposition. Appointed, 1914, by Dept. of State to investigate the fitness of the Am. Minister to the Dominican Republic; U.S, Senator, 1915-21.

Phelps, Timothy Guy, b. Dec. 20, 1824, Shemanigo county, N.Y.; d. June 11, 1899, San Carlos, Cal. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Bidwell, 1880-96; reappointed, 1896-99. Career: came to Cal., 1849; mined; engaged in S.F. mercantile business, 1850; invested in real estate, 1853; owned large farm in Belmont; assemblyman from S.F., 1857-58; Congressman, 1861; collector of customs at Port of S.F., 1869; candidate for gov., 1875; assemblyman from San Mateo county, 1895-96. Was vice-pres., Soc. of Cal. Pioneers.

Pitts, Lawrence, Faculty Representative to the Regents, 2002-04. Education: B. S. Electrical Engineering and Industrial Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.D. UCSF. Career: U.S. Naval Officer; Chief of Neurosurgery, San Francisco General Hospital, UCSF/Mount Zion Hospital; Vice-Chair and Acting Chair, Department of Neurosurgery, UCSF; member, Board of Directors of ParadigmHealth Corporation.

Pixley, Frank Morrison, b. Jan. 31, 1825, Westmoreland, N.Y.; d. Aug. 11, 1895, S.F. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Ralston, 1875-80. Career: admitted to Supreme Court, Mich., 1847; came to Cal., 1849; mined, 1849-51; Sacramento, S.F. law practice; S.F. city atty.; U.S. Circuit Court judge; publisher, San Francisco Daily Whig, 1852-54; pres., Yuba Railroad Co.; assemblyman from S.F., 1858-59; state atty. gen., 1861-63; U.S. atty., 1869; partner, Pixley and Smith. Comnr., Golden Gate Park (four years); comnr., Yosemite Park. Editor, Argonaut.

Phillips, Frank S., b. June 17, 1952, Anchorage, Alaska. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association Vice President, 1982-83. Education: B.A. History, 1973, UC San Diego; J.D., 1976, New York University. Career: Lawyer.

Plant, Forrest A., b. Dec. 17, 1924, Sacramento, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association Vice President, 1978-79. Education: A.B., 1944, UC Berkeley; J.D., 1949, Boalt Hall School of Law. Career: Partner, Diepenbrock, Wulff, Plant.

Porter, Warren Reynolds, b. March 30, 1861, Santa Cruz, Cal; d. Aug. 27, 1927, Watsonville, Cal. Ex officio Regent as lt. gov., 1907-11. Education: grad. 1880, St. Augustine's Mil. Acad., Benicia, Cal. Career: employee, 1880-86, Bank of Watsonville; secty., mgr. of a lumber co., 1886-88; returned to banking, 1888; pres., 1890-1906, Pajaro Valley Ntl. Bank; mem., State Bd. of Prison Dirs., 1889; Presidential elector, 1900; retired to Berkeley, 1911; pursued financial activities, 1911-27. Dir.: Sisquoc Investment Co., S.F.; Anglo-Cal. Trust Co., S.F. Was first pres., Western States Life Ins. Co.

Powers, Harold J., b. Oct. 8, 1900, Eagleville, Cal. Ex officio Regent as lt. gov., 1953-59. Education: 1921, UCB; UCD. Career: cattle rancher; minute clerk, state senate, 1925-33; state senator, 1933-53; pres. pro tem, 1947-53.

Prescott, Frank Clarke, b. Nov. 15, 1859, Ottawa, Ill.; d. Jan. 6, 1934, L.A. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1905-06. Career: telegrapher, 1876-88; practiced law, 1888-91, L.A., 1891-1903, Redlands, 1903-06, San Bernardino; Redlands city atty., 1899; assemblyman from San Bernardino, 1903-06, speaker, 1905-06; register, U.S. Land Office, 1906-10, L.A.; senior member, Prescott and Prescott, 1910-34. Enlisted as private, Oakland Light Cavalry, N.G.C., 1880; retired as brig. gen., 1903; major, Spanish-American War; capt., Philippine Insurrection; provost judge, 1900, Island of Samar; brigadier staff, 1900-01, Iloilo.

Preuss, Peter, b. March 31, 1943, Berlin, Germany. Ex officio Regent from July 1994 to July 1995 as Vice President of the California Alumni Associations. Appointed Regent by Governor Wilson for the term 1996-2008. Committee memberships (2000-01): Finance (Chair), Health Services, Oversight of the DOE Laboratories. Education: Mr. Preuss was born in Berlin, Germany and received his bachelor's degree in mathematics from the Technical University of Hanover. He earned his master's degree in mathematics from UC San Diego. Career: Peter Preuss is president of The Preuss Foundation, which is involved in brain tumor research. In 1970 Mr. Preuss founded Integrated Sofware Systems Corporation (ISSCO), a San Diego-based company which was the first software company specializing in computer graphics. He served as president and later chairman of the board of ISSCO until it was purchased by Computer Associates in 1986. Mr. Preuss was a founder and long-time director of the National Computer Graphics Association. Mr. Preuss founded the Preuss Foundation in 1985. He has served on the Advisory Committee to the Director of the National Institutes of Health. He serves or has served on the National Brain Tumor Foundation, Duke University Cancer Center Board of Overseers, and the Board of Overseers of UC San Diego.

Pringle, Curt, Ex officio Regent as Speaker of the Assembly, 1995-96. Committees: Educational Policy, 1996. Career: Speaker of the Assembly, 1995-96.

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