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Regents of the University of California


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Hagar, Gerald Hanna, b. June 18, 1892, L.A.; d. Dec. 9, 1965, Berkeley. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Griffiths, 1951-64. Education: A.B. 1914, U. Mich.; J.D. 1920, UCB. Career: capt., field artillery, 1917-19; Oakland law practice, 1920-65; member, Hagar, Crosby, and Rosson, 1937-65. President, California State Bar Association, 1930-35. Was member, California Crime Comn. Was director: Title Ins. and Trust Co.; First Charter Savings and Loan Co.; Oakland Bank of Commerce; Berkeley Savings and Loan Association; Howard terminal. Was trustee: Mills Coll., 1947-57. Was president, Oakland Chamber of Commerce, 1945-46. Chairman, Board of Regents, 1962-64.

Hager, John Sharpenstein, b. March 12, 1818, German Valley, N.J.; d. March 19, 1890. Elected Honorary Regent, vice Regent Moulder, 1868; appointed, 1878. Education: A.B. 1836, Princeton; private law study; M.A. 1838. Career: admitted to N.J. bar, 1840; Morristown, N.J. law practice, 1840-49; came to Cal., 1849; engaged in trading, mining at Bear River, Gold Run; S.F. law practice, 1850-62; state senator, 1852-55; district court judge, 1855-61; traveled abroad, 1862-65; state senator, 1865-72; U.S. senator, 1872; mem., Cal. Constitutional Convention of 1878; collector of customs, S.F., 1885-89. Trustee, S.F. Free Library.

Haggerty, Cornelius J., b. Jan. 10, 1894, Boston, Mass.; d. Oct. 10, 1971. Appointed, vice Regent Fleishhacker, 1950-66; reappointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Carter, 1966-68; resigned Dec. 1966. Career: building tradesman; business agent, Lather's Local No. 42, Los Angeles, 1928-38; first vice-president, Wood, Wire and Metal Lathers' International Union, 1929-; secretary-treasurer, California State Federation of Labor, 1943-; president, Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO, 1960.

Haight, Henry Huntley, b. May 20, 1825, Rochester, N.Y.; d. Sept. 2, 1878, S.F. Ex officio Regent as gov., 1868-71; appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Tompkins, 1872-88; resigned, 1876. Education: A.B. 1844, Yale. Career: admitted to St. Louis, Mo. bar, 1846; came to Cal., 1850; chmn., Cal. Rep. Comm., 1859; gov. of Cal., 1867-71.

Haldeman, Harry Robbins, b. Oct. 27, 1926, L.A. Ex officio Regent as pres., Alumni Assn. of UC, 1966-67. Education: U.S.C.; U. Redlands; B.S. 1948, UCLA. Career: account representative, 1949-60, mgr., L.A. office, vice-pres., 1960-, J. Walter Thompson Co. Served with U.S. Naval Reserve, 1944-46. Personal representative of Vice-Pres. Nixon on ntl. campaign staff, 1956, 1958; Nixon pres. campaign tour dir., 1960; campaign mgr., Nixon for gov., 1962. Gen. chmn., UCLA Memorial Activities Center, 1963. Dist. chief, 1963-65, asst. gen. secty., Beta Theta Pi; mem., Salvation Army Advisory Bd; mem., Bd. of Trustees, Rep. Assocs.; vice-pres., Junior Achievement. Dir., mem. exec. comm., L.A. Better Business Bureau. Chmn., Bd. of Govs., So. Cal. Council of Am. Assn. of Advertising Agencies.

Hale, William Morrell, b. June 27, 1893, Martinez, Cal.; d. Jan. 11, 1965, Diablo, Cal. Ex officio Regent as pres., Alumni Assn. of UC, 1949-50. Education: B.S. 1914, UCB. Career: 1914-44, with Federal Reserve Bank, S.F.; exec. vice-pres., 1944-55, dir., 1945-55, Am. Trust Co. Was chmn., bd. of govs., S.F. Bay Area Council.

Hall, Paul J., b. January 13, 1951, San Diego, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association Vice President, 1992-93. Committees (1992-1993): Educational Policy, Hospital Governance, Grounds and Buildings. Education: A.B. Political Science, 1972, UC Santa Cruz; J.D. 1975, Boalt Hall School of Law. Career: Lawyer, Manalt, Phelps, Phillips.

Hallidie, Andrew Smith, b. March 10, 1836, London, England; d. April 25, 1900, S.F. Ex officio Regent as pres., Mechanics Institute of S.F., 1868-78, 1893-95; elected Honorary Regent, vice Regent Butterworth, Jan.-April, 1874; appointed, vice Regent Meek, 1876-92; reappointed, 1892-1900. Career: mining, 1852-55; construction of suspension bridges and mining machinery, 1855-65; manufacture of wire cable, 1875-1900; inventor of cable car, 1869.

Hallisey, Jeremiah P., b. January 15, 1939, Boston, Mass. Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown, 1982-93. Committees: Finance, 1991-1993; Audit, 1992-1993; Educational Policy, 1992-1993. Vice Chairman of the Board, 1991-1992. Education: A.B. 1960, Boston College; M.A. 1962, Cornell University, L.L.B. 1966, Boalt Hall School of Law. Career: Partner, O'Brien and Hallisey.

Hamilton, J. M., b. Dec., 1820, Phila., Penn. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Merritt, 1874-78. Career: farmer, first with his brother, then on his own in Del., 1841-46; Asst. U.S. Marshal for Del., 1850-51; came to Cal., 1851; farmer in Napa county, 1851-60;engaged in quick silver mining in Pope valley, Cal.; overseer, 1873, State Grange Patrons of Husbandry, Napa, Cal. Also served as worthy master of state grange.

Hammond, Richard Pindell, b. Oct. 6, 1820, Hagerstown, Md.; d. Nov. 28, 1891, S.F. Appointed Regent, 1868-73. Education: 1841, U.S. Mil. Acad. Career: appointed brevet 2d lt., 1841; aide-de-campe to Brig. Gen. Shields, 1846-48; 1st lt., 1846; brevetted capt., 1847; served in Mexican War; came to Cal., 1849, with engineer corps; resigned, 1852. Stockton, Cal. lawyer and land agent, 1852-53; assemblyman from San Joaquin county, 1853; collector of customs, S.F., 1854-56; farmed in Stockton, 1856-61; mined, 1861; gen. supt. of S.F. and San Jose Railroad, 1866-71; vice-pres., pres., 1873, Cal. Pacific Railroad; pres., S.F. board of education; mem., bd. of visitors to U.S. Mil. Acad.

Hansen, Victor Russell, b. March 12, 1904, Minneapolis, Minn. Appointed, vice Regent Cochran, 1946-62. Education: A.B. 1925, UCLA; LL.B. 1928, U.S.C.; grad. 1943, Command and Gen. Staff Sch., U.S. Army. Career: admitted to Cal. bar, 1928; partner, 1931-51, Hansen and Sweeney; partner, 1951-, Hansen and Dolle; judge, 1951-56, L.A. county superior court; Asst. U.S. Atty. Gen. in charge of anti-trust div., 1956-59. Brig. gen., Ntl. Guard.

Harbach, Edwin Louis, b. Aug. 12, 1903, Des Moines, Iowa.; d. 1984. Ex officio Regent as president, Alumni Association of UC, 1955-56. Education: A.B. 1925, UCB; attended Southwestern University, 1935. Career: partner, William Cavalier & Co., 1928-38; manager, Davies and Co., 1938-42; partner, Hopkins, Harbach and Co., 1942-. Director: National Oil Co., 609S Grand Bldg. Co., Atlas Royalties Co., McGreghar Land Co. Director: L.A. Better Business Bureau, 1938-45 (president, 1944), Red Cross, L.A. chapter, 1946-49 (general chairman, fund raising campaign), L.A. Psychiatric Clinic, 1953. Director and quarterly chairman, Town Hall, 1945. Trustee, UC Alumni Foundation, 1963-.

Harman, Willis W., b. August 16, 1919.; d. Jan. 30, 1997. Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown, 1980-90. Committees (1989-90): Affirmative Action Policies, Oversight of the Department of Energy, Educational policy, Grounds and Buildings. Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Washington; M.S. Physics, Stanford University; Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, 1948, Stanford University. Career: Author of "An Incomplete Guide to the Future," 1979; "Higher Creativity," 1984. Professor.

Harmer, John L., Ex officio Regent as Lt. Governor, 1974.

Harrison, Maurice E., b. 1889, S.F.; d. Feb. 10, 1951. Appointed Regent vice Regent Ramm, 1944-51. Education: A.B. 1908, UCB. Career: S.F. law practice, 1910-23; dean, Hastings Coll. of Law, 1919-25; assoc., Brobeck, Phleger, and Harrison, 1925-51; member, Alien Enemy Hearing Board, 1942-43.

Haskins, Samuel Moody, b. Jan. 20, 1872, Salt Lake City, Utah; d. Oct. 26, 1948, L.A. Ex officio Regent as pres., Cal. Alumni Assn., 1930-32. Education: A.B. 1893, UCB; private law study. Career: admitted to bar, 1895; practice with Thomas L. Winder, 1895-97; clerk, 1897-1902, L.A. city council; assoc., 1903-05, Dunn and Crutcher; 1905-07, with Bicknell, Gibson, Trask, Dunn and Crutcher; partner, 1908-31, senior partner, 1931-, Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher. Pres., 1932-36, L.A. Realty Corp. Dir.: Security First National Bank of L.A., L.A. Transit Lines, Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co., Consolidated Steel Corp., Union Oil Co. of Cal.

Hatfield, George Juan, b. Oct. 29, 1887, Waterloo, Ontario, Can.; d. Nov. 15, 1953, Newman, Cal. Ex officio Regent as lt. gov., 1935-39. Education: A.B. 1911, A.M. 1912, J.D. 1913, Stanford. Career: admitted to bar, 1912; instr., 1913-17, Golden Gate Coll.; atty., 1913-17, Morrisson, Dunn and Brobeck; private S.F. law practice, 1917-18; practiced, 1918-22, McWilliams and Hatfield; 1923-24, Sapiro, Levy, Hatfield and Hayes; 1925-33, Hatfield, Wood, and Kilkenny. U.S. atty. for no. dist. of Cal., 1925-33; state senator, 1943-53. Author of Comparative Study of Code Pleadings in California and England,1913. Author of World War II veterans welfare legislation in Cal.

Hayes, Jay Orley, b. Oct. 2, 1857, Waterloo, Wis.; d. Sept. 1, 1948, San Jose, Cal. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent C. S. Wheeler, 1923-28. Education: LL.B. 1880, U. Wis. Career: admitted to Wis. bar, 1880; Madison, Wis. law practice 1880-87; mining, fruit growing, 1887-, Santa Clara county; publisher (with brother), 1901-48, San Jose Daily Mercury Herald. Mem., Rep. State Central Comm. of Cal., 1902-35; Rep. candidate for gov., 1918; delegate to Rep. Ntl. Convention, 1916, 1928. Was pres., Mercury Herald Co., Sierra Buttes Canal and Water Co. Was secty-treas., Hayes-Chenoweth Co. Was dir., Cal. Prune and Apricot Growers Assn.

Haynes, John Randolph, b. June 13, 1853, Fairmount Springs, Penn.; d. Oct. 30, 1937. Appointed, vice: Regent Bowles, 1923-37. Education: M.D., Ph.D., 1874, U. Penn. Career: Phila. medical practice, 1874-87; L.A. medical practice after 1887. Mem.: L.A. Bd. of Freeholders and Revised Bd., 1900, 1910, 1912, 1915, 1923; L.A. County Probation Comm., 1915-25; L.A. Civil Service Comn., 1903-15 (pres., 1906-08); L.A. Public Service Comn., 1920-25; L.A. Bd. of Water and Power Comnrs., 1925; Cal. State Bd. Charities and Corrections, 1912-23; L.A. County Public Welfare Comn., 1915-26; Cal. Tax Comn., 1927-29; Cal. State Council of Defense, 1917; Metropolitan Water Dist. Bd. (building aqueduct from Colo. River to So. Cal.), 1928-30; Cal. State Const. Comm., 1929-31; Cal. State Unemployment Comm., 1930-31. Instrumental in incorporating initiative, referendum, and recall amendments in L.A. city charter, 1903. Served as pres., Direct Legislation League of Cal. Was vice-pres., Good Hope Hosp. Assn.

Hearst, Catherine C. (Mrs. Randolph A. Hearst), b. Louisville, Ky.; d. Dec. 30, 1998. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Dickson, 1956-58; reappointed, 1958, 1974; resigned, 1976. Career: civic activities; trustee, S.F. Museum of Art. Dir.: De Young Museum Soc.; S.F. Hearing and Speech Center. Active in Soc. for Crippled Children and Adults.

Hearst, Phoebe Apperson (Mrs. George Hearst), b. Dec. 3, 1842, Franklin county, Mo.; d. April 13, 1919, Pleasanton, Cal. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent C. F. Crocker, 1897-99; reappointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Martin, 1899-1914; reappointed 1914-19. Career: civic affairs, philanthropy; contributed funds to finance competition to determine best architectural plan for Berkeley campus; gave funds for Berkeley campus buildings, scholarships, UC departmental assistance. Mem.: Acad. of Science of Cal.; Va. Historical Soc.; Astron. Soc. of Pacific; Sch. for Archaeological Work at Athens. Established and maintained kindergarten classes in S.F.; maintained training class for kindergarten teachers, Washington, D.C. for ten years; conducted kindergarten classes at Lead, S. Dak.; gave money to build Ntl. Cathedral Sch. for Girls, Washington, D.C.; built, equipped free library, Anaconda, Mont.; equipped and maintained library at Lead, S. Dak. First pres., Century Club, S.F. Hon. pres., 1915, Women's Board of Panama Pacific Exposition, S.F.

Heggie, Richard, b. Aug. 10, 1923, Oakland, Cal. Ex officio Regent as president, Alumni Association, 1988-89. Committee memberships (1988-89): Investments, Educational Policy, Regents' Procedures, Grounds and Buildings. Education: A.B. 1944, UCB; M.A., 1948, International Relations, UCB. Career: Executive Director, World Affairs Council of Northern California, 1971-83. First mayor of Orinda.

Heller, Edward Hellman, b. March 15, 1900, S.F.; d. Dec. 18, 1961, Atherton, Cal. Appointed, vice Regent J.M. Mills, 1942-58; appointed vice Regent G. Olson, 1960-61. Education: A.B. 1921, UCB; 1921-23, Harvard Law School. Career: banker, 1924-25, Wells Fargo Bank and Union Trust Co.; partner 1925-61, Schwabacher and Co.; served in U.S. Army, during World War I; major, 1942-43, lt. col., 1943-44, inactive duty, 1944-45, U.S. Army. Dir.: Pacific Coast Aggregates, Permanente Cement Co., Bankers Investment Co., U.S. Leasing, Pacific Intermountain Express Co., Allied Properties, Mark Hopkins Hotel Co., Roos Bros. Trustee, Reed Coll.

Heller, Elinor Raas (Mrs. Edward H. Heller), b. Oct. 3, 1904, S.F. Appointed, to fill unexpired term of her husband, Regent E. H. Heller, 1960-76. Education: A.B. 1925, LL.D. (hon.) 1952, Mills Coll. Civic activities: trustee, Mills Coll., 1932-. Mem.: bd. of govs., Palo Alto-Stanford Hosp. Center; bd. of trustees, World Affairs Council, No. Cal.; bd. of dirs., Mental Research Inst., Palo Alto; League of Women Voters (several terms on bd. of drs.) 1926-; Dem. Ntl. Comm. from Cal., 1942-52. Former mem., advisory comm., S.F. State Coll.

Hellman, Isaias William, b. Oct.3, 1842, Reckendorf, Bavaria; d. April 9, 1920, S.F. Appointed, to fill unexpired term of Regent D. O. Mills, 1881-86; reappointed, 1886-1902; reappointed, 1902-18. Career: arrived in L.A., 1859, began work as dry goods clerk; fdr., manager and president, Hellman, Temple and Co., bankers, 1868-71; founder, president, 1871-1920, Farmers and Merchants National Bank, L.A.; president, 1890-1920, Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, S.F. Was founder, Union Trust Co., S.F. Was also president, Bankers's Investment Co. Director: U.S. National Bank (Portland, Ore.), So. Pacific Co., many other corps.

Henning, John F., b. November 22, 1915, San Francisco, Calif. Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown, 1977-89. Committees (1988-89): Educational Policy, Regents' Procedures, Oversight of the Department of Energy, Finance. Education: B.A. 1938, St. Mary's College. Career: U.S. Under Secretary of Labor, 1962-67; U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand, 1967-69; Secretary-Treasurer, California Labor Federation; AFL-CIO, 1970-present.

Hertzberg, Robert M. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 2000-2002. Education: Robert Hertzberg graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Redlands in 1976, and from the UC Hastings College of Law in 1979. Career: Robert M. Hertzberg was elected speaker of the California State Assembly in 2000. Trustee to the California State University system. First elected to the Assembly in 1996, Hertzberg has served as chairman of the Committee on Public Safety and the Committee on Rules. Prior to his election, he served on the Los Angeles County Quality and Productivity Commission; as chair of the California Advisory Commission on Youth (1978-79); and as a member of the California State Board of Pharmacy (1984-88). Speaker Hertzberg has served on the board of directors of a variety of community organizations, including CORO Associates, the Chinatown Service Center and Mulholland Tomorrow. From 1991-95, he was chair of the Dean's Council of Hebrew Union College and was also vice president of the American Jewish Committee. Prior to his election, he worked as a business and real estate attorney after years of practicing as a constitutional lawyer.

Hewitt, Arthur H., b. May 10, 1858, Pomfret, Vt. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1911-12. Education: state normal school of Randolph, Vt; private law study. Career: teacher, 1874-76, Vt.; teacher, 1876-78, Ill.; arrived in Cal., 1875; teacher, 1878-85; Sutter county clerk, 1887-93; mem., Sutter county bd. of education, 1880-96; began Yuba City law practice, 1893-; assemblyman from Yuba, Sutter counties, 1907-12. Trustee: Cal. State Library, 1912-17.

Higgs, De Witt A., b. Dec. 13, 1907, Soldier, Idaho.; d. Dec. 13, 1994. Appointed, vice Regent McLaughlin, 1966-82. Education: U. Idaho; LL.B. 1934, Balboa Law Coll. Career: admitted to Cal. bar, 1934; San Diego law practice; lt. cmdr., Pacific during World War II; awarded Bronze Star with Combat "V" for performance of duty when his ship was struck by Kamikaze off of Okinawa. Senior partner, Higgs, Fletcher and Mack. Mem., bd. of dirs., 1938-40 (pres., 1940), San Diego County Bar Assn. City Atty., 1940-42, 1946-47, Chula Vista, Cal. cmdr. (1947), Post 434, Am. Legion. Mem.: bd. of dirs., Community Hosp. of Chula Vista; advisory bd., Scripps Memorial Hosp.; bd. of dirs., Young Properties, Inc.

Hind, George Urwin, b. Oct. 11, 1871, Maui, Hawaii; d. Oct. 24, 1950, S.F. Ex officio Regent as pres., Mechanics Inst. of S.F., 1941-46. Career: office boy, Charles Ashton Co., 1890-94; real estate business, 1894-98; in shipping business with James Rolph, Jr., eventually becoming sole owner, 1894-1950. Pres., dir., Marin County Humane Soc.; treas., State Humane Soc.; mem., San Rafael Park Comn.

Hitch, Charles J. ex officio Regent as President of the University, 1968-75 (see Administration, Presidents).

Hoadley, Walter E., b. August 16, 1916, San Francisco, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association Vice President, 1990-91. Committees (1990-91): Finance, Investments, Educational Policy. Education: A.B. 1936, UC Berkeley; Ph.D. Economics, 1946, UC Berkeley. Career: Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution; Former chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; CFO of Armstrong World Industries; Executive Vice President and Chief Economist at Bank of America; Vice Chairman, U.S. National Committee on Pacific Economic Cooperation; Director of Transisco Industries; author of "Looking Behind the Crystal Ball," 1988.

Hodgen, Joseph Dupuy, b. Sept. 1, 1865, Lexington, Ky.; d. July 8, 1949, S.F. Ex officio Regent as pres., Mechanics Inst. of S.F., 1938-41. Education: D.D.S. 1887, UCSF. Career: practiced dentistry in Woodland; mem., State Bd. of Dental Examiner, 1891-97; supt. of the infirmary, 1891-94; inst. (chemistry and metallurgy), 1892-1900; prof., 1900-07; prof. (operative dentistry), 1907-17; prof. (histology, dental pathology), 1917-19; prof. emeritus (histology, dental pathology), UCSF. Private practice of dentistry until 1934. Editor, Pacific Coast Dentist, 1892-95. Secty., Ntl. Assn. of Dental Examiners, 1893.

Hoffman, David, b. September 29, 1967, Burbank, Calif. Appointed Student Regent, 1986-87. Education: B.A. Political Science, UC Los Angeles. Career: elected student body president at UCLA.

Hoitt, Ira G., b. July 23, 1833, Lee, N.H.; d. Feb. 19, 1905, Menlo Park, Cal. Ex officio Regent as state supt. of public instruction, 1887-91. Education: Dartmouth Coll. Career: sch. principal in the east; vice-principal, 1864-65, Denman Grammar Sch., S.F.; principal, Lincoln Grammar Sch., 1865-68; broker, 1868-80; assemblyman from S.F., 1881; mgr., Palmer and Ray's Advertising Bureau, 1883-87; operated Hoitt's Sch. at Burlingame and Atherton, Cal., 1890-1905.

Holden, Edward S., Ex officio Regent as Pres. of the University, 1885-88. (see Administration, Presidents).

Holden William, b. 1824, Ky.; d. June 4, 1884, Healdsburg, Cal. Ex officio Regent as lt. gov., 1868-71. Career admitted to Ky. bar, 1845; Ky. law practice, 1845-49; came to Cal., 1850; mined for two years; farmed; assemblyman from Stanislaus county, 1857, from Mendocino county, 1865, 1881; state senator from Stanislaus, Toulumne counties, 1858-60, from Lake, Mendocino counties, 1862-64.

Honig, Bill, b. April 23, 1937, San Francisco, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1983-93. Committees: Educational Policy, 1990-1993. Education: B.A., 1958, UC Berkeley; M.A. Education, 1972, San Francisco State University; J.D. 1963, Boalt Hall School of Law. Career: Superintendent of schools in Marin County, 1975-82; State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1982-93.

Hope, Jr., Frank L., b. April 10, 1930, San Diego, Calif. Appointed by Governor Deukmejian, 1984-88. Committees (1987-88): Audit, Grounds and Buildings, Oversight of the Department of Energy. Education: B.S. Architecture, 1952, UC Berkeley. Career: C.E.O. Hope Consulting Group.

Hopkinson, Judith L., b. May 2, 1946, Winnipeg, Canada. Appointed as Regent in March 1999 by Governor Davis to a term ending in 2009. Committee memberships (2000-01): Finance, Grounds and Buildings, Investments (Chair). Education: Ms. Hopkinson holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Career: Judith Hopkinson is the former Chief Operating Officer of Ameriquest Capital Corporation. Prior to entering the private sector, she served as Director of Development for the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and as Deputy Director of the Pasadena Redevelopent Agency. Ms. Hopkinson served on the California Transportation Commission from 1982-1987 and on the board of directors of the Rail Construction Company from 1990 to 1993.

Hotchkis, John, b. August 3, 1931, Los Angeles, Calif. Appointed by Governor Wilson, 1997-98. Committees (1998): Audit, Investments, Oversight of the Department of Energy. Education: B.A. Political Science, UC Berkeley; M.B.A., UC Los Angeles. Career: Chairman of Hotchkis and Wiley; one of four co-chairs of the $1.1 billion Capital Campaign for UC Berkeley; Father was an Alumni Regent in 1936; former member of the Los Angeles Olympic Citizens Advisory Commission; Rsigned as Regent in October 1998 for 30 days, re-appointed in November, then term expired in December due to lack of confirmation by the Senate.

Hotchkis, Preston, b. June 19, 1893, Los Angeles; d. Jan. 25, 1989. Ex officio Regent as pres., Cal. Alumni Assn., 1934-36. Education: A.B. 1916, UCB; U.S.C. Coll. of Law. Career: asst. secty., secty., Cal. Delta Farms; ensign, U.S. Navy, World War I; admitted to Cal. bar, 1920; assoc. founder: Pacific Finance Corp., 1920; Pacific Indemnity Co., 1926, Consolidated Steel Co., 1929. Mem., exec. comm., Yosemite Park and Curry Co., 1935; Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co. Chmn. of bd., Fred H. Bixby Ranch Co., College Shopping Center, Inc. Former vice-pres., treas., dir., Pacific Am. Fire Ins. Co., former vice-pres., dir., Pacific Finance Corp. of Cal. Former dir.: Affiliated Securities Holding Co., L.A. Warehouse Co., Pacific Co. of Cal., Cal. Delta Farms, Inc., Grand Central Garage Co., Pioneer Securities Corp., Productive Properties, Lt., Merchants Finance Corp., L.A. Industries, Inc., Consolidated Rock Products Co., Cal. Trust Co. Pres., Cal. Alumni Assn., 1934-36; Cal. State Chamber of Commerce, 1942-43. Mem.: San Marino City Council, 1940-55, War Finance Comm., 1942-45. Trustee: Southwest Museum, Good Hope Medical Fdn., U.S. Comm.-Dag Hammarskjold Fdn., Mills Coll. Dir.: Cal. Inst. of Technical Assoc., L.A. World Affairs Council (vice-pres.), U.S. Rep. to Ecnomic and Social Council of the U.N., 1954-55.

Houghton, James Franklin, b. Dec. 1, 1827, Cambridge, Mass.; d. Jan. 31, 1903, S.F. Appointed, vice Regent Rhodes, 1888-1903. Education: C.E. 1841, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. Career: civil engineer for Boston Water Works Co.; came to Cal, 1850; brought line of packets, 1851; partner, 1853, Pine and Houghton Lumber Co.; surveyor gen. of Cal., 1862-68 (surveyed boundary line between Cal. and Nev.); pres., 1874-92, Home Mutual Fire and Marine Ins. Co., Sacramento; pres. (15 years), So. S.F. Dock Co. Mem., Acad. of Sciences, State Geographical Soc.

Houser, Frederick Francis, b. Nov. 14, 1904, L.A. Ex officio Regent as lt. gov., 1943-47. Education: A.B. 1926, UCLA, grad. with highest honors in political science, Phi Beta Kappa; LL.B., 1929, Harvard Law Sch. Career: instr. (government), 1926-29, Harvard; admitted to Cal. bar, 1930; L.A. and Alhambra law practice, 1930-46; assemblyman from L.A., 1931-33, 1939-43; Rep. nominee for Congress, 1932, 1934, 1936; Rep. nominee for U.S. Senator, 1944; judge, Cal. Superior Court, 1947-. Dir.: First Federal Savings and Loan Assn., Alhambra; Cal. Inst. for Cancer Research. Boys Tennis Champion of So. Cal., 1919; Junior Tennis Champion of So. Cal., 1923. Pres.: UCLA student body, 1925-26; Pacific Student Body Presidents' Assn., 1925-26; Alhambra Chamber of Commerce, 1932-34; UCLA Alumni Assn., 1933-35; San Gabriel Valley Assoc. Chambers of Commerce 1934-36; Oneonata Club, So. Pasadena, 1949-50; Lincoln Club, L.A., 1962-64. Mem., State War Council, 1943-46. Recipient, Alumnus of Year award, 1948, UCLA.

Howe, Robert, b. Oct. 23, 1831, N.Y.C.; d. Oct. 25, 1915, S.F. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1889-90. Career: came to California, 1853; miner, Tuolumne county, 1853-62; S.F. comn. merchant, 1862-84; assemblyman from Tuolumne county, 1859-60; assemblyman from S.F., 1873; assemblyman from Sonoma county, 1889-90.

Hudson, William, b. October 13, 1896, Montpelier, Vermont; d. Feb. 23, 1991. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, 1967-68. Career: President, vice chairman of the board, Gerber Products Co.

Hutchinson, Paul Revere, b. Sept. 23, 1904, L.A. Ex officio Regent as president, Alumni Association of UC, 1948-49. Education: A.B. 1926, UCLA; 1926-27, Harvard Law School; LL.B. 1929, UCB. Career: L.A. law practice, 1929-. President, UCLA Alumni Association, 1947-49, L.A. County Bar Association, 1964-65.

Hutchison, Claude, b. March 22, 1938, Oakland, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, 1986-87. Education: B.S. Economics, 1960, UC Berkeley; M.B.A., 1965, Harvard University. Career: banker; C.E.O. Civic Bancorp; ran for U.S. Congress against Ron Dellums in 1982.

Hyatt, Edward, b. March 8, 1858, Huntington, Penn.; d. Dec. 7, 1919, Sacramento. Ex officio Regent as state supt. of public instruction, 1907-18. Education: grad., Ohio State U. Career: school teacher and principal, 1884-93; supt. of schools, Riverside county, 1893-1907.

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