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Regents of the University of California


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Earl, Guy Chaffee, b. May 7, 1861, Red Bluff, Cal.; d. June 25, 1935, Oakland. Appointed, vice Regent W.T. Wallace, 1908-18; reappointed, 1918-34. Education: A.B. 1883, UCB. Career: admitted to Cal. bar, 1886, asst. dist. atty., 1887-89, Alameda county; Oakland law practice, 1889-95; was judge, appellate court; state senator from Alameda county, 1892-96; law practice, 1895-1900, Thomas B. Bishop and Charles S. Wheeler, S.F.; mem., law firm of Earl and Hall. Served as pres. and gen. counsel, Great Western Power Co., Cal. Electric Generating Co. Chmn., Bd. of Regents, 1920-22.

Eastin, Delaine, ex officio Regent as State superintendent of public instruction, 1995-2002. Education: Eastin received her bachelor's degree from UC Davis, and a masters degree in political science from UC Santa Barbara. Career: After receiving her degrees, she taught political science for seven years. Following her career in teaching, Eastin served as corporate planner for Pacific Telesis Group. She has held numerous other elected and appointed offices, including serving twice as city councilwoman in Union City. On November 3, 1998, Delaine Eastin was elected to a second four-year term as State superintendent of public instruction. Prior to her election as State superintendent, Eastin served four terms in the State Assembly beginning in November 1986. She represented the 20th District, which includes portions of Alameda and Santa Clara counties. She served as chair of the Assembly Committee on Education.

As State superintendent of public instruction, Eastin serves as the executive officer and secretary of the State Board of Education and as the director of the California Department of Education. In addition, as the State superintendent she is a member of the Trustees of the California State Colleges and Universities and the California Education Round Table.

Eberley, Janice, b. December 15, 1962. Appointed Student Regent, 1985-86. Education: B.S. Agricultural Economics, 1986, UC Davis; Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Career: First female president of California Future Farmers of America, then first female president of its national organization. Student Regent from Davis campus.

Ehrman, Sidney Myer, B. Aug. 23, 1873, S.F.; d. April 26, 1975. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Foster, 1930-32, reappointed, 1932-48; reappointed to fill unexpired term of Regent C. H. Rowell, 1948-52. Education: 1892-93, U. Munich; B.L. 1896, UCB; LL.B. 1898, Hastings Coll. of Law. Career: S.F. law practice with William Scott Goodfellow and Garrett McEnerney, 1898-1905; mem., Heller, Powers and Ehrman, 1906-21; mem., Heller, Ehrman, White and McAuliffe, 1920-. Trustee: Hastings Coll. of Law, S.F. War Memorial, Cal. Hist. Soc., S.F. Law Library. Dir.; S.F. Opera Assn., S.F. Musical Assn. Past dir., Cal. State Chamber of Commerce. Donated funds to establish chair of European history at UCB, 1931.

Ellinwood, Charles Norman, b. April 12, 1834, Cambridge, Vt.; d. Jan. 4, 1917, S.F. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Hallidie, 1901-08. Education: M.D. 1858, Rush Med. College; 1860-62, Paris School of Med.; LL.D. (hon.) 1903, Rutgers Coll. Career: surgeon, 1861, 74th Ill. Volunteer Infantry; later became medical director of 2nd Div., 4th Corps; practiced medicine, 1865-66, Chicago; began S.F. practice, 1866; professor (physiology), 1866, Cooper Medical College; surgeon, 1873-82, Marine Hospital, S.F.; president, 1870-85, Board of U.S. Pension Examiners in California; became president, Lane Hospital, 1902; also served as president, S.F. Medical Soc., State Board of Medical Examiners.

Enomoto, Ron, b. September 28, 1942, Denver, Colo. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association Vice President, 1989-90. Committees: Educational Policy, 1989-1990; Oversight of the Department of Energy, 1989-1990; Hospital Governance, 1989-1990; Investments, 1991-1992. Education: A.B. Economics, 1964, UC Davis. Career: Greenhouse flower grower; owner, Enomoto Roses, Inc.

Eshleman, John Morton, b. June 14, 1876, Villa Ridge, Ill.; d. Feb. 28, 1916, El Centro, Cal. Ex officio Regent as lieutenant governor, 1915-16. Education: A.B. 1902, M.A. 1903, UCB. Career: worked as railroad track hand, dish washer, steward for railroad maintenance crew; admitted to bar, 1905; assemblyman from Berkeley, 1907; district attorney, 1907-10, Imperial county; headed reorganized Railroad Comn., 1911.

Espinoza, Max Rangel, b. March 14, 1975, Mexico. Appointed Student Regent, 1998-99. Committees (1998-1999): Educational Policy, Grounds and Buildings. Education: UC Los Angeles.

Estee, Morris M., b. Nov. 23, 1833, Warren county, Penn.; d. 1903, Hawaii. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1873-74. Career: came to California, 1853, miner, 1853-56; school teacher, 1856-59; began Sacramento law practice, 1859; district attorney, 1864-66; began S.F. law practice, 1866; partner with John H. Boalt, 1870-80; joined Estee, Wilson and McCutchen, 1880; U.S. judge for Hawaii under McKinley. Assemblyman from Sacramento, 1863, from S.F., 1873. Rep. candidate for U.S. Senate, 1877; member, Cal. Constitutional Convention of 1878; Republican candidate for governor, 1882; president, National Republican Convention, 1888; delegate to Pan American Congress, 1889.

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