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Bagley, William T. b. June 29, 1928, San Francisco, Cal. Appointed to The Regents by Governor Deukmejian in 1989 to serve the remaining year of an unexpired term and was reappointed in 1990 by Deukmejian to a 12-year term, 1989-2002. Committee memberships (2000-01): Educational Policy, Finance, Investments. Education: Mr. Bagley graduated from the University of California, Berkeley (Phi Beta Kappa) and Boalt Hall School of Law. He was valedictorian and is permanent president of his undergraduate class of 1949. Career: William T. Bagley is a senior partner in the statewide law firm of Nossaman, Guthner, Knox & Elliott. A member of the American, California, San Francisco, and Marin Bar Associations, he is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Bagley is a former member of the California Legislature, having served as an Assemblyman representing Marin and Sonoma Counties from 1960 to 1974. While in the Assembly, he authored hundreds of statutes including tax reform, welfare reform, conservation, fair housing, and other civil rights laws. The Bagley Keene Open Meeting Act (1967 and 1969) gave public access to all state agency meetings and to The Regents. He left legislative service in 1974 to become the Republican nominee for State Controller. Mr. Bagley was Governor Deukmejian's first appointee to the California Public Utilities Commission (1983-1986) and he also served on the California Transportation Commission (1983-1989). He was appointed by President Ford as the first Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (1975-1979).

Bard, Thomas Robert, b. Dec. 8, 1841, Chambersburg, Penn.; d. March 6, 1915. Appointed, vice Regent Wheeler, 1907-23; resigned, 1911. Education: grad., Chambersburg Academy., 1859; private law study. Career: transportation agent, 1861-65, Cumberland Valley Railroad; came to California, 1865, to look after So. Cal. land interests of Col. Thomas A. Scott; member, comn. to organize Ventura county; member, Ventura county Board of Supervisors, 1865-77; built wharf at Hueneme, 1871; contracted for construction of first wharf at Santa Monica, 1874; 1st pres., Union Oil Co., Cal. (1890). President: Bank of Hueneme, Quimichie Co., Compania Hacienda de Quimichis, Las Pasas Water Co. U.S. Senator, 1900-05, 1910-15. With brother, built and endowed Elizabeth Bard Memorial Hosp.

Barnes, Stanley Nelson, b. May 1, 1900, Baraboo, Wisc. Ex officio Regent as pres., Cal. Alumni Assn., 1947-48. Education: A.B. 1922, J.D. 1925, UCB; 1923-24, Harvard Law Sch.; LL.D (hon.), 1961, UCB. Career: S.F. law practice, 1925-28; L.A. law practice, 1929-45; judge, 1946-53, presiding judge, 1952-53, Superior Court, L.A. county; lect., U. So. Cal., law and medical schools, 1949-52; assistant U.S. attorney general in charge of anti-trust division, 1953-56; judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for ninth circuit, 1956-. Member: President's Conference on Admnistrative Procedure, 1953. Co-chmn., Attorney Gen.'s National Comm. on Appellate Rules and Procedure, Judicial Conference of the U.S., 1960-. Chairman-elect, Sect. of Judicial Admin., American Bar Association, 1965-66. Director, National Coll. of State Trial Judges, 1966-. Fel.: Am. Coll. of Trial Lawyers; American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Trustee, Southwest Museum. Member, Football Hall of Fame, 1954. Pres.: Sigma Chi., (ntl.), 1952-55; Federal Bar Association, 1954-55.

Barnes, William Henry Linow, b. Feb. 11, 1836, West Point, N.Y.; d. July 21, 1902. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Phelps, 1899-1902. Education: 1855, Yale Coll.; private law study. Career: clerk, N.Y. law office, four years; practiced law; mem. of staff of Gen. Fitz-John Porter, 1861; came to Cal., 1863; partner with Eugene Casserley, 1863-69; private law practice after 1869; wrote play, "Solid Silver"; stockholder, Cal. Theater Assn., pres., Mercantile Library Assn., 1865.

Barrows, David Prescott, ex officio Regent as President of the University, 1919-23 (see Administration, Presidents).

Bartlett, Columbus, B. Aug. 13, 1833, Columbus, Ga.; d. Dec. 16, 1905, Alameda, Cal. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Ashburner, 1887-96. Education: private law study. Career: came to California, 1852 and established newspaper; became Sacramento corresp., 1857, for San Francisco Evening Bulletin; established Victoria Gazette, 1858; returned to Cal., 1859; admitted to bar, 1863; private secretary to Gov. Washington Bartlett (his brother); elected mayor of S.F., 1883.

Bartlett, Washington, b. Feb. 29, 1824, Savannah, Georgia; d. Sept. 12, 1887, Oakland. Ex officio Regent as Governor, Jan.-Sept., 1877. Career: came to California, 1849; engaged in printing business, published first book printed in California, California As It Is and As It May Be: A Guide to the Gold Region, 1849; began Daily Journal of Commerce, Jan., 1850; member, S.F. Vigilance Comm. of 1856; S.F. county clerk, 1859 for 3 terms; vice-president, S.F. Savings Union, 1868; state senator, 1873-74; S.F. mayor, 1882-86; gov.

Bateson, Gregory, b. May 9, 1904, Grantchester, Eng.; d. July 4, 1980. Appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 1976. Served until his death in 1980. Education: B.A. Science, Cambridge University, 1925; MA Anthropology, Cambridge University, 1930. Career: conducted anthropological fieldwork in New Guinea and Bali. Author of many books, publications, including "Balinese Character" with M. Mead; "Communication: the Social Matrix of Psychiatry"; "Naven"; and "Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity." Resident at Esalen Institute at Big Sur.

Beale, Truxton, b. March 6, 1856, S.F.; d. June 2, 1936, Annapolis, Md. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Slack, 1911-13. Education: C.E. 1874, Penn. Mil. Coll.; 1878, Harvard; Columbia U. Career: private secty. to father (U.S. Minister to Austria-Hungary), 1875-77; admitted to Penn. bar, 1878; managed father's ranch in Kern county, Cal. until 1891; U.S. Minister to Persia, 1891; U.S. Minister to Greece, 1892; U.S. Minister to Romania and Serbia, 1893; traveled through Asia, 1894-96; author of magazine articles on internal and economic questions: "Strategical Value of the Philippines," North American Review, 1898; "The Education of the Millionaire," Forum, 1900; The State Versus the Man in America, 1915 ; offered prizes to university students with best suggestions for Rep. party's 1920 platform.

Beard, John Lyman, b. June 18, 1845, La Fayette, Ind.; d. Nov. 19, 1903, Centerville, Cal. Appointed, vice Regent Hamilton, 1876-92. Education: 1868, Coll. of Cal. Career: came to Cal. 1850; farming, fruit raising near Centerville, 1867-87; lived at Warm Springs, 1887-94; returned to his farm near Centerville, 1894.

Beardslee, Robert Lewis, b. July 12, 1868, San Joaquin county, Cal.; d. March 15, 1926, Stockton, Cal. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1907-08. Education: Woodbridge Coll. Career: atty.; mem., Louttit, Woods and Levinsky; assemblyman from San Joaquin county, 1905-09; city atty., Stockton, 1905-06

Berry, Campbell, P., b. Nov. 7, 1834, Jackson county, Ala.; d. Jan. 6, 1901, Wheatland, Cal. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1877-79. Education: graduate 1864, Pacific Methodist Coll., Vacaville, Cal. Career: arrived in Cal., 1857; supervisor, Sutter county, 1866-69; assemblyman from Sutter county, 1869-77; in mercantile business for a few years beginning 1872; representative in Congress, 1878-82; Asst. U.S. Treas., S.F. for four years before retiring to farm in Wheatland.

Bidwell, John, b. Aug. 5, 1819, Chautauqua county, N.Y.; d. April 4, 1900, Chico, Cal. Appointed, vice Regent L. Archer, 1880-96; resigned, Dec., 1880. Career: principal , Kingsville Acad., Ashtabula, O., 1836-38; leader of Bidwell-Bartleson Party to Cal., 1844; naturalized by Mexico as Cal. citizen, 1844; mem. comm. to prepare proclamation of independence from Mexico, 1846,; 2nd lt., Cal. Battalion, revolt against Mexico, 1846; bought 22,000 acres north of Sacramento; mined gold on his property during gold rush; became a prominent storekeeper and agriculturalist. State senator from Sacramento, 1849; Congressman, 1865-67; prohibition candidate for gov., Cal., 1890; prohibition candidate for U.S. pres., 1892. Donated land for Chico State Coll.

Biggs, Marion, b. May 2, 1823, Pike county, Mo.; d. Jan. 20, 1903, Gridley, Cal. Ex officio Regent as pres., State Agri. Society, 1877. Career: sheriff, Clay county, Mo., 1844-48; arrived in California, 1850 and entered business of buying and selling mules and horses; returned to Mo., 1852 and was elected sheriff of Monroe county; returned to California, 1863, bringing 2,000 mules; organized freighting trains to Nevada mines, 1864; assemblyman from Sacramento county, 1867-69; assemblyman, Butte county, 1869-71; member, Constitutional Convention, 1878; member, Congress, 1889, 1897.

Biles, Cheryl F., b. November 29, 1946, Pasadena, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Alumni Association President, 1978-79. Education: B.A. Spanish, 1969, California State University, Fullerton; M.S. Education, 1975, UC Irvine. Career: Teacher for Orange County Department of Education. First woman to be UC alumni president. First UC alumni president from a campus other than Berkeley or UCLA.

Binion, Gayle, Faculty Representative to the Regents, 2001-03. Education: B.A.,
City College of New York; Ph.D., UC Los Angeles. Career: Professor of Political Science, UC Santa Barbara, 1976-present; Chairman, Interdisciplinary Law and Society Program, UC Santa Barbara, 1976-94; Director, UCSB Washington (D.C.) Program, 1994-1996.

Black, Samuel Thorburn, b. May 20, 1846, Cumberland, England; d. March 23, 1917, San Diego, Cal. Ex officio Regent as state supt. of public instruction, 1895-98. Career: teacher, sch. principal, Yuba county, Butte county, Oakland, 1868-86; atty.; principal and later supt. of sch., Ventura county, 1891-95; became pres., San Diego State Normal School, 1898.

Blum, Richard C., Appointed by Governor Davis, 2002-14. Education: B.A., UC Berkeley, M.B.A., UC Berkeley. Career: Chairman, Blum Capital Partners, L.P.; Co-Chairman, Newbridge Capital, LLC.

Blumenthal, George. Faculty Representative to The Regents, September 1, 2003 - September 1, 2005, and Vice Chair of the Universitywide Academic Senate of the University of California; Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz; B.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Ph.D. University of California, San Diego.

Bodine, Barbara, Ex officio Regent as Vice President of the Alumni Associations of the University of California, 2002-03. Education: B. A. , Political Science and Asian Studies, UC Santa Barbara; Master's, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Career: Former U.S. Ambassador to Yemen; Deputy Principal Officer in Baghdad, 1980s; Deputy Chief of Mission in Kuwait, 1990; Associate Coordinator for Operations Acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. Foreign Service; Dean of Professional Studies, State Department's Foreign Service Institute; Congressional Fellow, office of Senator Robert Dole; Director of East African Affairs.

Boggs, John, b. July 2, 1830, Potosi, Mo.; d. Jan. 30, 1899, S.F. Ex officio Regent as pres., State Agri. Soc., 1893-94. Education: attended coll. at Fayette, Mo. Career: came to Cal., 1849; farmer , stock raiser; member of Colusa county's first bd. of supvrs., 1859-66; state senator, 1871-74; 1887-90, 1899; mem., Dem. State Central Comm., 1871-99; dir., pres., State Agri. Soc., many years; trustee, Stanford; dir., Napa State Asylum, 1876-80; penology comnr., 1885; state prison dir.; organized Colusa County Bank; had interests in Bank of Willows and Bank of Hayward.

Bolander, Henry Nicholas, b. 1831, Prussia; d. 1897, Portland, Ore. Ex officio Regent as state supt. of public instruction, 1871-75. Career: arrived in Cal. from O., 1861; employed by S.F. schools, 1861; principal, 1867-71, Cosmopolitan Elementary Sch.; supt. of schs., S.F., 1876-77; education work in Guatemala, 1877-84; employee, Bishop Scott Acad., Portland, Ore., 1884-97.

Booth, Newton, b. Dec. 25, 1825, Salem, Ind.; d. July 14, 1892, Sacramento. Ex officio Regent as gov., 1871-75. Education: A.B. 1846, De Pauw U. Career: admitted to Ind. bar, 1849; Cal. state senator, 1863; gov., 1871-75; U.S. senator from Cal., 1875-81.

Boruck, Marcus D., b. June 29, 1834, N.Y.C.; d. June 25, 1895, S.F. Ex officio Regent as pres., State Agri. Soc., 1878. Career: publisher, Fireman's Journal, 1855-95; assembly clerk, 1865, 1871; secretary, Cal. Senate, 1880, 1881; private secty. to Gov. Waterman, 1887.

Bowie, Augustus Jesse, b. Oct. 23, 1815, Annapolis, Md.; d. July 6, 1887, S.F. Elected Honorary Regent, 1868-1880. Education: 1825, St. John's Coll.; grad. 1843, Md. Med. U. Career: came to Cal., 1849 as mem. of comn. to select site for naval yard, lighthouse, marine hosp.; returned to Cal., 1850; physician, 1853-61, St. Mary's Hosp.; prof. (theory and practice), medical coll., U. Pacific; pres. of faculty, 1873, medical dept., U. Coll.; private practice, 1850-87; held large real estate investments in heart of what is now S.F. Chinatown.

Bowles, Philip Ernest, b. Oct. 23, 1858, Arcata, Cal.; d. Jan. 20, 1926, Oakland. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Bard, 1911-22. Education: Ph.B. 1882, UCB. Career: bank clerk, 1889; worked way up to be pres., American Ntl. Bank, S.F., merged it with First Ntl. Savings and Trust Bank of Oakland; pres., First Ntl. Bank of Oakland, 1900; dir.: East Bay Water Co., Key System Transit Co. mem.: Golden Bear, Big C Socs.

Boyd, Philip L., b. Oct. 8, 1900, Richmond, Ind. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Ahlport, 1857-72. Education: attended Wabash Coll., U. So. Cal., UCR; A.B. 1956, Wabash Coll. Career: manager, Palm Springs branch, Bank of America, 1929-30; developed Deep Well Guest Ranch, Palm Springs, 1932-64; operated Coachella valley vegetable ranch, 1933-42. Mayor, Palm Springs, 1938-42; assemblyman from Riverside, 1945-49; director, executive committee member, Citizens National Trust and Savings Bank, Riverside, 1950-58; director, Security First National Bank, L.A., 1958-; developer, Deep Canyon Properties, Palm Desert, 1952-. Trustee, Palm Springs Desert Museum, 1950-.

Bravin, Jess, Student Regent 1996-97 from Berkeley campus. Committees: Finance, Investments, Grounds and Buildings. Education: B.A. History, 1987, Harvard University; J.D., 1997, UC Berkeley. Convened National Forum of Student Trustees, 1996. Career: Student member of L.A. Board of Education, 1981-83; vice chairman, California State Educational Technology Committee, 1982-83 (appointed by State Board of Education); vice president, UC Berkeley Graduate Assembly, 1995-96 and 1997-98; member, UC Berkeley Police Review Board, 1997-98; member, city of Berkeley Police Review Commission, 1997-98; member, Governor's Advisory Committee on Regents Selection (appointed by California State Senate), 1997-98; Author: Squeaky: The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme (St. Martin's Press, 1997). California Editor, The Wall Street Journal, 1998-2000. Currently: Senior Special Writer, The Wall Street Journal.

Brett, James Q., b. 1908, Winthrop, Mass. Ex officio Regent as pres., Mechanics Institute, 1968. Education: B.S. 1930, United States Military Academy. Career: Director, Coldwell Banker & Co.

Britton, John Alexander, b. Oct. 9, 1855, Boston, Mass.; d. June 29, 1923. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Pardee, 1903-23. Career: collector, clerk, secty., president, Oakland Gas Light and Heat Co., 1874-1903; general manager, California Gas and Electric Corp., 1903-07; president, S.F. Gas and Electric Co., 1906-07; vice-president, general manager, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Director, American National Bank, 1907-23.

Brophy, Roy T., b. Oct. 12, 1921, Morgan Hill, California. Appointed by Gov. Deukmejian, 1986-1998. Served as Vice Chairman of the Board, 1997-98; Chairman of the Board 1989-91. Committee memberships (1997-98): Health Services, Finance, Oversight of DOE. Education: BA Journalism 1946, San Jose State University; attended California State Polytechnic Institute. Career: Business owner: Roy T. Brophy Associates, Inc. Trustee, CSU 1972-1980, 1983-86. Member, Board of Governors, California Community Colleges, 1971-72. Member of Republican Party. Member, CPEC, 1979-80. Awarded Association of Governing Boards Trustee of Year award in 1998.

Brown, Edmund G., b. April 21, 1905, S.F.; d. Feb. 16, 1996. Ex officio Regent as gov., 1959-67. Education: attended UC Extension; 1927 S.F. College of Law; LL.D. (hon.) 1959, U.S.F.; LL.D. (hon.) 1961, University Santa Clara. Career: admitted to California bar, 1927; S.F. law practice 1927-43; S.F. district attorney, 1943-50; California attorney general, 1951-58; governor, 1959-67. President, California District Attys. Association, 1950-51; past president, National Association Attys. General; fel., American Trial Lawyers.

Brown, Edmund G., Jr., b. April 7, 1938, San Francisco, Calif. Ex officio Regent as Governor 1975-82. Committees: Consider Increased Media Coverage of Regents, 1975. President of the Board, 1975-1982. Education: B.A. Latin, 1961, UC Berkeley; J.D. Law, 1964, Yale University. Career: Secretary of State, 1970-74. Ran in the Democratic primaries for U.S. President, 1976. Mayor of Oakland, 1999-present.

Brown, Everett J., b. Dec. 14, 1876, Yokohama, Japan; d. Jan. 13, 1947, Oakland, Cal. Ex officio Regent as pres., Cal. Alumni Assn., 1929-30. Education: Ph.B. 1898, UCB; LL.B. 1901, Hastings Coll. of the Law. Career: deputy dist. atty., 1903-07; dist. atty., 1907-08; judge, superior court, 1908-20, Alameda county; partner, Snook and Brown, 1920-25; partner, Ledwick and Brown, 1925-47.

Brown, Ralph Milton, b. Sept. 16, 1908, Somerset, Ky.; d. April 9, 1966, Modesto, Cal. Ex officio Regent as speaker of the assembly, 1959-61. Education: 1928, Modesto Jr. Coll.; A.B. 1930, UCB; LL.B. 1932, Stanford. Career: atty. and partner, Brown, Brown and Bacon, Modesto, 1933-61; U.S. Conciliation Comnr., 1940-42; assemblyman, 30th assembly dist., 1942-61; author, Ralph M. Brown Anti-Secrecy in Government Act; justice, Fifth District Court of Appeal, Fresno, 1961-.

Brown, Jr., Willie L., b. March 20, 1934, Mineola, Texas. Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown, 1980. Ex officio Regent as Speaker of the Assembly, 1980-95. Committees: Investments 1990-1995. Education: B.A. 1955, San Francisco State University; J.D. Law, 1958, Hastings College of Law. Career: Elected to California State Assembly in 1964. Resigned appointed seat on Board when he became Speaker of the Assembly in 1980. Mayor of San Francisco, 1996-present.

Budd, James Herbert, b. May 18, 1853, Janesville, Wis.; d. July 30, 1908, Stockton, Cal. Ex officio Regent as gov., 1895-99. Education: A.B. 1873, UCB. Career: admitted to Cal. bar, 1873; deputy dist. atty., 1873-74, Stockton; pres., Stockton police, fire comn., 1889; Congressman, 1883-85; began Stockton law practice, 1899; served as judge, superior court, Stockton. Was trustee, Stockton library for six years.

Budd, John Elliott, b. 1853, Janesville, Wisconsin; d. May 21, 1913, Stockton, California. Appointed to fill unexpired term of Regent Reinstein, 1896-1900; reappointed, 1900-16; resigned, 1913. Education: A.B. 1874, UCB. Career: lawyer; partner of Edward R. Thompson. Brother of Gov. James H. Budd.

Burgener, Clair W., b. December 5, 1921, Vernal, Utah. Appointed by Governor Deukmejian, 1988, resigned, 1997. Committees: Educational Policy, 1996-1997; Audit, 1996-1997; Finance, 1996-1997; Investments, 1996-1997. Chairman of the Board, 1995-1996. Education: B.A. Liberal Arts, 1950, San Diego State University. Career: Former head of Clair W. Burgener Co. State Assemblyman, 1963-77; State Senator; 1973-83; U.S. Congressman, 1973-83. Resigned to serve on the California Medical Assistance Commission, a gubernatorial appointment.

Burke, Yvonne B., b. October 5, 1932, Los Angeles, Calif. Appointed by Governor Jerry Brown, 1979; resigned, 1979. Appointed by Governor Brown, 1982; term expired, 1993. Committees: Educational Policy, 1992-1993; Investments, 1992-1993; Officers' Salaries and Administrative Funds, 1992-1993; Hospital Governance, 1992-1993. Vice Chairman of the Board, 1986-1987. Education: B.A. Political Science, UC Los Angeles; J.D. Law, University of Southern California. Career: U.S. Congresswoman 1972-78. Resigned from Congress to run for Attorney General. Served on L.A. County Board of Supervisors. resigned from UC Board of Regents in 1979 due to incompatibility of position as Regent and L.A. Supervisor.Elected to County Board of Supervisors, 1992.

Bustamante, Cruz M., b. Dinuba, California. Appointed by Governor Wilson, 1996. Education: A graduate of Tranquility High School, Bustamante attended Fresno City College, and then Fresno State University, where he was active in the student Senate. Career: Cruz M. Bustamante was elected Lieutenant Governor of the State of California in November 1998, the latest step in a career in public office that began when he was elected to the state Assembly in a special election in 1993. He was elected Speaker of the Assembly in December 1996, and served as Speaker until February 1998. A first generation Californian, Bustamante was the first Latino to serve as Speaker of the Assembly, and upon his election as Lieutenant Governor, he became the first Latino elected to statewide office in California in more than 120 years.

As Lieutenant Governor, Bustamante is the President of the California Senate and is a Trustee of the California State University system. The Lieutenant Governor also serves as a member of the State Lands Commission, chairman of the Commission for Economic Development, vice-chairman of the Commission of the Californias, and is a member of the California Rural Policy Task Force and the World Trade Commission.

During his term, Lieutenant Governor Bustamante has participated in international trade missions to Mexico, Germany, Israel and Italy. In addition, he hosted a trade summit with the Governor of the Mexican State of Jalisco. To promote tolerance and encourage dialogue on issues of diversity, Bustamante formed the Lieutenant Governor's Commission for One California. This commission meets quarterly and is currently exploring ways in which the media and our schools can foster tolerance. During Bustamante's term as Speaker, the Legislature rolled back student fees at state universities and colleges. Bustamante authored the laws that provided $1 billion to put updated textbooks into California classrooms, allowed the State of California to join the multi-state litigation against tobacco companies, and prohibited job application fees. Governor Gray Davis named the Lieutenant Governor as co-chair of the Governor's Commission on Building for the 21st Century, which is directed to develop a long-term plan to address the state's critical infrastructure needs. The Governor also named him to the University of California Merced Implementation Team, a task force proposed by the Lieutenant Governor to speed up the formation of the tenth University of California campus. In January 2000, Bustamante was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve on the United States Census Monitoring Board, which was responsible for monitoring the Census Bureau's preparation and implementation for the 2000 decennial census.

Butterworth, Samuel F., b. 1811, Newburg, N.Y.; d. May 6, 1875, S.F. Elected Honorary Regent, 1868-76; resigned, 1873. Education: Union Coll.; private law study under Edward Tompkins, N.Y.C. Career: U.S. district attorney for Miss. during Van Buren administration; commissioned justice, U.S. Supreme Court, but did not accept; supt., U.S. Assay Office, N.Y., 1857; came to California, 1864 in connection with suit against New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Co., of which he was president until resignation, 1870; president, North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co. at time of death. Author of Regents' resolution eliminating student tuition fee; author of Regents' resolution admitting women to the University.


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