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Santa Barbara: Student Publications

By the mid-1960's, student publications consisted of a newspaper, yearbook, and literary magazine, as well as a series of reference works. The latter included the Activities Calendar, a schedule of yearly events; Frosh Handbook, an informational pamphlet;Gaucho Guide, a handbook for new students; and the Student-Faculty Directory, which listed addresses and telephone numbers of students, faculty, and staff members. Publications were directed by a Publications Board composed of the editors of the various publications and the director of KCSB, the campus radio station.

El Gaucho
The first student newspaper on the Santa Barbara campus was a mimeographed sheet issued in 1921. For nine years the paper was called The Eagle, in honor of the college symbol at that time. In 1930, it became the Santa Barbara State College Roadrunner, named after the new college mascot. Since 1934, the name El Gaucho appeared on the masthead, except for a 16-issue interval in 1962 under the name of University Post. El Gaucho later appeared as a tabloid, three times a week.

La Cumbre:
A yearbook called Normal Life, 30 pages long, appeared in 1920. The next year, the book had grown to 128 pages. Since 1923, the yearbook was named La Cumbre, varying in format from six by nine inches to nine by 12 inches, and in number of pages from 44 to 352.

From its inception in February, 1957, the literary magazine published poetry, essays, and prose by campus writers. Three editions were published annually until 1964, when budgetary provisions allowed two issues each year.


Publication Editors

El Gaucho

Majorie Simmons 1943-44
Jean Ausman
Barbara Burtis
Natalie Stewart 1944-45
Eleanor Little 1945-46
Tom Lyle 1946-47
Bugs Batelle
Bugs Batelle 1947-48
Phyllis Pitroff
Bob Hogan-1st semester 1948-49
Ben Collins-2nd semester
Helen Heitfield-2nd semester
Don Mills-2nd semester
Doris Spotts 1949-50
Don Mills
Ken Trevey 1950-51
Judy Cook
Bob Tomlinson 1951-52
Bob Alford
Georgia Bacin 1952-53
Pam Smyser 1953-54
Ivan Frantz 1954-55
Jerry Perry 1955-56
Noel McGinn 1956-57
Ray Ward 1957-58
Bruce Loebs 1958-59
Dan Pitter 1959-60
Barbara Hull
Tony Cohan 1960-61
Phil Schott
Sheila Beaumont 1961-62
John Mockler 1962-63
Marcia Knopf 1963-64
Dave Dawdy 1964-65
Pete Young
Jeff Krend 1965-66

La Cumbre

George Bradvica 1943-44
Jean Ausman 1944-45
June York 1945-46
Brea Anderson
Mirrle Abbot 1946-47
Tom Lyle 1947-48
Larry Sanchez 1948-49
George Outland
Bill Jackson 1949-50
Ken Terry
Jo Anne Porter 1950-51
Charles Missman
Louise Heitfield
Roger Boldecker
Louise Heitfield 1951-52
Judy Cook
Susan Bullis 1952-53
Jim Pitcher 1953-54
Lois Jaral 1954-55
Nikki Liatas 1955-56
Jan Bartlett 1956-57
Jan Bartlett 1957-58
Tom Taylor 1958-59
Pat Downis 1959-60
Sally Anderson 1960-61
Sue Stevenson 1961-62
Diane Pavoni 1962-63
Rachel Gulliver 1963-64
Helen Iddings 1964-65
Larry Miller 1965-66
Alice Adams 1966-67


James Bell--Vol 1, 2 1957-58
Jacquelin Newby--Vol. 3
Jacquelin Newby--Vol. 1, 2, 3 1958-59
Jacquelin Newby--Vol. 1 1959-60
Kerry Gough--Vol. 2
Georgia Pearce--Vol. 3
Georgia Pearce--Vol. 1 1960-61
Kerry Gough--Vol. 2, 3
Barbara Hull--Vol. 1, 2, 3 1961-62
Nancy Watts--Vol. 1, 2, 3 1962-63
Tom Fuchs--Vol. 1, 2 1963-64
Charles Lee--Vol. 3
Charles Lee--Vol. 1, 2 1964-65
Alan Schiller--Vol. 3 1965-66


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