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Santa Barbara: Student Government

The student body was first organized in 1913 in the Santa Barbara State Normal School of Manual Arts and Home Economics. Enlarged enrollment and expansion to the Mesa campus led to revisions and modifications in the early form of student government. A new constitution was adopted in 1945 for integration with the University system.

The constitution in the mid-1960's, drafted in 1962, provided for a Legislative Council composed of a president, vice-president, secretary (non-voting) and women's and men's representatives-at-large, all of whom were elected by the entire student body. Others on the Legislative Council were a fraternity representative, a sorority representative, men's and women's residence hall representatives, and men's and women's nonaffiliated representatives. The number of representatives was determined by the number of students in each classification, with a minimum of at least one representative for each. The Legislative Council supervised Associated Students policies and activities and administered the student government budget. An Executive Council assisted the president.

The judicial authority of the Associated Students was vested in the six-member judicial Committee which reviewed charges of misconduct, made recommendations to the Faculty-Administration Committee on Student Discipline, and advised the administration on student views regarding conduct.

To meet the needs of residents in on-campus dormitories, a Residence Halls Association was formed in 1955. Growing from a membership of 500, the association had a total membership of 2,062 in the fall of 1965. The Isla Vista League, formed in 1964-65, was an organization to make the Isla Vista residents a more integral part of the student community.

Student Body Presidents

George Bradvica
Tito Gorrindo 1944-45
Ray Puissegur 1945-46
Dick Brians 1946-47
George Graves 1947-48
John Caldwell 1948-49
Robert Hartzell 1949-50
Frank Goodall 1950-51
Bob Christofferson 1951-52
Fred Wade 1952
Ted Troy 1953
Dave Hodgins 1953-54
George Allen 1954-55
Jack Christofferson 1955-56
Dick Goode 1956-57
Jerry Combs 1957-58
Stan McGinley 1958-59
Kitty Joyce 1959-60
Dale Lauderdale 1960-61
Tom Lloyd 1961-62
Joe Sorrentino 1962-63
Bob Andrews 1963-64
Ron Cook 1964-65
Ken Khachigian 1965-66


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