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Riverside: Student Publications

Student publications were completely student edited and student managed. They were allowed freedom of expression within the limits of truth and responsibility.

The campus newspaper was one of the pioneers of the early campus. The first edition of the four-page weekly newspaper, then called the Cub, was printed during the second week of class on February 18, 1954. The newspaper changed its name to the Highlander and grew from four to 12 pages. Beginning with the spring semester of 1965 it became a semi-weekly paper with eight pages.

At the end of the spring 1954 semester, the first volume of the Cub was bound together and with the addition of a few introductory pages of pictures, became Riverside's first annual. Named the Tartan in 1955, it grew in size and quality and, by the mid-1960's, included 180 pages of text and color photos.

Attempts had been made to establish other publications at Riverside but such offerings failed to gain a permanent place in campus life. Notable among these efforts were The Horny Toad, a humor magazine that appeared as a supplement to the Highlander in 1964; Mosaic, a literary journal published in 1959; and Poetry: UCR, a magazine which first appeared in 1961.

Editors--The UCR Highlander

Richard Williams 1954
James St. Clair (UCR Cub)
James St. Clair 1954-1955
Robert Marshall (UCR Cub)
Robert Marshall 1955-1956
George Beattie
Kathy Shaffer
George Beattie 1956-1957
Kenneth Lynch
William Barnett
George Beattie 1957-1958
David Peterson
David Swarner
David Swarner 1958-1959
Michael Hogan
Lyle Amlin
Melvin Kinder
Melvin Kinder 1959-1960
David Peterson
Richard Mendoza
Fred Sklar
Fred Sklar 1960-1961
Joel Blain
Joel Blain 1961-1962
Skip Schloming
Skip Schloming 1962-1963
Joel Blain
Downing Cless 1963-1964
Donald Lavlander 1964-1965
Tracy Tibbals 1965-1966

Editors--The Tartan

Barbara Joy Newlin 1954-1955
Francis Mason 1955-1956
William Baker 1956-1957
Lee Ann Marshall 1957-1958
Marti Hicks 1958-1959
Clark Gardner 1959-1960
Fred Sklar 1960-1961
John Fawcett 1961-1962
Jim Swayne 1962-1963
Steve Young
John Zoeckler 1963-1964
Tracy Tibbals 1964-1965
Dan Menkin 1965-1966
Vince Taylor


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