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Student Housing

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Riverside: Student Housing

In 1955, Canyon Crest, a war-time housing development near the campus, was purchased from the U.S. Public Housing Administration to accommodate 275 married student families in two- and three-room apartments. The units were first occupied by married students, faculty and staff members, and by non-University tenants who were residing in the development at the time of purchase. Between 1956 and 1959 single students were also housed at Canyon Crest due to lack of on-campus residence halls.

In September, 1959, Aberdeen-Inverness Halls, built on the campus, were opened with a capacity of 408 men and 408 women. In 1963, a third on-campus unit, Lothian Hall, was opened to accommodate 422 women students. In 1965, Aberdeen-Inverness Halls were altered to provide space for 205 women and 611 men. By 1968, Canyon Crest accommodated 260 married students and their families and had 10 guest units and three units for staff members.


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