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Irvine: Graduate Divison

Included in initial planning for Irvine, the Graduate Division was formally activated in September, 1964, when Ralph Waldo Gerard, professor of biology and member of the National Academy of Sciences, was appointed dean. Although officially enrolled at Los Angeles, one graduate student was engaged in research by June, 1964, and eight students were engaged in research during 1964-65 on a similar basis.

The first master's and doctor's programs were approved by the University's Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs in December, 1964. These were in the four departments constituting the Division of Biological Sciences. A second group, in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and English, was approved in May, 1965. All divisions were authorized to offer instruction at the graduate level by the formal opening of the campus for the fall quarter, 1965, and other advanced degree programs were formulated during 1965-66.

Since all appointments to the faculty were based on clear promise or demonstrated achievement in creative scholarship, there were no separate undergraduate and graduate faculties.


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