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Davis: Student Publications

In the 1960s, student publications were under the general direction of the Publications Council, a body which advised the Executive Committee of the Associated Students. The council was composed of all publication editors and business managers, as well as representatives from the executive committee and the faculty or administration.

The California Aggie
California Aggie, the newspaper, began publication in 1915. After 1964-65, it was issued semi-weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays during the academic year, in a tabloid edition of eight to 16 pages.

El Rodeo
The yearbook was preceded in 1911 by Agricola, a small paperback book published by the University Farm students. Agricola's content was primarily literary-letters, jokes, poems, and agricultural articles, with a few pictures and a sports section. The title was changed in 1917 to Farm Rodeo and again in 1922 to The Rodeo. In 1928, it was renamed El Rodeo, symbolizing both the Spanish fiesta and the "round-up" of the year's school activities. By the late 1960's, El Rodeo, primarily pictorial, was a book of 300 pages.

This literary magazine first appeared in January, 1964 and was issued once a semester. Its format provided for four basic categories of subject matter: fiction, poetry, features, and art. Original literature for the magazine was provided by members of the student body, faculty, and staff. Editorial policies were directed by an editorial board consisting of the editor, the creative, feature, and art editors, and two representatives appointed by the chancellor.

Welcome Aggies
Published jointly by the Associated Students and the administration, this orientation handbook introduced new students to the campus. It was written by a student editor in cooperation with the staff of the public affairs office. Although the actual beginning date is not known, a copy dated 1921 is in the library archives. Welcome Aggies emphasized campus traditions and extra-curricular activities and was published each spring for distribution by mail during the summer.

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Editors -- Cal Aggie

Arthur H. Rivett 1915
W. J. Duffy, Jr. 1916
Bill Morgan 1917
Tom Judkins
Louis B. Rowland 1918
Stuart V. Hoffman 1919
Alfred C. Marris 1920
Carl H. Spurlock 1921
C. H. Kensley 1922
H. Tempe
Thomas T. Laughlin 1923
A. M. Charvos 1924
George E. Stanley 1925
Charles Burr 1926
John B. Merriman 1927
H. Clifford Jackson
Lee Landerman 1928
Dean DeCarli
Paul Rinn 1929
Kermit Schmidt 1930
Harry A. Caldwell
Elwood J. Carr 1931
Marshall Dopkins 1932
Clarence King 1933
Robert C. Thompson
Robert M. Howie 1934
Roy W. Crouch
Erick Johnson 1935
George Reismann
Marie Olsson 1936
Ben Taylor
Clark Starr 1937
Bill Snitzer 1938
Ed Stoeckle
Ernie Tarone 1939
Robert Allard 1940
Gale Preitauer 1941
Richard Harris 1942
None 1943-1945
Jean Agers 1946
Max Fisher 1947
Bill Allewelt
Roger Chandler 1948
Horace Hampton 1949
Evelyn Rowe 1950
Mark Clevenger
Jack Boyer 1951
Sidney De Kadt
Elyse Rued 1952
Doug McMillan
Helen Paunton 1953
Frank Rumsey
Richard Ortega 1954
Jacquelyn Aubin
Reina Weidman 1955
Arlie Toulouse
Beverly Whitaker 1956
Nancy Elliot
Allan Deustch 1957
Gene Farmer
Helen Geer 1958
Bob Valine
Jerry Remmers 1959
Michael Boardman
Manny Machado 1960
Mike Payne
Karen Beland 1961
Jerry Remmers
Jim McCullough 1962
Dick Draper
Dixie Jordon 1963
Margaret Jewett 1964
Charles Conrad
Dan Halcomb 1965
Judy Green
Kris Kahn 1966

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