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Davis: Student Government

Associated Students of UC California, Davis
By the late 1960s, the Associated Students of the University of California, Davis (ASUCD) was undergoing its third major reorganization since its beginning in 1912. ASUCD was the basis for much of the social and cultural life on the campus.

ASUCD Structure
The 1966 structure of the student government provided for a president and vice-president heading an executive committee composed of 11 student representatives, three elected at-large and two from each of the four living areas: men's residences, women's residences, fraternities (there were no sororities on the Davis campus), and off-campus. In addition, the freshman class president and representatives from the faculty, alumni, office of the dean of students, and office of the chancellor were voting members of the executive committee.

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Social Activities
As well as serving as the voice of the students in academic and social matters, the executive committee appointed the chairmen for all the activities which it administered. These included, among others, Cal Aggie Camp for underprivileged children, the marching band, and the model United Nations. The executive committee also hired all full-time personnel working in both the ASUCD offices as well as in the Student Store and soda fountains, which were operations of the Associated Students.

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The Welfare Council
A second body in the ASUCD was the welfare council, elected from the students at large and responsible for maintaining the honor spirit, the honor code of Davis. No exams were proctored, the library had open stacks, and bicycles were rarely locked. Infractions of the honor spirit were heard by the welfare council and recommendations for disciplinary action were made to the dean of students.

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ASUCD Publications
Publications of the ASUCD included the California Aggie, the twice-weekly newspaper; El Rodeo, the yearbook; and Motley, a literary magazine. KCD, the campus radio station, was also owned and operated by students.

ASUCD-Sponsored Events
During the school year, the ASUCD sponsored not only the traditional college Homecoming Day and Spring Sing, but also Picnic Day, a campus-wide open house attended by about 50,000 people; Judging Day, an agricultural judging contest for members of Future Farmers of America chapters in three states; and Wild West Days, a return to Aggie traditions.

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Student Body Presidents

Hugh Dyer Cameron 1914
J. M. Roberts 1916
W. D. Heron 1917
Donald Huff 1920
J. L. Kanat 1921
C. H. Kensley 1922
Francis R. Wilson 1923
W. R. Huberty 1924
Herb Spillman 1925
Robert Osborne 1926
Harold V. Beckman 1927
Harold E. Kendall 1928
Daniel T. Haley 1929
Leslie E. Waight 1930
Irwin D. Boone 1931
Lindsay Jewett 1932
Harry A. Caldwell 1933
Philip S. White 1934
Maiton J. Wolfe 1935
Ed Smith 1936
Bert Campbell 1937
Bill Troutner 1938
Paul Couture 1939
Robert W. Munyon 1940
Edward Lydon 1941
Kenneth Johnston 1942
Bill Murray, Pat Bowman, Clay Brown 1946
Clay Brown 1946
Glenn Smith 1947
Bill Allewelt 1948
Jack Foott 1949
Horace Hampton 1950
Roger Mee 1951
John Prato 1952
Ed Spafford 1953
Henry Padgham 1954
Richard Huberty 1955
Ken Svedeen 1956
John Hardie 1957
John Sharrah 1958
Bob Evarts 1959
Dave Hansen 1960
Michael Payne 1961
Robert Paulson 1962
Robert Murphy 1963
R. Terry Schauer 1964
Robert Hoagland 1965

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