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Davis: Sources

At this time, the content of the campus history pages derives mainly from Verne Stadtman's Centennial Record (CR), published in 1968. The histories are therefore out of date, but the collected information in the Centennial Record nevertheless provides a good starting point for these pages. In some cases the historical accounts have been updated or draw on additional source material (which may not be identified in the case of minor updates). Many of the departmental histories are excerpted from Ann F. Scheuring's Abundant Harvest: The History of the University of California, Davis (AH), published in 2001. Scheuring provides a comprehensive history of the campus and also includes a collection of recent departmental histories, which often incorporate the earlier accounts from the Centennial Record. The UCHDA hopes to coordinate a comprehensive update of the campus history pages in a future phase of the project.

About UC Davis

- Historical Overview: R. C. Bynum (CR); early history revised according to AH

- Administrative Officers

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Academic Units

- Colleges and Schools

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- Academic Departments

- Graduate Division: Byron R. Houston (CR)

- Institutes and Research Centers

- Summer Sessions: Ernest G. Miller (CR)

Student Life

- Student Housing: Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Student Government: Patricia Kelvin (CR)

- Student Publications: Harriet S. Nathan (CR)

- Student Services: Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Traditions: Channing L. Grigsby (CR)

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Libraries and the Arts

- Cultural Programs

- Libraries: J. Richard Blanchard (CR)

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