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Davis: Sources

At this time, the content of the campus history pages derives mainly from Verne Stadtman's Centennial Record (CR), published in 1968. The histories are therefore out of date, but the collected information in the Centennial Record nevertheless provides a good starting point for these pages. In some cases the historical accounts have been updated or draw on additional source material (which may not be identified in the case of minor updates). Many of the departmental histories are excerpted from Ann F. Scheuring's Abundant Harvest: The History of the University of California, Davis (AH), published in 2001. Scheuring provides a comprehensive history of the campus and also includes a collection of recent departmental histories, which often incorporate the earlier accounts from the Centennial Record. The UCHDA hopes to coordinate a comprehensive update of the campus history pages in a future phase of the project.

About UC Davis  Academic Units  Student Life  Libraries and the Arts 

About UC Davis

- Historical Overview: R. C. Bynum (CR); early history revised according to AH

- Administrative Officers

  • Chief Campus Officers (Overview)
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)
  • Stanley Barron Freeborn
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)
  • Emil Marcel Mrak
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)
  • James H. Meyer
    University Bulletin vol. 18, no. 30. April 20, 1970.
  • Theodore L. Hullar
    UC Focus vol. 1, no. 1. May 1987.
  • Larry N. Vanderhoef
    UC Davis Office of the Chancellor

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Academic Units

- Colleges and Schools

  • College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    Fred N. Briggs (CR)
  • College of Engineering
    Alan Laub, Kathleen Ward (AH)
  • School of Law
    Rex Perschbacher (AH)
  • College of Letters and Science
    L. J. Andrews (CR)
  • Graduate School of Management
    Robert Smiley (AH)
  • School of Medicine
    Joseph Silva, Hibbard Williams (AH)
  • School of Veterinary Medicine
    Bennie Osburn (AH)

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- Academic Departments


  • African-American and African Studies
    Patricia Turner (AH)
  • Agricultural and Resource Economics
    Colin Carter (AH)
  • Agricultural Education and Development
    Colin Carter (AH)
  • Agricultural Practices
    Harry O. Walker (CR)
  • Agronomy and Range Science
    Paul Gepts (AH)
  • American Studies
    Jay Mechling (AH)
  • Anatomy
    L. M. Julian (CR)
  • Animal Physiology
    H. H. Cole, A.H. Smith (CR)
  • Animal Science
    Gary Anderson (AH)
  • Anthropology
    Richard Curley (AH)
  • Applied Science
    Edward Teller (CR)
  • Art
    Richard Cramer (AH)
  • Asian-American Studies
    Stanley Sue (AH)
  • Avian Medicine
    Henry E. Adler (CR)
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  • Biochemistry
    Ann F. Scheuring (AH)
  • Biological Sciences
    Debra Cleveland (AH)

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  • Chemical Engineering
    J. M. Smith (CR)
  • Chemistry
    Edwin Friedrich (AH)
  • Chicana/Chicano Studies
    Adaljiza Sosa-Riddell (AH)
  • Clinical Sciences
    Donald E. Jasper
  • Communication
    James J. Murphy, Michael T. Motley (AH)
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  • Dramatic Art and Speech
    Adele Edling
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  • East Asian Languages and Cultures
    Benjamin Wallacker, Robert Borgen (AH)
  • Economics
    Alan L. Olmstead (AH)
  • Education
    Jonathan Sandoval (AH)
  • English
    John Hayden (AH)
  • Entomology
    R. M. Bohart (CR)
  • Environmental Design
    Design: Jo Ann Stabb (AH)
    Landscape Architecture: Victoria Whitworth (AH)
  • Environmental Horticulture
    Richard W. Harris (AH)
  • Environmental Science and Policy
    Marilyn Kays (AH)
  • Environmental Toxicology
    Don Crosby, Marion Miller (AH)
  • Evolution and Ecology
    Everett W. Jameson, Art Shapiro (AH)
  • Exercise Science
    Edmund M. Bernauer, Charles A. Fuller (AH)
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  • Food Science and Technology
    Charles Shoemaker (AH)
  • Foreign Languages
    M. L. Perkins (CR)
  • French and Italian
    Manfred Kusch (AH)
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  • Genetics
    G. Ledyard Stebbins (CR)
  • Geography
    Kenneth Thompson (CR)
  • Geology
    Eldridge M. Moores (AH)
  • German and Russian
    Clifford Bernd, Daniel Rancour-Laferriere (AH)
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  • History
    Wilson Smith (AH)
  • Home Economics
    G. J. Everson, L. S. Hurley, P. C. Paul (CR)
  • Human and Community Development
    Orville Thompson (AH)
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  • Land, Air, and Water Resources
    Dennis Rolston (AH)
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  • Mathematics
    Motohico Mulase, Henry Alder (AH)
  • Microbiology
    Allen G. Marr, John L. Ingraham (AH)
  • Military Science
    Steve A. Barzo (AH)
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology
    Debra Cleveland (AH)
  • Music
    D. Kern Holoman (AH)
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  • Native American Studies
    Martha Macri (AH)
  • Nematology
    Harry Kaya, Dewey J. Raski (AH)
  • Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
    John Horowitz, Leo Chalupa, A. Sillman (AH)
  • Nutrition
    Robert Rucker (AH)
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  • Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology
    Pathology: D. R. Cordy (CR)
    Clinical Pathology: O. W. Schalm (CR)
  • Philosophy
    John Malcolm (AH)
  • Physics
    John A. Jungerman (AH)
  • Physiological Sciences
    S. A. Peoples, M.D. (CR)
  • Plant Biology
    Mary Dixon (AH)
  • Plant Pathology
    James D. MacDonald (AH)
  • Political Science
    Ed Costantini, Clyde Jacobs (AH)
  • Pomology
    Roger Romani (AH)
  • Poultry Husbandry
    W. O. Wilson (CR)
  • Psychology
    Robert Sommer (AH)
  • Public Health
    W. R. Pritchard (CR)
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  • Sociology
    Lyn Lofland (AH)
  • Spanish
    Neil Larsen (AH)
  • Statistics
    Aelise Houx (AH)
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  • Textiles and Clothing
    Faculty of the Division of Textiles and Clothing (AH)
  • Theatre and Dance
    David Williams (AH)
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  • Vegetable Crops
    Larry Rappaport (AH)
  • Veterinary Microbiology
    J. W. Osebold (CR)
  • Viticulture and Enology
    Alison Crowe, Ralph Kunkee (AH)
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  • Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
    Deborah L. Elliot-Fisk (AH)
  • Women and Gender Studies
    Judith Newton (AH)
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- Graduate Division: Byron R. Houston (CR)

- Institutes and Research Centers

- Summer Sessions: Ernest G. Miller (CR)

Student Life

- Student Housing: Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Student Government: Patricia Kelvin (CR)

- Student Publications: Harriet S. Nathan (CR)

- Student Services: Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Traditions: Channing L. Grigsby (CR)

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Libraries and the Arts

- Cultural Programs

  • Cultural Programs and Activities
    R. C. Bynum (CR)
  • Musical Programs and Organizations
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Libraries: J. Richard Blanchard (CR)

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