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Davis: Institutes and Research Centers


Year Established

Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology Center  
Agricultural and Environmental Informatics Center  
Agricultural Economics, Giannini Foundation of 1928
Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center  
Agricultural Experiment Station  
Agricultural Health and Safety Center 1990
Agricultural History Center * 1964
Agricultural Issues Center  
Agricultural Systems, Long Term Research on 1993
Agricultural Toxicology and Residue Research Laboratory 1962
Agronomy Grasses Research 1939
Air Quality and Health Research Group  
Alzheimer's Disease Center  
Animal Behavior, Center for  
Animal Breeding Genetics Research (Artificial Insemination Laboratory) 1944
Animal Science Transgenic Mouse Facility  
Animals in Society, Center for  
Anthropology Museum  
Antibody Engineering Laboratory  
Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture, Center for 1984
Arboretum, University 1960
Asian American Mental Health, National Research Center on 1988
Avian Biology, Center for 1995
Biosystematics, Center for 1996
Biotechnology Research and Education Program, UC Systemwide †  
Bodega Marine Laboratory * 1966
Botanical Conservatory, UC Davis  
Cancer Center, UC Davis  
Cancer Research Coordinating Committee, UC †  
Child and Family Studies, Center for  
Children's Environmental Health, Center for  
Clinical Nutrition Research Unit  
Companion Animal Health, Center for 1992
Comparative Medicine, Center for  
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Center for  
Computer Center 1964
Computer Security, Center for  
Consumer Research, Center for  
Controlled Environment Facility  
Cooperative Research and Extension Services for Schools, Center for 1990
Cooperatives, Center for 1987
Crocker Nuclear Laboratory * 1965
Dairy Food Safety Lab 1992
Dairy Foods Research Center, California  
Dairy Research and Information Center  
DELTA Group (Detection and Evaluation of Long-Range Transport of Aerosols)  
Design Research, Center for 1983
Ecological Health Research, Center for 1991

Ecology, Institute of
(now John Muir Institute of the Environment *)

Economic History, All-UC Group in  
Educational Research Center, UC  
Electron Microscope Laboratory 1959
Engineering Plants for Resistance Against Pathogens, Center for 1991
Entomology, R. M. Bohart Museum of  
Environment, Information Center for  
Environment, John Muir Institute of the *
(formerly Institute of Ecology)
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Center for 1965
Environmental Health Sciences, Center for 1992
Equine Health, Center for
(formerly Equine Disease Research Lab)
Equine Viral Diseases Lab, Bernard and Gloria Salick 1999
Exotic and Invasive Weeds Research Unit  
Fine Arts and Museology, Laboratory for Research in 1964
Food and Agricultural Research, California Institute of  
Food Animal Health, Center for
(formerly Livestock Disease Research Lab)
Food Intake Laboratory  
Food Processing Pilot Plant  
Food Protection and Toxicology Center 1964
FoodSafe Program  
Foundation Seed Project  
Fruit and Nut Research and Information Center  
Genetic Resources Conservation Program  
Genetics and Development, Center for  
Genome Center, UC Davis  
Geology Museum  
Geotechnical Modeling, Center for  
Germplasm Repository, National  
Global Conflict and Cooperation, Institute on † 1983
Global Environmental Change, National Institute for 1989
Global Livestock Collaborative Research Support Program  
Grapevine Importation Program, National 1992
Governmental Affairs, Institute of * 1962
Health and the Environment, Center for (formerly Radiobiology Lab, est. 1951) 2001
Health Services Research in Primary Care, Center for * 1994
Hemispheric Institute on the Americas  
Herbarium, Univeristy  
Histology Service Laboratory  
History, Society, and Culture, Center for  
Honey Bee Research Facility, Harry H. Laidlaw  
Human Population Issues, Gifford Center for  
Humanities Institute, Davis 1987
Image Processing and Integrated Computing, Center for * 1989
Indigenous Research Center of the Americas  
International Agriculture Center 1964
International Nutrition, Program in * 1987
IR-4 Leader Laboratory  
Kearney Foundation Research (Agricultural Sciences, Division of) 1954
Lake Tahoe Center for Environmental Research  
Limnology Labs 1968
Louis K. Mann Laboratory  
Materials Research Institute  
M.I.N.D. Institute (Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders)  
Molecular Biology for Tropical Diseases, International Laboratory of  
Molecular Structure Facility  
Mosquito Research Program 1972
Murine Targeted Genomics Laboratory, UC Davis  
NEAT (Nanophases in the Environment, Agriculture, and Technology)  
Nematode Collection  
Neuroscience, Center for  
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility  
Nuclear Radiation Center, UC Davis McClellan 1990
Nursing Research, Center for  
Occupational and Environmental Health, Center for  
Optical Biology, Center for  
Ornamental Horticulture Research and Information Center  
Pest Management Center, Western Region 2000
Pest Management Research and Extension, Center for  
Pesticide Impact Assessment Program  
Plasma Physics Research Institute  
Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies, Center for  
Population Biology, Center for 1989
Postharvest Technology Research and Information Center  
Primate Biology, National Center for 1962
Primate Research Center, California Regional *  
Produce and Handling Research 1955
Public Service Research Program  
Qualitative Social Science Research, Center on  
Radiobiology Laboratory
(now Center for Health and the Environment)
Rangeland Research and Information Center, California  
Raptor Center 1972
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center in Neuromuscular Diseases  
Scaled Model Aerospace Research and Testing Laboratory  
Seafood Network Information Center  
Seed Biotechnology Center  
Small Farm Center 1979
Solid-State and Optoelectronics, Center for  
Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing, Center for  
Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program 1980
Student Experimental Farm  
Structural Biology, W. M. Keck Center for  
Superfund Basic Research and Training Program 1986
Sustainable Agriculture Farming Systems Project 1988
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program 1987
Theoretical Dynamics, Institute of * 1985
Thermochemistry Facility  
Tissue Regeneration and Repair, Center for  
Tomato Genetics Resource Center, C. M. Rick  
Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Program †  
Transportation Noise Control Center  
Transportation Studies, Institute of *† 1991
Urban Forest Research, Center for (USDA Forest Service)  
Vector-Borne Disease Research, Center for  
Vegetable Research and Information Center  
Veterinary Genetics Lab 1955
Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center  
Veterinary Orthopedic Research Lab, J. D. Wheat  
Violence Prevention Program  
Visual Field Reading Center  
Water Resources, Center for †  
Weed Research and Information Center  
Western Ecological Research Center (U.S. Geological Survey)  
Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program  
Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, Museum of  
Wildlife Health Center 1992
Wine, Yeast, and Bacteria Collection  
Women and Research, Consortium for  
Women in Engineering, Center for 1990
Women's Health Initiative  
Women's Reproductive Health Program  
Women's Resources and Research Center  
X-Ray Crystallographic Facility  

* officially designated as an Organized Research Unit
† Multi-Campus Research Unit

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