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Student Housing

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Davis: Student Housing

First Dormitories
North Hall (originally called North Dormitory), one of the initial buildings constructed on the Davis campus, was completed in 1908 to accommodate 67 men students. South Hall (South Dormitory), completed in 1912, and West (West Dormitory), completed in 1914, each had a capacity for 67 men. These three residence halls remained in service until West Hall was razed to clear the site for the Memorial Union in 1951; South Hall was converted to office use in 1961; and North Hall was taken over by the Associated Students for a temporary student store and offices in 1964.

After World War II
Immediately after World War II, Ash, Birch and Cedar Halls were moved from Benicia and occupied by students in 1947. That same year the Hayes and Deck Houses (originally large homes) were pressed into use, and married student housing was provided for the first time when units of a military housing project were moved to Davis and called Aggie Villa.

Permanent Residence Halls
Beckett and Hughes Halls, each accommodating 203 men, were the first permanent residence halls built on the campus. They were occupied in the fall of 1951; Hughes Hall was assigned to women students in 1954. Struve Hall was the first "lift slab" structure at Davis. It housed 205 women when completed in 1954, and was later taken over by men. Titus Hall, a pre-stressed concrete building, was occupied by 203 women in 1959. Beckett, Hughes, Struve and Titus completed the grouping known as Primero Halls.

Bixby (205 men), Gilmore (205 women), Malcolm (205 women), and Ryerson Halls (205 men) made up the Segundo grouping. Regan Hall was completed in the spring of 1965, and was comprised of seven buildings with 60 students occupying each.

Family Housing
Solano Park was the first family dwelling to be constructed with U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency funds. Families moved into the 275 units as soon as they were completed in the fall of 1964. Orchard Park was an apartment project furnished by the University; its 200 units were first occupied in 1964 by both single students and families.


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