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Berkeley: Sources

At this time, the content of the campus history pages derives mainly from Verne Stadtman's Centennial Record (CR), published in 1968. The histories are therefore out of date, but the collected information in the Centennial Record nevertheless provides a good starting point for these pages. In some cases the historical accounts have been updated or draw on additional source material (which may not be identified in the case of minor updates). The UCHDA hopes to coordinate a comprehensive update of the campus history pages in a future phase of the project.

About UC Berkeley  Academic Units  Student Life  Libraries and the Arts 

About UC Berkeley

- Historical Overview: Paul S. Thayer (CR); Student Data, Office of Student Research <>; Honors & Awards, UC Berkeley website <>

- Administrative Officers

  • Chief Campus Officers (Overview)
    Harriet S. Nathan (CR)
  • Clark Kerr
    Harriet S. Nathan (CR)
  • Glenn Theodore Seaborg
    Harriet S. Nathan (CR)
  • Edward William Strong
    Harriet S. Nathan (CR)
  • Martin Meyerson
    Harriet S. Nathan (CR)
  • Roger William Heyns
    Harriet S. Nathan (CR)
  • Albert H. Bowker
    University Bulletin vol. 19, no. 25. April 26, 1971.
  • Ira Michael Heyman
    University Bulletin vol. 28, no. 24. March 10, 1980.
  • Chang-Lin Tien
    UC Focus vol. 4, no. 5. March 1990.
  • Robert M. Berdahl
    UC Berkeley Office of the Chancellor

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Academic Units

- Colleges and Schools

  • College of Agriculture
    E. Gorton Linsley (CR)
  • Schools of Business Administration
    E. T. Grether (CR)
  • College of Chemistry
    Richard E. Powell (CR)
  • Criminology
    Joseph D. Lohman (CR)
  • School of Education
    George C. Kyte (CR)
  • College of Engineering
    H. W. Iverson (CR)
  • College of Environmental Design
    H. Leland Vaughan (CR)
  • College of Forestry
    Henry J. Vaux (CR)
  • Graduate School of Journalism
    Charles M. Hulten (CR)
  • School of Law
    W. J. Hill (CR)
  • College of Letters and Science
  • School of Librarianship
    Henry F. White (CR)
  • School of Optometry
    Meredith W. Morgan (CR)
  • School of Public Health
    Charles E. Smith, M.D.; Chin Long Chiang; Reuel A. Stallones, M.D. (CR)
  • School of Social Welfare
    Milton Chernin, James Leiby, Beryl Godfrey (CR)

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- Academic Departments


  • Agricultural and Resource Economics
    E. C. Voorhies (CR)
  • Air Force (Reserve Officer Training Corps)
    G. J. Anderson (CR)
  • Anthropology
    John H. Rowe (CR)
  • Architecture
    Kenneth H. Cardwell (CR)
  • Army (Reserve Officer Training Corps)
    Donald L. Johns (CR)
  • Art Practice
    James McCray (CR)
  • Astronomy
    Sturla Einarsson (CR)
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  • Bacteriology and Immunology
    Albert P. Krueger (CR)
  • Biochemistry
    Horace A. Barker (CR)
  • Botany
    Lee Bonar (CR)
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  • Cell Physiology
    Daniel I. Arnon (CR)
  • Chemical Engineering
    Theodore Vermeulen (CR)
  • City and Regional Planning
    Donald L. Foley (CR)
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Joe W. Kelly (CR)
  • Classics
    Joseph Fontenrose
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  • Design
    Karl Aschenbrenner
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  • East Asian Languages and Cultures
    Peter A. Boodberg (CR)
  • Economics
    Ira B. Cross, Malcolm M. Davisson (CR)
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
    Lester E. Reukema (CR)
  • English
    Arthur E. Hutson (CR)
  • Entomology and Parasitology
    Ray F. Smith (CR)
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  • French
    Percival B. Fay (CR)
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  • Genetics
    I. Michael Lerner (CR)
  • Geography
    James J. Parsons (CR)
  • Geology and Geophysics
    Howel Williams (CR)
  • German
    M. S. Beeler (CR)
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  • History
    John D. Hicks (CR)
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  • Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
    Margaret Mealiffe (CR)
  • Italian
    Maria Teresa Piccirillo (CR)
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  • Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
    H. L. Vaughan (CR)
  • Linguistics
    M. B. Emeneau (CR)
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  • Mathematics
    G. C. Evans (CR)
  • Mechanical Engineering
    S. A. Schaaf (CR)
  • Mineral Technology
    James T. Moynihan, Jr. (CR)
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
    C. A. Knight (CR)
  • Music
    David D. Boyden (CR)
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  • Naval Architecture
    H. A. Schade (CR)
  • Navy (Reserve Officer Training Corps)
    J. Dunham Reilly (CR)
  • Near Eastern Languages
    William M. Brinner (CR)
  • Nuclear Engineering
    Lawrence M. Grossman (CR)
  • Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology
    Agnes Fay Morgan (CR)
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  • Paleontology
    C. L. Camp (CR)
  • Philosophy
    Stephen C. Pepper (CR)
  • Physical Education
    Pauline Hodgson (CR)
  • Physics
    Raymond T. Birge (CR)
  • Physiology-Anatomy
    Nello Pace (CR)
  • Plant Pathology
    Max W. Gardner (CR)
  • Political Science
    Eleanor Van Horn, Eric C. Bellquist (CR)
  • Psychology
    Jean Walker Macfarlane (CR)
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  • Scandinavian
    Haakon Hamre (CR)
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures
    Oleg A. Maslenikov (CR)
  • Sociology
    Marilyn MacGregor (CR)
  • Soils and Plant Nutrition
    Paul R. Day (CR)
  • Spanish and Portuguese
    S. G. Morley (CR)
  • Speech
    Robert Beloof (CR)
  • Statistics
    Lucien Le Cam (CR)
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  • Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies
    Travis Bogard (CR)
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  • Zoology
    Richard M. Eakin (CR)

- Graduate Division: C. I. Champlin (CR)

- Institutes and Research Centers

- Summer Sessions: Helen Hammarberg (CR)

Student Life

- Student Housing: Harriet S. Nathan, Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Student Government: Robert S. Johnson (CR)

- Student Publications: Channing L. Grigsby (CR)

- Student Services: Harriet S. Nathan, Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Traditions: May Dornin, Mary Anne Stewart (CR)

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Libraries and the Arts

- Cultural Programs

  • Cultural Programs and Activities
    May Dornin, Mary Anne Stewart (CR)
  • Musical Organizations
    Edward H. Franklin (CR)

- Libraries: May Dornin (CR)

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