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Berkeley: Institutes and Research Centers


Year Est.

African Studies, Center for * 1979
Aging, Resource Center on 1985
Anthropology, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of 1901
Applied Environmental Geographic Information Systems  
Archaeological Research Facility * 1960
Arsenic Health Effects Research  
Arts Research Center * 1998
Bain Research Group on Gender 1986
Bay Area International Group  
Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive 1970
Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center *  
Berkeley Composites Laboratory  
Berkeley Multimedia Research Center  
Berkeley Robotics & Human Engineering Laboratory  
Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy 1982
Biological Control, Center for 1945
Biomedical & Health Sciences, Center for  
Building Science Group & Laboratory  
Built Environment, Center for the 1997
Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance  
Business and Economic Research, Institute of * 1941
California Biodiversity Center * 2001
California Studies Center  
Cancer Research Laboratory * 1950
Chemical Biodynamics, Laboratory of * 1945
Child and Youth Policy, Center for *  
Child Study Center 1960
Chinese Studies, Center for * 1957
Chlamydia Genome Project  

Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Institute of *
   (formerly Institute for Human Learning)


Competition Policy Center  
Computer Center 1956
Condensed Matter Physics  
Design Technology Warehouse  
Design Visualization, Center for  
Dog Genome Project  
Donner Laboratory 1941
Drosophila Genome Project  
Earl Warren Legal Institute *  
Earth Resources Center  
Earthquake Data Center, Northern California  
Earthquake Engineering Research Center *  
East Asian Studies, Institute of * 1978
Econometrics Laboratory 1991
Economics and Demography of Aging, Center on the  
Electron Microscope Lab  
Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative  
Electronics Research Laboratory *  
Energy Institute †  
Engineering Systems Research Center *  
Environmental Design Research, Center for *  
Environmental Engineering and Health Sciences Laboratory 1950
Environmental Health Sciences, The NIEHS Center for  
Environmental Science & Engineering, Institute for * 1950
European Studies, Institute of 1999
Ergonomics Program  
Expert Systems Technology Lab, Berkeley  
Family and Community Health, Center for  
Finnish Studies Program 1995
Fisher Center for the Strategic Use of Information Technology  
Forest Products Laboratory 1951
Functional Genomics Laboratory *  
Gender, Bain Research Group on 1985
Geographic Information Science Center 1998
Governmental Studies, Institute of * 1921
Green Design and Manufacturing, Consortium on 1993
Health and Public Policy Studies, Center for  
Health Sciences and Bioengineering, Center for  
Higher Education, Center for the Study of 1957
History of Science and Technology, Office for 1973
Human Development, Institute of * 1927
Human Learning, Institute of 1961
Human Rights Center 1994
Industrial Relations, Institute of * 1945
Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society, Center for 1999
Integrative Planetary Science, Center for *  
Interactive University Project 1995
International Computer Science Institute 1988
International Labor Relations, John F. Henning Center for  
International Studies, Institute of * 1955
Japanese Studies, Center for 1958
Jepson Herbarium 1950
Korean Studies, Center for 1979
Labor & Employment, Institute for † 2000
Labor Research and Education, Center for 1964
Laser Manufacturing Laboratory  
Latin American Studies, Center for * 1956
Lawrence Radiation Laboratory 1938
Law and Society, Center for the Study of * 1961
Lawrence Hall of Science 1968
Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Livermore 1952
Library Research Institute (University-wide) 1965
Lowie (Robert H.) Museum of Anthropology 1901
Management, Innovation, and Organization, Institute of * 1958
Manufacturing Automation, Laboratory for  
Marine Laboratory, Bodega 1962
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute 1982
Mathematics, Center for Pure and Applied *  
Mental Health Services Research, Center for  
Microfabrication Laboratory  
Middle Eastern Studies, Center for *  
Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science 1955
Naval Biological Laboratory 1944
Nuclear and Toxic Waste Management, Center for 1993
Occupational and Environmental Health, Center for 1978
Operations Research Center 1961
Oral History Office, Regional 1954
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center  
Paleontology, Museum of 1921
Particle Astrophysics, Center for  
Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways 1986

Personality and Social Research, Institute of *
   (formerly Personality Assessment and Research, Institute of)


Planning and Development Research,Center for 1962
Pure and Applied Mathematics, Center for *  
Quantitative Biomedical Research, Institute for  
Radio Astronomy Laboratory * 1958
Real Estate and Urban Economics,Center for Research in 1956
REGIS: Environmental Planning GIS at UC Berkeley 1969
Robotics and Intelligent Machines Laboratory  
Sanitary Engineering Research Laboratory 1950
Science, Miller Institute for Basic Research in 1943
Science Education, Center for  
Sea Water Conversion Laboratory 1958
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence  
Seismographical Laboratory 1887
Semiconductor Manufacturing Alliance for Research and Training 1998
Sensor & Actuator Center, Berkeley 1986
Service-Learning Research and Development Center 1994
Sexual Culture, Center for the Study of * 2001
Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Institute of * 1957
Slavic and East European Studies, Center for  
Social Change, Institute for the Study of *  
Social Sciences, Institute of 1929
Social Services Research, Center for 1994
Soil Science, Kearney Foundation of  
South Asia Studies, Center for * 1956
Southeast Asian Studies, Center for * 1960
Space Sciences Laboratory * 1960
Structural Engineering Materials Laboratory 1931
Survey Research Center * 1958
Tebtunis Papyri, Center for the  
Theoretical Astrophysics Center *  
Townsend Center for the Humanities 1987
Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Institute of 1947
Transportation Center, University of California 1987
Transportation Studies, Institute of  
University Herbarium 1860
Urban and Regional Development, Institute of * 1963
Urban Ethnography, Center for  
Vertebrate Zoology, Museum of 1908
Virus Laboratory 1948
Vocational Education, National Center for Research in 1988
White Mountain Research Station 1950
Working Families, Center for 1998

* officially designated as an Organized Research Unit
† Multi-Campus Research Unit

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