The Daily Californian, Friday morning, May 19, 1899
Vol. 13, No. 70, p. 1

Phi Beta Kappa

The Annual Address and Poem before the Society

The first annual public address before the Phi Betta Kappa Society was delivered at Stiles Hall by Prof. Howison last Tuesday afternoon. Prof. Rising presided over the meeting which was well attended, about 400 persons being present. Before the address Prof. Bayley read a poem entitled "The Chosen of the Lord." This recited in stirring words that the lawlessness of "this negro-burning nation," which laughs as it ties its victim to the stake, and which asks, "Striketh not the striker justly when he blows the rich to hell?" It is indeed due to the people's slumbering while the demagogue-driven populace rules; still by realizing our faults and improving ourselves where deficient, we may indeed become worthy of the station that we like to pride ourselves on, that of "The Chosen of the Lord."

Professor Howison's address was on the subject "Philosophy the Guide of Life," the Greek words for which are initialed into the society's name. Everyone has some sort of a philosophy on which he bases all his actions," said the Professor; "the sceptic and empiricist denial of the value of "philosophy," as it is ordinarily thought of, are themselves philosophical propositions since they are concerned with the possibility of a complete knowledge, and politics and religion, on which we rely in "practical" affairs, are the subjects of very important branches of philosophy.

Professor Howison in closing congratulated the members of the society, and the university as a whole on the recognition, by the parent society, of the standard and value of our scholarship, and of the position of the University of California among the great institutions of learning of the country.

The officers of Phi Beta Kappa are: President, Professor W. B. Rising; Vice Presidents, President Martin Kellogg, Prof. George H. Howison, Prof. Irving Stringham; Secretary, Dr. K. C. Babcock. The charter members are: D. R. Curtiss, A. M. Ellis, Miss C. A. Grunsky, Roy V. Nye and Harold S. Symmes. The elected members are: R. C. Daniels, T. Sidney Elston, Miss A. R. Jewett, Harry A. Overstreet, Horatio Stebbins Jr. and Miss Elsie Wertenweiber, all the student members from the class of '99.


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