The Daily Californian, Thursday morning, Nov. 9, 1899
Vol. 14, No. 57, p. 1

Skull and Keys Running
Annual Initiation of the Inter-Frat Society

Notwithstanding the threatening state of the weather yesterday, the Skull and Keys initiates appeared on the campus at 8:30 in dress suits with duck trousers. After being put through the toils around North Hall they were marched in a body to South Hall. They were marched in to see the President, who gave them a short talk.

After posing for a photograph they were dismissed until 10:30 a.m. Upon reassembling they made speeches and then were drilled before a large audience.

Owing to the rain, the afternoon performance was held at four o'clock in the court of the Mechanics Building. The participants were driven to the building in a large express wagon secured for the occasion. Upon marching into the court they formed in single column and paraded around the court headed by Howard Squires as drum major. Wm. Shaw was a typical tramp; Laurence Greene a Turkish dancer; Stanley Moore a baby; Frank Noyes "Mother Goose"; Paul Selby a monkey; Eccleston Marsh a Chinese woman; Walter Bakewell a policeman; J. R. Moulthrop a darky belle; J. M. Taft an Amazon; Rea Hanna an Italian musician; Nathan Moran an old maid; J. B. Southard a Salvation Army lassie; W. H. Cooper a South Sea Islander; Wm. H. Orrick a Turk. After dancing and songs the affair closed with a grand cake walk.

The costumes were quite elaborated and well adapted. The crowd of spectators that witnessed the affair was the best evidence of its decided success.


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