The Bulletin, Thursday Evening, Nov. 30, 1899
Vol. 89, No. 54 (6th Edition)

Blue and Gold Victors

Berkeley is Winner. The Trophy is Hers. U.C. Boys Play Another Great Game and Win the Trophy. Great Crowd Cheered Wildly for the Colors Blue and Gold.

The Score.

Berkeley 30
Stanford 0

Lineups with Heights, Weights, and Positions

McFadden 5:7 170
5:10 157 Womble
Traeger 6:00 190
6:1 180 Pringle
De Forest 6:00 175
5:8½ 190 Athearn
Lee 5:11 186
5:10 173 Cornish
Gilman 6:2½ 180
5:11½ 187 Greisberg
Burnett 6:00 178
5:10½ 165 Whipple
Parker 5:9 165
6:00 169 Hill
Murphy 5:10½ 147
5:5 140 Hopper
Smith 5:11½ 161
5:10½ 160 Smith
Fisher 5:11 186
5:10½ 172 Hall
Boren 6:00 158
6:00 165 Kaarsberg


Twenty thousand shouting enthusiasts crowded the high tiers of seats in the grand stand and on the bleachers this afternoon to see the annual football game between Berkeley and Stanford. The women, who formed no small portion of the crowd, were gowned in their prettiest and were no whit less noisy than their male escorts. Men and women were attired in bright colors, and the bewildering blend of Stanford crimson and Berkeley blue and gold on the benches made a spectacle worth seeing. To cap all, the weather was ideal. The bright sun had driven away the clouds of yesterday and made it safe for the women to wear their gayest clothes.

It was a scene of brightness, gaiety and uproariousness. The "rooters" of the competing colleges sat in divisions at the south side of the grounds. Each college had a brass band and musicians picked for the leathern quality of their lungs, and the antagonistic airs made anything but harmony.

Berkeley had a slight majority in the "rooters'" benches, but Stanford made a din that nothing could down.

Most of the spectators arrived early and the wait before the game was enlivened by college songs, football choruses and yells both hopeful of victory and derisive of the enemy.

The field was in good condition. Yesterday it was sloppy and sticky, and the experts feared a slow and muddy game. But overnight the gridiron was sprinkled with sand, which absorbed the water and made it fine and dry.

President Wheeler's 8-year-old boy was mascot for Berkeley. He crossed the field before the teams appeared and was gotten up in a miniature baseball costume. His progress across the gridiron was wildly cheered. At his heels came the Berkeley team, who at once began practice work.

They were immediately followed by the Stanford players, who kept warm and limber by running and jumping on the ball.

The officials of the game were: Goodwin, referee; King Dixon, umpire; Joe Franklin and Billy McLaine, linesmen; Dave Brown, timekeeper.

At 2:45 o'clock Murphy of Stanford kicked off thirty-five yards and Smith of Berkeley ran the ball back fifteen yards. On the next play Berkeley tried the center, but gained no ground. Then Smith fumbled and Kaarsberg fell on the ball, gaining four yards. Kaarsberg punted thirty yards and Womble downed Murphy in his tracks. Smith of Stanford gained two yards through tackle. Murphy tried a fake kick and was downed. Murphy kicked thirty yards and Kaarsberg ran it back five yards. Berkeley bucked Stanford's center for a slight gain.

Smith gained a yard around right end and was tackled by Parker. Stanford is holding Berkeley's line very well. First down and Berkeley's ball.

Hall made a short gain around end. The ball was then sent through Stanford's center for four yards. Whipple made a rapid five-yard gain and Womble made four yards around right end. Ball on Stanford 15-yard line. Smith went through center on a straight buck. Kaarsberg tried center, but was held. Hall went through Stanford's center for two more yards. The ball was then on Stanford's 7-yard line. Pringle got through center for two yards. Hall went through right tackle for the first touchdown. Time, 9 minutes.

Womble held the ball and Kaarsberg kicked a goal. Score: Berkeley 6, Stanford 0.

Murphy kicked off forty-five yards and Kaarsberg kicked the ball back fifty-five yards. Murphy became hysterical and began to cry. He was led off the field and Raitt was put into his place.

Smith and Boren made short gains through Berkeley's center. California took the ball on four downs.

Hill gained two yards around right end. Hall tried right end tackle for four yards. Hall on a straight back made the second touchdown. Time, 6 minutes. Kaarsberg kicked the goal. Score, 12 to 0.

Murphy kicked off again 50 yards and Smith carried it back 25 yards before he was downed. Fisher was hurt in the scrimmage, but resumed playing. Kaarsberg kicked 30 yards and Murphy was downed in his tracks by Womble. Murphy kicked 35 yards and Kaarsberg brought it back 10.

Womble gained 10 yards around Stanford's right end. Hall made 10 yards around right end. Smith went through center for 5 more. Berkeley made a short gain through the center.

The ball was then on Stanford's 7-yard line. Hall went on through a few yards and brought the ball to the 25-yard line. Kaarsberg dived over the center for two yards. Hall made three yards around right tackle and Womble gained two at left end. Kaarsberg tried the end and pre-empted three more yards. Berkeley pushed the ball through the line and brought it to Stanford's 7-yard line. Smith made the third touchdown by bolting around left end.

Kaarsberg kicked the third goal.

Score, 18 to 0.

Berkeley outplayed Stanford. The crimson team was almost exhausted at this point of the game.

Cairnes took Gilman's place at right guard in the Stanford line.

On the next play Murphy kicked fifty yards and Kaarsberg ran it back fifteen. Stanford held Berkeley on the next play. Kaarsberg kicked twenty-five yards and Murphy brought the ball back ten. In the tackle Murphy was hurt and knocked out, but in a minute resumed play.

Stanford made a short gain through center. Fisher made a short gain through the line. Smith made a short dash through tackle. Fisher went two yards through tackle. Stanford's gains were small. On the next play Smith made no gain. The ball was then in the center of the field.

Pringle gained two yards through tackle. Smith made five yards on a straight buck. On a similar play Hall made three more, which gain he followed by two through center. Kaarsberg dived over center for two yards more.

Hall tried right end, but was tackled without having gained. Hall made a short gain through center. Berkeley pushed Stanford's line with interference on a tackleback and made fifteen yards. Smith made two yards and was followed by Womble, who carried the ball three yards. Kaarsberg leaped over center for three yards. Stanford held Berkeley on a center play.

Kaarsberg tried the flying leap again and made three yards, bringing the ball to Stanford's 15-yard line. Smith made seven yards around left end. Kaarsberg gained two yards by jumping over center. Stanford made a fierce stand on the 2-yard line, but Hall made the fourth touchdown. Kaarsberg kicked the goal, making the score 24 to 0.

Reitt kicked forty-five yards. Smith fumbled the ball, but carried it ten yards. Kaarsberg punted forty-five yards and Boren fumbled the ball in the middle of the field. He kicked thirty yards and Kaarsberg was tackled where he caught the ball. Kaarsberg kicked twenty-five yards and Hill put the ball off side. Boren put it ten yards in touch. The ball was then in the center of the field. Kaarsberg, on a fake kick, made fifteen yards around right end before he was tackled by Smith. Stanford stopped a Berkeley rush at center, but Kaarsberg carried the ball five yards on a leap over center. Smith made a short gain around right end.

The first half ended with the ball on Stanford's 20-yard line.

Score: Berkeley, 24; Stanford, 0.

Second Half.

Berkeley kicked 50 yards. Reitt brought the ball back 5 yards. Stanford lost ground on a center play. Boren kicked 30 yards. Kaarsberg ran the ball back 3 yards before he was tackled. Berkeley was held on a center play. Again Berkeley tried and failed. Berkeley lost the ball on a fumble in the center of the field. Smith made 25 yards around Berkeley's left end for Stanford. It was the first big gain for Stanford. Stanford lost a couple of yards on a double pass. Berkeley held Stanford fast. Berkeley's ball on four downs. Kaarsberg made 30 yards on a double pass with good interference by the tackles. Berkeley's "rooters" began to yell, "hit the end, hit the end."

Berkeley fumbled the ball after a couple of short gains. Kaarsberg worked the center for two yards. Berkeley got 5 yards because Cornish was interfered with. Smith, of Berkeley, made 5 yards around end and Womble made two more. Berkeley bucked Stanford's right tackle for 2 yards. The ball was then near the goal line and Stanford tried hard to prevent Berkeley from scoring, but Berkeley, Smith holding the ball, pushed the ball over for the fifth touchdown. Kaarsberg kicked a goal and the score became 30 to 0.

Reitt kicked off 40 yards and Kaarsberg was tackled in his tracks by Traeger. Kaarsberg kicked 20 yards. Ball on Berkeley's 40 yard line. Stanford was given 10 yards for an offside play. Smith of Stanford made 4 yards around right end. Stanford lost the ball on downs. The field was torn up by the play and the backs could not run fast.

Berkeley bucked the center for a couple of yards. On a fake kick Kaarsberg gained 5 yards around the end. In the scrimmage Kaarsberg was knocked out. Kaarsberg punted 30 yards and Boren got the ball in the center of the field. Boren kicked 30 yards and the ball went in touch.

Kaarsberg kicked 30 yards in touch. Ball in the center of the field. Boren kicked 25 yards. Kaarsberg caught and fumbled but ran it back five. Berkeley lost ground on a left-end play. Kaarsberg kicked 35 yards. Ball in center of the field.

Riatt was tackled by Hill. Stanford was doing good work. Smith of Stanford carried the ball five yards on a tackle buck play. On a similar play he made a yard more. Boren kicked thirty yards in touch. Ball at Berkeley's fifteen-yard line. Kaarsberg tried Stanford's left end on a false kick, but was tackled by Traeger after a short gain. Kaarsberg kicked fifteen yards. Ball in touch.

Fisher went through right tackle for 3 yards. Stanford was playing good ball. Smith made a yard through Berkeley's center.

Stanford was given 10 yards for Kaarsberg's offside playing. Smith made 3 yards through center. Boren was stopped by Pringle. Stanford fumbled the ball and Traeger dropped on it. Ball on Berkeley's 15-yard line.

Smith on a cross made a yard. Stanford by a mass play on the center made 3 yards. Boren carrying the ball, Stanford lost the ball on Berkeley's 10-yard line.

Kaarsberg made 2 yards through De Forest. Kaarsberg leaped over center. Made 2 yards. He then made 7 yards through center. Short mass plays carried the ball down the field.

Hall on a straight buck made 2 yards. Rodolph took Boren's place at fullback. Boren retired to the side lines. Stanford held Berkeley fairly well at this point. Kaarsberg made 4 yards by leaping over center. Ball in center of the field. Kaarsberg repeated the performance and made another yard.

Hall made 4 yards through left tackle and then went around right tackle for another yard.

Smith went through center for three yards on a straight back. Stanford stopped a play on center. Kaarsberg made 2 yards over center. Smith went around left end for 2 yards. On a mass play at center Stanford gave no ground. Kaarsberg went through center for a short gain.

Erb took Smith's place in the Stanford team.

Stanford ball on four downs. Rudolph kicked 30 yards and the ball was on the center of the field. Stanford's ball.

Rudolph kicked 45 yards. Kaarsberg brought the ball back 5 yards before Parker tackled him.

Womble made 2 yards around left end. Berkeley made 3 yards through the line. Time up. Game over, with ball on Berkeley's 35-yard line.

Score: Berkeley 30, Stanford 0.

Phelan-Tilden Trophy Goes to Berkeley.

The result of the game between the Berkeley and Stanford teams gives the splendid trophy presented by Mayor Phelan and executed by Douglas Tilden, sculptor, to Berkeley. The statue stands now at the entrance of the Hopkins Institute, where it excites the admiration of all visitors. It is called, "The Football Players," and represents two figures, one binding a wound on the other's leg, received in some desperate scrimmage. The figures are of heroic proportions and show a splendid conception of athletic perfection.

The trophy was offered by the Mayor with the understanding that it should go to the team winning the best two out of a series of three games of football. Berkeley won last year, and when the game was called to-day had the advantage in that it had only one more game to win. Its victory to-day gave it the trophy by two straight wins.


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