MP@50 Policy Watch

The Fruits of Californication - HE Balance Threatened by Zoƫ Corbyn - 1.2011

Sad Day for California - UC President on Budget Cuts - 1.2011

California HE in Line for Big Budget Cuts Under Governor, Laurel Hall - 1.2011

Governor Browns Proposed California Budget for 2011-12 - 1.2011

HE Leaders Anxious About Proposed Cuts, Larry Gordon et al - 1.2011

Governor Brown's Budget Cuts $1.4 Billion from HE, UCOP site - 1.2011

Regents Approve UC Commission on the Future report - 12.2010

CCC League Commission on the Future report - 11.2010

Re-Imagining California Higher Education by John Douglass - 10.2010

California's Governors Race and HE by Josh Keller - 10.2010

Report Divided We Fail on Improving CCC Completion Rates by Moore and Shulock - 10.2010

California State Budget Finally Signed Boosting Funds for HE - 10.2010

UC and the New State Budget by Jennifer Chaussee - 10.2010

Lumina Foundation Plan for 2025 College Attainment - 9.2010

Community College and CSU New Transfer Bill - 9.2010

Running for Governor: Jerry Brown's HE Policy Plan - 9.2010

Budget Stalemate Delays $840 Million in CCC Payments - 9.2010

California HE Leaders Speak Out on State Budget Delay - 8.2010

Chart on UC and CSU Budgets Versus Corrections - 8.2010

Outsourcing Community Colleges Courses to Kaplan by Michael Hiltzik - 7.2010

Running for Governor: Meg Whitman's HE Policy Plan - 6.2010

Report of Assembly and Senate Joint Committee Appreciating Our Past, Ensuring Our Future - 5.2010

LAO Recommends Reducing State Budget for HE - 5.2010

Revised Governor's 2010-11 Higher Education Budget - 5.2010

A Revisionist View of the Master Plan and Thoughts About Its Future by J. Douglass - 5.2010

Public Policy Institute of California Report on New Goals for Master Plan - 4.2010

New Goals for the Master Plan, Public Policy Institute of California Report - 4.2010

Report States Lessons for California from Florida Experience - 3.2010

California Needs to Prepare for 400K More Higher Ed Students, CPEC Study - 3.2010

Recommendations of the UC Commission on the Future Draft Report - 3.2010

What Would It Cost to Restore State Funding? Stanton Glantz and Eric Hays, UC Faculty Association - 3.2010

California and the World? Global Recession and Higher Education Budgets, John Aubrey Douglass - 2.2010

Governor Schwarzenegger's Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Fund California HE - 1.2010

First Meeting of California Legislature's Review of the Master Plan - 12.2009

UC President Emeritus Atkinson on the Future of UC - 11.2009

California Legislative Analyst's Office on the Master Plan at 50 - 11.2009

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