MP@50 Future Opinion

Pay Even More and Get Even Less by Christopher Newfield - 1.2011

It Could Have Been Worse by Michael Meranze - 1.2011

Re-Imagining California Higher Education by John Douglass - 10.2010

Austerity Fashionista: Reflections on England and Cal HE Cuts by John Douglass - 10.2010

Higher Education at a Crossroad by Assemblyman Marty Block - 9.2010

Does Higher Education Have a Future in California by Robert Cuickshank - 9.2010

Master Plan for Higher Education is Alive and Well by Linda Katehi and Brice Harris - 6.2010

Investing in HE is a Win-Win, Charles Reed - 5.2010

Can State's Blueprint Last? Laurel Rosenhall - 4.2010

Master Plan and Transfer Students, Chad Aldeman - 4.2010

Keeping the Promise, Alberto Torrico Huffington Post - 4.2010

On UC Privatization "Being Really Good vs Really Public," David Hollinger - 4.2010

Tuition Free Golden Past? Bob Jacobson in Berkeley Blog - 3.2010

An Operative California Master Plan? Barry Munitz - 1.2010

Time to Pull the Plug? Donald E. Heller - 1.2010

First Meeting of the Joint Committee on the Master Plan, Assemblymember Ira Ruskin - 1.2009

California Higher Education Falling, John Aubery Douglass - 9.2009

Does California's Master Plan Still Work? Pamela Burdman - 8.2009

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