2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the California Master Plan for Higher Education that successfully guided the further development and funding of California's pioneering network of public and private universities and colleges. But major tenets of the Master Plan are now being redefined in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. This website provides a forum for debate and analysis on the fate of California's once pioneering higher education system, access to related historical and contemporary documents, and a place to keep track of what will be a momentous era of change — for better or worse!

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:: The Fruits of Californication - HE Balance Threatened by Zoƫ Corbyn - 1.2011

:: Sad Day for California - UC President on Budget Cuts - 1.2011

:: California HE in Line for Big Budget Cuts Under Governor, Laurel Hall - 1.2011

:: Governor Browns Proposed California Budget for 2011-12 - 1.2011

:: HE Leaders Anxious About Proposed Cuts, Larry Gordon et al - 1.2011

:: Governor Brown's Budget Cuts $1.4 Billion from HE, UCOP site - 1.2011

MP@50 Future Opinion

The MP@50 Project lists published articles and asks higher education policy makers, scholars, and critics to offer their views on the past success and future challenges facing the California Master Plan. Is it still, "Fit for Purpose?"

California Higher Education Documents and Legislation

:: Major Features and a Brief Guide to the California Master Plan

:: MP Digital Archives — The 1960 Master Plan and Related Studies

:: Past and Current California Higher Education Legislation and Laws

:: Supplementary Resources and Analysis

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