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Santa Cruz Campus
  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
Portrait Mooser, Gurden Alois 1913-1999
Portrait McHenry, Dean 1910-1998
Portrait Thimann, Kenneth V. 1904-1997
  Clark, Donald T. 1911-1993
  Shontz, Howard Bertram 1917-1987
  Wheelock, Charles DeLorma 1897-1980
  Church, Thomas D. 1902-1978
  MacKinney, Gordon 1905-1976
Gurden Alois Mooser
Assistant Chancellor of University Relations, UC Santa Cruz
"The distinctive undergraduate collegiate organization of the campus required significant partnership with the private sector. With dedication, a keen sense of humor, attention to detail, organization, absolute honesty, and concern for both the individual and institution, he was a remarkably able spokesperson and fundraiser for the University. . . . He enriched our lives and helped to establish the Santa Cruz campus as a major educational and research institution and cultural resource."
Dean McHenry
Founding Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz
"McHenry served as UC's representative on the 'survey team' that drafted California's Master Plan for Higher Education in 1960--a blueprint that defined specific roles and admissions standards for the state's University of California, State College (later State University) and Community College systems. . . . Ten years after his hiring as chancellor of UCSC, McHenry had overseen the development of $63 million in construction projects and the hiring of more than 1,000 academic and nonacademic employees."



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