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  Bennett, Leslie L. 1908-1995
Portrait Saunders, John Bertrand de Cusance Morant 1903-1991
  Littlejohn, Richard G. 1933-1990
  Bishop, David 1928-1989
  Harper, Harold A. 1911-1988
Portrait Sooy, Francis A. 1915-1986
  Audy, J. Ralph 1914-1974
Portrait Fleming, Willard Corwin 1899-1972
  Hays, William Charles 1873-1963
  Johnstone, Herbert George 1903-1958
  Jeffery, Ernest Irving 1883-1943
Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections, UCSF Library and CKM

John Bertrand de Cusance Morant Saunders
Provost and Chancellor (1958-1966), Professor of Anatomy, Regents Chair of Medical History, and Dean of School of Medicine, UC San Francisco

"John Saunders will be remembered for his devotion to the University of California and for his leadership in developing the San Francisco campus into a position of eminence in the health sciences. He will also be remembered as a gifted teacher, a distinguished scholar, and as a kindly and compassionate person with whom one could feel at ease."
Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections, UCSF Library and CKM

Francis A. Sooy
Chancellor (1972-1982) and Professor of Otolaryngology, UC San Francisco

"Frank Sooy has been variously referred to as a 'Renaissance Man' and a 'Man for All Seasons.' . . . He gave greatly of himself to his patients, to his students, to otolaryngology and to his alma mater in ways that very few are privileged to serve."
Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections, UCSF Library and CKM

Willard Corwin Fleming
Chancellor (1966-1969), Professor of Operative Dentistry, and Dean of School of Dentistry, UC San Francisco

"Willard Fleming worked for and achieved significant advancement in dentistry and dental education while adding a new dimension to university administration. In turn, he was honored as a dentist, an educator, and administrator."



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