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  Neurological Surgery
  Ralston, Diane Daly 1938-2000
  Boldrey, Edwin Barkley 1906-1988
Portrait Naffziger, Howard Christian 1884-1961
  Macrae, Donald 1916-1990
  Hill, Ann E. 1905-1999
  Strauss, Anselm L. 1916-1996
  Miller, Doris I. 1911-1993
  Blake, Judith 1926-1993
Portrait Nahm, Helen 1902-1992
  Adelson, Daniel 1918-1989
  Kalkman, Marion E. 1905-1987
  Ingmire, Alice E. 1902-1986
  Waechter, Eugenia Helma 1925-1982
  MacOwan, Amy A. 1890-1975
  Castile, Pearl Ida 1891-1974
  Hiller, Jeanette S. 1901-1962
  Tracy, Margaret Anthony 1893-1959
  Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences
Portrait Kretchmer, Norman 1923-1995
  Page, Ernest Winslow 1909-1988
  Overstreet, Edmund William 1908-1983
  Traut, Herbert Frederick 1894-1963
  King, Earl Beardsley 1906-1957
  Lynch, Frank Worthington 1871-1945
  Schulze, Margaret 1894-1943
  Breitstein, Louis Isadore 1879-1933
Radiation Oncology
Portrait Shimkin, Michael B. 1912-1989
  Sheline, Glenn E. 1918-1989
  Steinberg, Roy H. 1935-1997
  McEwen, William Kirk 1910-1984
  Kimura, Samuel J. 1912-1979
  Hogan, Michael John 1907-1976
  Orthopaedic Surgery
  Morris, James Marshall 1933-1993
  Ralston, Henry James 1906-1993
  Bovill, Edwin G., Jr. 1918-1986
  Inman, Verne T. 1905-1980
  Abbott, LeRoy Charles 1890-1965
  Bost, Frederic Carroll 1900-1959
  Markel, Howard H. 1879-1943
  Watkins, James Thomas 1871-1934
Portrait Sooy, Francis A. 1915-1986
  Lewitt, Frederick Clinton -1931
Anatomic Pathology
  Wood, David A. 1904-1996
  Smuckler, Edward A. 1931-1986
  Lindsay, Stuart 1912-1985
  McKay, Donald George 1921-1985
  Greenberg, Louis D. 1905-1982
Portrait Meyer, Karl Friedrich 1884-1974
  Moon, Henry Dukso 1914-1974
  Eddie, Bernice U. 1903-1969
  Rinehart, James Fleece 1901-1955
  Rusk, Glanville Yeisley 1875-1943
  Connor, Charles Lloyd 1891-1941
  Heald, Alfred Henry 1897-1936
Portrait Kretchmer, Norman 1923-1995
  Tooley, William H. 1925-1992
  Shaw, Edward Byer 1895-1987
  Deamer, William Callahan 1902-1983
Portrait Bridgman, Olga Louise 1886-1974
  Schade, George Herman 1907-1961
  Stadtmuller, Ellen Smith 1883-1941
  Marriott, Williams McKim 1885-1936
  Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Kollman, Peter Andrew 1944-2001
  Lee, Kwan-Hua 1912-1997
  Eiler, John Joseph 1910-1992
  Daniels, Troy Cook 1899-1985
  Goyan, Frank Mayer 1908-1981
  Riegelman, Sidney 1921-1981
  Jorgensen, Eugene C. 1923-1981
  Kumler, Warren Donald 1905-1980
  Strait, Louis Avrom 1907-1975
  Green, Franklin Theodore
  Gambertoglio, John Gino 1947-2001
  Lee, Kwan-Hua 1912-1997
  Eiler, John Joseph 1910-1992
  Palubinskas, Alphonse J. 1922-1989
  Daniels, Troy Cook 1899-1985
  Ostwald, Rosemarie 1915-1984
  Riegelman, Sidney 1921-1981
  Pratt, Robertson 1909-1976
  Schmidt, Carl Louis August 1885-1946
  Green, Franklin Theodore 1863-1944
  Nish, Frederick William 1871-1941
  Carey, Henry Benjamin 1876-1937
  Physical Therapy
  Ralston, Henry James 1906-1993
  Gilbert, Irene 1922-1983
  Steinberg, Roy H. 1935-1997
  Bennett, Leslie L. 1908-1995
  Felts, James M. 1923-1988
Portrait Comroe, Julius Hiram, Jr. 1911-1984
  Patt, Harvey Milton 1918-1982
  Wagman, Irving H. 1916-1977
  Preventive Medicine/
Public Health
  Lucia, Salvatore Pablo 1901-1984
  Lembcke, Paul A. 1908-1964
  Schmitt, Lionel Samuel 1877-1957
  Munson, Edward Lyman, M.D. 1869-1947
  Hassler, William Charles 1868-1931
  Epstein, Leon J. 1917-2000
  Ostwald, Peter F. 1928-1996
  Philips, Irving 1921-1992
  Fiske, Marjorie E. 1914-1992
  Fisher, Jerome 1916-1990
Portrait Diamond, Bernard L. 1912-1990
  Tidd, Charles W. 1903-1983
  Berblinger, Klaus W. 1910-1982
  Fraiberg, Selma H. 1918-1981
  Weinstein, Morton R. 1930-1979
  Vandervoort, Herbert Eugene 1926-1976
  Bowman, Karl M. 1888-1973
  Albronda, Henry Fred 1917-1966
  Cavalieri, Ralph R. 1932-2001
  Steinbach, Howard L. 1918-1996
  deGroot, Jacob 1921-1993
  Sheline, Glenn E. 1918-1989
  Okerlund, Michael Dennis 1938-1988
  Buschke, Franz 1902-1983
  Scott, Kenneth Gordon 1909-1983
  Patt, Harvey Milton 1918-1982
  Riegelman, Sidney 1921-1981
  Stone, Robert S. 1895-1966
  Hamilton, Joseph Gilbert 1907-1957
  Low-Beer, Bertram V.A. 1900-1955
  Ruggles, Howard Edwin 1886-1939
  Heald, Alfred Henry 1897-1936
  Social and Behavioral Sciences
  Strauss, Anselm L. 1916-1996
  Magilligan, Donald J., Jr. 1939-1989
  Wylie, Edwin Jack 1918-1982
  Bell, H. Glenn 1893-1981
  Dunphy, John Englebert 1905-1981
  Goldman, Leon 1904-1975
  Smith, Dudley Almonte 1871-1941
  Montgomery, Mary Freyer 1899-1938
  Brill, Selling 1899-1932
  Smith, Donald R. 1909-1991
  Palubinskas, Alphonse J. 1922-1989
  Hinman, Frank, Sr. 1880-1961
Archives and Special Collections, UCSF Library and CKM, circa 1960 Helen Nahm
Dean of the School of Nursing, UC San Francisco
"For much of her career Dr. Nahm set the tone and pace for nurse educators at all levels of nursing in the United States and internationally. . . . she articulated a vision of nursing education which included the social and behavioral sciences, an innovative addition at the time which began to set the standard, particularly for baccalaureate education in nursing."
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Diego Michael B. Shimkin
Community and Family Medicine, Oncology, UC San Diego and UC San Francisco
"Dr. Shimkin was a driving force in oncology research from the beginning of the nation's effort to combat cancer . . . to the recognition of cancer research as a highly developed branch of the biomedical sciences . . . Dr. Shimkin's contributions helped shape cancer research; his influence was international, pervasive, and persisting.."
Archives and Special Collections, UCSF Library and CKM, 1978 Julius Hiram Comroe, Jr.
Morris Hertzstein Professor of Biology and Director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute, UC San Francisco
"In 1957 Julius Comroe came to the University of California at San Francisco to head the newly formed Cardiovascular Research Institute. As director of the Institute and professor of physiology, he continued to do research on pulmonary function, but he devoted most of his time to developing an internationally famous training program for postdoctoral students in medicine and physiology."
Photograph courtesy of the University Archives, UC San Francisco Howard Christian Naffziger
Professor of Neurological Surgery, UC San Francisco
UC Regent
"Dr. Naffziger worked closely with Presidents William Wallace Campbell and Robert Gordon Sproul to foster the further development and expansion of the School of Medicine. His recognition of the importance of applying basic science to clinical medicine and surgery and his stimulation of his students toward research resulted in the establishment of the experimental research laboratories at the medical school. He was the first to introduce to the West Coast the surgical residency system as we know it today."



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