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  Ralston, Diane Daly 1938-2000
  Monie, Ian Whitelaw 1918-1996
  deGroot, Jacob 1921-1993
  Lyons, William Reginald 1901-1992
Portrait Saunders, John Bertrand de Cusance 1903-1991
  Simpson, Miriam Elizabeth 1894-1991
  Reinhardt, William Oscar 1912-1989
  Long, John A. 1934-1986
  Evans, Herbert McLean 1882-1971
  Cullen, Stuart C. 1909-1979
  Botsford, Mary E. 1865-1939
  Biochemistry and Biophysics
  Mendelson, Robert A., Jr. 1941-2001
  Eiler, John Joseph 1910-1992
  Harper, Harold A. 1911-1988
  Greenberg, David M. 1895-1988
Portrait Li, Choh Hao 1913-1987
  Fineberg, Richard 1922-1981
  Tomkins, Gordon M. 1926-1975
  Marshall, John Albert 1884-1941
  Cardiovascular Research Institute
  Mendelson, Robert A., Jr. 1941-2001
  Peller, Leonard Myron 1928-2000
  Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
  Meyers, Frederick H. 1918-1998
  Hodge, Harold C. 1904-1990
  Sah, Peter Pan Tieh 1900-1987
  Anderson, Hamilton Holland 1902-1986
Portrait Leake, Chauncey Depew
  Elliott, Henry W. 1920-1976
  Featherstone, Robert Marion 1914-1974
  Burbridge, Thomas Nathaniel 1921-1972
  Millar, John Walter 1878-1956
  Marshall, John Albert 1884-1941
  Kelly, Ellsworth K. 1910-2000
  Lee, Kwan-Hua 1912-1997
  Hansen, Louis S. 1918-1993
  Harvold, Egil Peter 1912-1992
  Rule, Robert W., Jr. 1908-1991
  Hodge, Harold C. 1904-1990
  Mathews, J. Rodney 1911-1987
  Grimm, David Herman 1904-1986
  Regli, Carl Phillip 1916-1981
  Hughes, George Alfred 1900-1979
  Strait, Louis Avrom 1907-1975
  Zipkin, Isadore 1914-1973
Portrait Fleming, Willard Corwin 1899-1972
  Craig, Charles Wesley 1893-1971
  Breese, Lester E 1894-1971
  Rule, Robert W., Sr. 1878-1967
  Becks, Hermann 1897-1962
  Ray, Harold Gregory 1903-1960
  Street, Edmund Vincent 1899-1960
  Keys, Robert Edgar
  Mauk, Edwin Henry 1874-1956
  Sharp, James Graham 1868-1954
  Nuckolls, James 1902-1952
  Millberry, Guy Stillman 1872-1952
  Sharp, William Fuller 1866-1950
  Hodgen, Joseph Dupuy 1865-1949
  Setzer, Ernest Martin 1895-1943
  Thornton, Mildred 1918-1943
  Marshall, John Albert 1884-1941
  Carey, Henry Benjamin 1876-1937
  Noe, Leland Elbert 1897-1934
  Orton, Forrest Hoy 1868-1933
  Blois, Marsden Scott, Jr. 1919-1988
  Epstein, Norman N. 1896-1975
  Morrow, Howard 1874-1941
  Taussig, Laurence R. 1893-1940
Global Health
  Audy, J. Ralph 1914-1974
  Johnstone, Herbert George 1903-1958
  Family and Community Medicine
  Crede, Robert Henry 1915-1996
  Vandervoort, Herbert Eugene 1926-1976
  Health Policy Studies
  Littlejohn, Richard G. 1933-1990
  History of Health Sciences
Portrait Saunders, John Bertrand de Cusance 1903-1991
  Bishop, David 1928-1989
  Lucia, Salvatore Pablo 1901-1984
Portrait Leake, Chauncey Depew 1896-1978
  Crummer, Le Roy 1872-1934
  Laboratory Medicine
  Kabra, Pokar M. 1942-1990
  Talcott, Ronald Edward 1947-1984
  Medical Psychology
  Starkweather, John A. 1925-2001
  Gambertoglio, John Gino 1947-2001
  Cavalieri, Ralph R. 1932-2001
  Siperstein, Marvin D. 1925-1997
  Wofsy, Constance 1943-1996
  Forsham, Peter Hugh 1915-1995
  Guttentag, Otto Ernst 1900-1992
Portrait Saunders, John Bertrand de Cusance 1903-1991
  Carbone, John Vito 1922-1990
  Carman, Charles Thomas 1919-1990
  Hopper, James, Jr. 1910-1990
  Althausen, Theodore Leon 1897-1989
  Reinhardt, William Oscar 1912-1989
  Okerlund, Michael Dennis 1938-1988
  Blois, Marsden Scott, Jr 1919-1988
  Lagen, John B. 1905-1987
  Lucia, Salvatore Pablo 1901-1984
Portrait Leake, Chauncey Depew 1896-1978
  Strait, Louis Avrom 1907-1975
  Rabinowitz, Ralph 1894-1975
  Moon, Henry Dukso 1914-1974
  Harris, John Banks 1925-1973
  Smyth, Francis Scott 1895-1972
  Mettier, Stacy R., Sr. 1897-1972
  Brainerd, Henry D. 1914-1969
  Aggeler, Paul M. 1911-1969
  Sweet, Ralph William 1892-1961
  Johnstone, Herbert George 1903-1958
  Hamilton, Joseph Gilbert 1907-1957
  Briggs, LeRoy H. 1883-1953
  Walker, Ernest Linwood 1870-1952
  Moffitt, Herbert Charles 1867-1951
  Sommer, Hermann 1899-1950
  Rosencrantz, Esther 1876-1950
  Schmidt, Carl Louis August 1885-1946
  Green, Franklin Theodore 1863-1944
  Lennon, Thomas Joseph 1896-1944
  Konigsberg, Jerome 1908-1944
  Kruse, Frederick Herman 1879-1943
  Milani, Guido 1888-1941
  Marriott, Williams McKim 1885-1936
  Shiels, John Wilson 1868-1929
  Microbiology and Immunology
  Marshall, Max Skidmore 1897-1985
Portrait Meyer, Karl Friedrich 1884-1974
  Estill, Howard Wilmot 1890-1933
Archives and Special Collections, UCSF Library and CKM, 1988 Choh Hao Li
Professor of Biochemistry and Experimental Endocrinology, and Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology, UC San Francisco
"Many awards and honors came to C. H. Li for his scientific work. He was the recipient of 10 honorary degrees from universities both in the United States and abroad. . . . He was much sought after for visiting professorships and lectureships, of which he held 17. . . . Professor Li left an enormous legacy of accomplishments to the world of science as well as a standard of continuous discipline of organization and hands-on personal involvement in research."
Archives and Special Collections, UCSF Library and CKM, 1971 Chauncey Depew Leake
Senior Lecturer of History of Health Science and Pharmacology, UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, and Acting Dean of School of Medicine, UC San Francisco
"In 1928 Chauncey Leake was invited to the University of California School of Medicine to establish the Department of Pharmacology. He was among the pioneers of the new science, which was rapidly superseding the old materia medica with its crude extracts and tinctures. He was among the first to discern the importance of the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity . . . This was to initiate during the 20s and 30s the revolution in therapy and the incredible growth of modern pharmaceuticals."
Archives and Special Collections, UCSF Library and CKM, circa 1950 Karl Friedrich Meyer
Professor of Experimental Pathology and Microbiology, and Director of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research, UC San Francisco
"Karl Meyer's scientific work at the Hooper Foundation, where he was to spend the rest of his life, was not only of the highest standard and distinction but the problems he undertook were clearly in response to his deeply felt humanitarianism and sense of obligation and duty to the
community and society. . . . The series of outbreaks of botulism with its fearful mortality became a matter of national and international concern in the 1920s. . . . Together with J. C. Geiger as epidemiologist, the subject was to engage K. F.'s lifelong interest and was to lead to the establishment of world standards for the control of botulism at UCSF."



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