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  Boyce, Alfred Mullikin 1901-1997
Broadbent, Thomas L. 1910-1993
Schraer, Rosemary S. J. 1924-1992
  Shannon, Leland M. 1927-1991
  Golino, Carlo Luigi 1913-1991
Aldrich, Daniel G., Jr. 1918-1990
  Hall, Warren A. 1919-1990
Davis, Loda Mae 1898-1989
Spieth, Herman T. 1905-1988
Rivera, Tomás 1935-1984
  Hewitt, Robert Russell 1923-1981
  Jenkin, Thomas Paul 1915-1980
  Gillett, George Willson 1917-1976
Chandler, William Henry 1878-1970
  Batchelor, Leon Dexter 1884-1958
  Buvens, Margaret Smart 1897-1957
  Jeffery, Ernest Irving 1883-1943
Photograph courtesy of Office of University Relations, UC Riverside Rosemary S. J. Schraer
Chancellor (1987-1992) and Professor of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, UC Riverside
"Most chancellors in our University work hard. But this chancellor was in a class by herself. Dean Susan Hackwood of UCR's College of Engineering
said it best, perhaps, when she observed that a visitor from Mars 'would have no problem discerning who was chancellor, not from pomp and flamboyance, but from the force field of leadership she generated.'"
Photograph courtesy of Office of University Relations, UC Riverside Loda Mae Davis
Dean of Women, Associate Dean of Students, and Professor of Psychology, UC Riverside
"This woman, seasoned by responsibility, leadership, and independence was brought to Riverside by Provost Gordon Watkins in 1953. . . . Students
who approached her found she had interesting ways to look at problems, given her cross-cultural travels and broad professional experiences. . .. By her actions, she reinforced sexual equality--by giving the same dormitory privileges to the women students that the men students had always had (the first campus to do so) and by demanding the same membership rights for the women faculty that the men faculty assumed."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside

Herman T. Spieth
Provost and Chancellor (1956-1964), Professor of Biology, UC Riverside, and Professor of Zoology, UC Davis

"His term as Chancellor was busy as he presided over the change to a general campus, directed the construction of new buildings, established the Philip L. Boyd Desert Research Station, facilitated the development of graduate programs and successfully managed the 'student problems of the 60s' which entailed the delicate task of maintaining order while protecting academic freedom."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside

Tomás Rivera
Professor of Foreign Languages and Romance Languages and Literatures, UC Riverside

"His human sensibility was his poetic sensibility, which allowed him to span different and contrasting worlds, the creative and the pedagogical, and those of the administrator and counselor. . . . His smile 'mediated' as much as it enlivened; it was an engaging smile that accomplished and that spread comfort, and that could not be effaced by the vagaries of living. We who lapse ever more deeply into disaffection and desultoriness in the throes of this world's anomalies are now strengthened by the modest fact that for a while he walked among us, and more by example than by urging, his memory inspires us to rededicate those creative energies, latent in even the most evasive conscience, to the pursuit of the human in all of its ramifications."



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