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  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
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  Aschmann, H. Homer 1920-1992
  Bailey, Harry Paul 1913-1979
  Bowden, Leonard Walter 1933-1979
  Phillips, John 1949-1998
  Olmsted, John W. 1903-1986
  Ekman, Ernst 1926-1981
Portrait Beatty, John Louis 1922-1975
  Lovell, Catherine Henck 1922-1991
Portrait Jones, F. Burton 1910-1999
  Kramer, Vernon Albert 1924-1985
Reynolds, William H. 1925-1995
  Clinkscale, Edward H. 1929-1994
  Natural and Agricultural Sciences
  Yermanos, Demetrios M. 1921-1984
  Youngner, Victor B. 1922-1984
  Reed, Howard Sprague 1876-1950
  Webber, Herbert John 1865-1946
  Hunt, Thomas Francis 1879-1942
  Surr, Joseph Gordon 1868-1934
  Sher, Samuel Alexis 1923-1976
  Grice, H. Paul 1913-1988
  Wheelwright, Philip Ellis 1901-1970
  Physical Education
  Crawford, Wayne Hulbert 1917-1968
  Poe, Robert Ta-pang 1935-1984
  Hewitt, Robert Russell 1923-1981
  Lawson, Andrew Werner, Jr. 1917-1978

Barkas, Walter H.

  Plant Pathology
  Calavan, Edmond Clair 1913-1998
  Bald, John G. 1905-1995
  Middleton, John T. 1912-1993
  Leary, John V. 1937-1990
Portrait Kendrick, James B., Jr. 1920-1989
  Klotz, Leo Joseph 1895-1984
  Wallace, James Merrill 1902-1979
  Barrett, James Theophilus 1876-1966
  Moje, William 1925-1964
  Fawcett, Howard Samuel 1877-1948
  Horne, William Titus 1876-1944
  Political Science
  Stanley, John L. 1937-1998
  Jenkin, Thomas Paul 1915-1980
  Rhine, Ramon J. 1927-1999
Davis, Loda Mae 1898-1989
  Goldman, Roy D. 1944-1976
  Jackson, Maurice 1925-1987
  Spanish and Portuguese
  Carilla, Emilio 1914-1995
  David, Florence Nightingale 1909-1993
Shoemaker, Vaughan H. 1938-1999
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside F. Burton Jones
Professor of Mathematics, UC Riverside
"Burton was one of the world's leading researchers of his generation in the mathematical field of topology, specifically point-set topology. He was also well known for his contributions to the teaching of mathematics, being a leading practitioner of the 'Moore method' of teaching mathematics, which had an outstanding record of producing successful research mathematicians."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside William H. Reynolds
Professor of Music, UC Riverside
"Bill Reynolds entertained the radical notion that without students there was no university. . . . He went the extra mile to counsel students. . . . In one such case, a very talented student was under great pressure to quit school and work in his father's lucrative business. After an evening's discussion . . . , the student elected to finish his degree. Ultimately, he went on to receive the doctorate at UCLA and became a tenured faculty member at a major university in California. "
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1978. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission.

James B. Kendrick Jr.
Vice-President of Agriculture and Natural Resources Professor of Plant Pathology, UC Riverside

"Jim Kendrick was one of the most respected members of his generation of scholars in speaking to agricultural issues."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside John Louis Beatty
Professor of History, UC Riverside
"John Beatty was a man of wide interests and strongly held opinions. . . . He was a bibliophile and a careful purchaser for the UCR Library, which now boasts an impressive collection on seventeenth-century English history. He was an engaging, original, and unforgettable teacher, whom one student described as "a shining light--always fascinating--always stimulating."



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