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Riverside Campus
  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
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Goins, John Francis 1915-1973
  Dumas, Mary Adrienne 1912-1971
  Art History
  Carrott, Richard G. 1926-1990
  Wedding, Randolph T. 1921-1995
Portrait Schraer, Rosemary S. J. 1924-1992
  Shannon, Leland M. 1927-1991
  Noltmann, Ernst A. 1931-1986
  Turrell, Franklin M. 1905-1980
  Sinclair, Walton Bunyon 1900-1979
  Ordin, Lawrence 1926-1974
Spieth, Herman T. 1905-1988
  Snyder, Lee R. Girton 1946-1985
  Talcott, Ronald Edward 1947-1984
  Newell, Irwin Mayer 1916-1979
  Gross, Warren Jackson 1916-1966
  Biomedical Sciences
Portrait Schraer, Rosemary S. J. 1924-1992
  Botany and Plant Sciences
  Storey, William Bond 1907-1993
  Smith, Roy J. 1904-1991
  Jones, Winston William 1910-1991
  Day, Boysie Eugene 1917-1988
  Lesley, James W. 1888-1982
  Young, Roy E. 1918-1981
  Baines, Richard Cecil 1905-1979
  Haas, Albert R. C. 1888-1979
  Eaton, Frank Morris 1893-1977
  Gillett, George Willson 1917-1976
  Kirkpatrick, John David 1924-1976
Portrait Chandler, William Henry 1878-1970
  Frost, Howard B. 1881-1969
  Bartholomew, Elbert Thomas 1878-1967
  Halma, Frederick Ferdinand 1887-1963
  Batchelor, Leon Dexter 1884-1958
  Parker, Edwin Robert 1896-1952
  Caryl, Ralph Emerson 1890-1938
  Pierce, Willis Conway 1895-1974
  Thomas, Edward E. 1883-1936
  Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages
Portrait Barricelli, Jean-Pierre 1924-1997
  Straubinger, O. Paul 1910-1993
  Mead, William C. 1925-1993
Broadbent, Thomas L. 1910-1993
  Golino, Carlo Luigi 1913-1991
Rivera, Tomás 1935-1984
  Petersen, Fred 1925-1968
  Creative Writing
  Mead, William C. 1925-1993
  McKim, Bruce Turner 1928-1993
  Singer, Harry 1925-1988
  Ruddell, Arden K. 1924-1968
  Hall, Warren A. 1919-1990
Portrait Knox, George A. 1918-1999
  Van Deusen, Marshall 1922-1994
  Williams, Kathleen Mary 1919-1974
  Boyce, Alfred Mullikin 1901-1997
  Huffaker, Carl Barton 1914-1995
  Fleschner, Charles Anthony 1911-1993
  DeBach, Paul Hevener 1914-1992
  Jeppson, Lee Ralph 1910-1992
  Reynolds, Harold Truman 1918-1990
  Dickson, Robert Cowden 1904-1987
  Gunther, Francis Alan 1918-1985
Portrait Flanders, Stanley E. 1894-1984
Timberlake, Philip H. 1883-1981
  Newell, Irwin Mayer 1916-1979
  van den Bosch, Robert 1922-1978
Portrait Clausen, Curtis Paul 1893-1976
  McKenzie, Howard Lester 1910-1968
  Smith, Harry Scott 1883-1957
  Smith, Owen Jefferson 1909-1956
  Quayle, Henry Josef 1876-1951
  Smith, Ralph Henry 1888-1945
  Environmental Sciences
  Stolzy, Lewis H. 1920-1999
  Stephens, Edgar R. 1924-1990
Portrait Aldrich, Daniel G., Jr. 1918-1990
  Wallihan, Ellis Flower 1911-1989
  Martin, James P. 1914-1989
  Bingham, Frank T. 1921-1987
  Perry, Russell L. 1904-1986
  Richards, Sterling J. 1909-1979
  Coleman, Nathaniel Terry 1919-1973
  Kelley, Walter Pearson 1878-1965
Portrait Huberty, Martin Richard 1894-1960
  Kaudy, John Clement 1923-1953
  Beckett, Samuel Hume 1883-1937
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside George A. Knox
Professor of English, UC Riverside
"It is hard . . . to summarize the achievement of Professor Knox through his many decades of service to the University, this partly because the range of his intellectual interests was so wide: fiction, poetry, drama, photography, American literature, the Harlem Renaissance, seventeenth-century English literature, and critical theory. . . . And throughout a successful career as a scholar, he consistently served the University community at the highest level in teaching and service."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside Jean-Pierre Barricelli
Professor of Humanities and Comparative Literature, UC Riverside
"Jean-Pierre Barricelli, a 'Renaissance Man' in the truest sense of the word . . . created an energetic, vocal, and always dramatic presence at the University. He strode through the halls of the University of California, tirelessly advocating and practicing an eclectic brand of humanistic education at Riverside for 34 years. . . . Jean-Pierre strove to communicate the values inherent in the arts and humanities, to advocate academic breadth, and to encourage forward-thinking and innovative ways of thinking about cultural practices."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside Thomas L. Broadbent
Professor of German and Dean of Students, UC Riverside
"Before the beginning was Tom Broadbent. He came to campus in 1953 as associate professor of German and as UCR's first dean of students, before there were students, before there were buildings in which to teach them. Tom was a frontiersman, a pioneer for UCR, much beloved in Riverside."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside Stanley E. Flanders
Professor of Biological Control and Entomologist in the Citrus Experiment Station, UC Riverside
"Flanders [was] the leading authority in the world on the biology of the parasitic Hymenoptera, by far the most important group of insects concerned with biological control of pests. . . Some of his contributions. . . have been almost revolutionary and have been of inestimable practical value in the mass production of beneficial insects."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside Philip H. Timberlake
Associate Entomologist, Citrus Experiment Station, UC Riverside
"Timberlake published over 100 scientific papers, mostly on bees, in addition to 8 volumes on the genus Perdita. His total insect collection contained about 250,000 specimens of which about 100,000 are Hymenoptera. Timb's bee collection is considered to be the largest and best in North America. The entire collection, his library and papers, have
been donated to the University of California."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside Curtis Paul Clausen
Professor of Biological Control, UC Riverside
"In the U.S. Department of Agriculture and later in the University of California, he was administratively responsible for research in the developing field of insect pathology--that is, the use of bacteria, fungi, and viruses in insect and mite control, and in the use of insects for control of weeds. . . . Worldwide recognition of Curtis Clausen's accomplishments is shown by his selection to serve on various foreign and domestic entomological and agricultural commissions and delegations."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Riverside John Francis Goins
Professor of Anthropology, UC Riverside
"John Francis Goins was an original member of the faculty of the College of Letters and Science on the Riverside campus and established the field of anthropology at UCR. He contributed richly to the development of this campus from its earliest years and indeed almost until the day of his untimely death. . . . Beyond question his greatest contribution was in his teaching, for which he was justly awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award of the campus in 1970."



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