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Los Angeles Campus
  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
  Horowitz, Harold W. 1923-2000
  Robson, J. Wesley 1904-1997
  Murphy, Franklin D. 1916-1994
  Magoun, Horace Winchell 1907-1991
  Bishop, David 1928-1989
  Burke, John G. 1917-1989
  Hamner, Karl Clemens 1908-1989
  Robinson, Vern Wade 1908-1989
Smith, John E. 1917-1986
  Rolfe, Franklin Prescott 1902-1985
  Speroni, Charles 1911-1984
  Sheats, Paul H. 1908-1984
  Kerr, Malcolm H. 1931-1984
  Warren, Stafford L. 1896-1981
Williams, J. Harold 1888-1981
  Frandson, Phillip E. 1925-1981
  Hahn, Milton E. 1903-1980
  Young, William Gould 1902-1980
  Cobb, Marion K. 1919-1980
  Phillips, James Emerson, Jr. 1912-1979
  Delougaz, P. P. 1901-1975
  Knudsen, Vern Oliver 1893-1974
  Lazier, Edgar L. 1899-1973
  Scoville, Warren Candler 1913-1969
  Stone, Hurford E. 1892-1966
  Allen, Bennet Mills 1877-1963
  Laughlin, Helen Matthewson 1883-1960
  Périgord, Paul Hélie 1882-1959
  Sanders, Henry Russell 1905-1958
  Moore, Ernest Carroll 1871-1955
Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel 1879-1955
  Cozens, Frederick Warren 1890-1954
  Rieber, Charles Henry 1866-1948
Portrait Goodwin, John Edward 1876-1948
  Hedrick, Earle Raymond 1876-1943
  Showman, Harry Munson 1889-1943
  Johnson, Arthur Mourad 1878-1943
  Maclise, Deming Gerow 1890-1942
  Putnam, Thomas Milton 1875-1942
  Goulding, Philip Sanford 1876-1937
  Bruene, Elizabeth 1887-1937
  Osgood, Kate Florence 1857-1920
  Millspaugh, Jesse Fonda 1855-1919
Photograph by Loye H. Miller 1944 John Edward Goodwin
University Librarian, UC Los Angeles
"John Goodwin was a modest man, a man of few words, but his natural reserve merely cloaked the persevering planner and farseeing strategist who never faltered in his insistence that the heart of any great university must be its library."
Studio on Photograph: Heystendahl, Washington, D.C. 319 Penna. Ave. S.E. Duplicate from the Goulding Papers, Pasadena Historical Museum. Philip Sanford Goulding
Head Cataloguer, University Library, UC Los Angeles
"His enduring contribution to the University is the public card catalogue covering author, title, and subject entries for more than a quarter million volumes. Goulding was a student of the classics, and was scholarly, careful, and painstaking in his contributions to librarianship."
Jesse Fonda Millspaugh



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