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  Academic Disciplines Administration &
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Information Studies/
Library Science

  Vosper, Robert Gordon 1913-1994
  Horn, Andrew Harlis 1914-1983
  Cobb, Marion K. 1919-1980
  Golino, Carlo Luigi 1913-1991
  Speroni, Charles 1911-1984
  Barja, César 1890-1951
  Howard, James H. 1926-1986
  Brandt, Joseph 1899-1984
  Jones, Claude E. 1908-1983
  Wilcox, Walter 1920-1983
  Harris, Robert E.G. 1903-1977
Portrait Schwartz, Gary T. 1939-2001
Portrait Horowitz, Harold W. 1923-2000
Portrait Mellinkoff, David 1915-1999
Portrait Eule, Julian 1949-1997
  Verrall, Harold Earl 1902-1995
Portrait Nimmer, Melville Bernard 1923-1985
  Rice, Ralph 1909-1985
  Hagman, Donald G. 1932-1982
Portrait Mueller, Addison 1908-1981
Portrait Coffman, L. Dale 1905-1977
  Fromkin, Victoria 1923-2000
  Welmers, William E. 1916-1988
  Green, John W. 1914-2000
  Hu, Sze-Tsen 1914-1999
  Puckett, William Thomas, Jr. 1905-1998
  Sorgenfrey, Robert 1915-1996
Spanier, Edwin H. 1921-1996
  Dye, Henry Abel 1926-1986
  Straus, Ernst Gabor 1922-1983
  Beckenbach, Edwin Ford 1906-1982
  Sokolnikoff, Ivan Stephan 1901-1976
  Swift, Jonathan Dean 1918-1975
  Daus, Paul H. 1894-1973
  Tompkins, Charles Brown 1912-1971
  Motzkin, Theodore Samuel 1908-1970
  Brodsky, Alan Robert 1940-1968
  Bell, Clifford 1898-1968
  Sherwood, George Eulas Foster 1883-1965
  James, Glenn 1882-1961
  Glazier, Harriet E. 1870-1955
  Showman, Harry Munson 1889-1943
  Hedrick, Earle Raymond 1876-1943
  Putnam, Thomas Milton 1875-1942
  Garver, Raymond Joseph (1st)(2nd) 1901-1935
  Prater, Alfred William 1902-1929
  Corday, Eliot 1913-1999
  Boak, Ruth Alice 1902-1997
  Craddock, Charles Granville 1921-1996
  Chapman, John Milton 1914-1995
  Rittenberg, Sidney Charles 1915-1995
  Hewitt, William L. 1916-1993
  Imagawa, David T. 1922-1991
  Maxwell, David Samuel 1931-1991
  Magoun, Horace Winchell 1907-1991
  Cousins, Norman 1915-1990
  French, John Douglas 1911-1989
  Fink, Kathryn Ferguson 1917-1989
  Brown, Josiah 1923-1985
  Guze, Lucien B. 1928-1985
  Ball, Meridian R. 1903-1984
  Voge, Marietta 1918-1984
  Rasmussen, Aaron Frederick, Jr. 1915-1984
  Gold, Ernest M. 1927-1983
  Field, John 1902-1983
  Lawrence, John S. 1896-1983
  Hildemann, William H. 1927-1983
  Warren, Stafford L. 1896-1981
  Kessel, John F. 1894-1981
  Grossman, Morton I. 1919-1981
  Weitzman, Richard E. 1943-1980
  Zeldis, Louis Jenrette 1912-1976
  Goerke, Lenor Stephen 1912-1972
  Jose, Anthony Douglas 1919-1972
  Carpenter, Charles Milton 1895-1966
  Green, John Davis 1917-1964
  Allen, Bennet Mills 1877-1963
  Military Science  
  Burgher, Frank E. 1920-1976
  Molecular and Medical Pharmacology  
  Freedman, Daniel X. 1921-1993
  Fairhurst, Alan S. 1929-1990
  Marrocco, W. Thomas 1909-1999
  Nelson, Robert Uriel 1902-1995
  Guarnier, John A., Jr. 1937-1988
  Kremenliev, Boris 1912-1988
  Schwadron, Abraham A. 1925-1987
Portrait Popper, Jan 1907-1987
  McManus, George Stewart 1887-1981
  James, Freeman Kelly, Jr. 1927-1981
  Harris, Roy 1898-1979
  Rubsamen, Walter Howard 1911-1973
  Moremen, Raymond 1900-1973
  Roth, Feri 1899-1969
  Allen, Leroy Walton 1885-1958
  Stearns, Theodore (1st)(2nd) 1880-1935
  Naval Science  
  Dropp, Anthony Henry 1910-1959
  Near Eastern Studies/
Near Eastern Languages
  Perlmann, Moshe 1905-2001
  Callender, John Bryan 1940-1987
  Wendell, Charles 1919-1982
  Delougaz, P. P. 1901-1975
  Eckmann, Janos 1905-1971
  Pease, Daniel C. 1914-2001
  Benson, D. Frank 1928-1996
  Oldendorf, William Henry 1925-1992
  Hagiwara, Susumu 1922-1989
  Rose, Augustus S. 1907-1989
  Walter, Richard Dunlop 1921-1986
  Eckert, Roger Otto 1934-1986
  Putnam, Phyllis A. 1922-1995
  Dambacher, Beatrice (Betty) M. 1916-1982
  Thomas, Sally Galbraith 1940-1982
  Obstetrics and Gynecology  
  Kletzky, Oscar A. 1936-1994
  Cushner, Irvin 1924-1986
  Morris, John A., Jr. 1926-1985
  Morton, Daniel Green 1903-1980
  Chapman, Eugene R. 1905-1954
  Heller, Joram 1934-1980
  Pearlman, Jerome T., M.D. 1933-1979
Photograph courtesy of the School of Law, UC Los Angeles. Harold W. Horowitz
Vice Chancellor and Professor of Law, UCLA

"'Unpretentious' does not do him justice. For the seventeen years during which he ran the personnel service, he drove an aging Chevrolet whose most distinguishing characteristic was its apparent imminent desire to return to the earth whence it had come. When forced to introduce himself to a person who did not know his position, he would respond to an inquiry with, 'I work in the Chancellor's office.' More than one interlocutor concluded from this remark and the extreme modesty of Hal's typical dress that he did filing--a conclusion Hal never corrected unless asked."
Photograph courtesy of the School of Law, UC Los Angeles. Julian Eule
Professor of Law, UCLA

"Professor Ken Karst said of this work: 'He was serious in his writing, but never solemn. I love reading his stuff--probably because Julian the citizen, Julian the man, shines through at every turn.'

Above all, Julian was an exemplary community builder. He cared about people and he cared about the institution."
Photograph by Ansel Adams for the Regents of the University of California, courtesy of University Archives, The Bancroft Library. 1800:453. Neg. No. 6-UCLA-20-5. November 1966. Property of the Regents of the University of California. From the Original Collection of Fine Prints, The Centennial Project (1968). Jan Popper
University Professor of Music, UCLA

"He had an uncanny knack of perceiving and nurturing the musical potential of everyone who worked with him, imparting to each a sense of self-worth; thus he could challenge them to outdo themselves, always in the greater service of the art."
Photograph courtesy of the School of Law, UC Los Angeles. Melville Bernard Nimmer
Professor of Law, UCLA

"He achieved so much in his profession as a scholar, as a teacher, as a practitioner, and as a writer. He achieved so much as a person--as a husband, as a father, and as a friend."
Photograph courtesy of the School of Law, UC Los Angeles. Addison Mueller
Professor of Law, UCLA

"Ad Mueller had a restive, critical, probing mind that brooked no nonsense, that was able quickly to penetrate to the essentials of a problem. His razor-sharp wit included a fine sense of the absurd and a capacity to make intellectual exercise an enjoyable experience."



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