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Lick Observatory
  Wright, William Hammond 1871-1959
  Crawford, Russell Tracy 1876-1958
  Trumpler, Robert Julius 1886-1956
  Paddock, George Frederic 1879-1955
  Leuschner, Armin Otto 1868-1953
  Neubauer, Ferdinand Johannes 1886-1952
  Tucker, Richard Hawley 1959-1952
  Aitken, Robert Grant 1864-1951
  Moore, Joseph Haines 1878-1949
  Meyer, William Ferdinand 1880-1948
  Wyse, Arthur Bambridge 1909-1942
Campbell, William Wallace 1862-1938
Photograph of William Wallace Campbell courtesy of the Bancroft Library, UARC Picture 13:97e

William Wallace Campbell
UC President (1923-1930)
Director of Lick Observatory

"His devotion to truth and his belief in using the methods of science were evidenced in all his acts and policies."



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