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Irvine Campus
  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
  Elliott, Henry W. 1920-1976
  Rubel, Arthur J. 1924-2001
  Biological Sciences
  Burgess, Barbara 1950-2001
  Moyed, Harris 1925-1998
  Ball, Ernest Aubrey 1909-1997
  Dixon, Peter Stanley 1928-1993
  Schneiderman, Howard A. 1927-1990
  Perkel, Donald H. 1930-1988
  Nunn, William D. 1943-1986
  Campbell, Berry 1912-1985
Portrait Gerard, Ralph Waldo 1900-1974
Portrait Steinhaus, Edward Arthur 1914-1969
  Taft, Robert W. 1922-1996
  Lee, Edward K.C. 1935-1986
  Bunker, Don Louis 1931-1977
  Pierce, Willis Conway 1895-1974
  Chicano/Latino Studies
  Garcilazo, Jeffrey 1956-2001
  Colaclides, Peter 1920-1985
  Johnson, Bernard 1936-1997
  Loring, Eugene 1910-1982
  Bailey, Kenneth P. 1912-2000
  Thomas, Owen P. 1929-1990
  Mulligan, James Henry, Jr. 1920-1996
  Hostetter, Gene H. 1939-1988
  English and Comparative Literature
  Krieger, Murray 1923-2000
  Hartman, Carl F. 1923-1994
  Heiney, Donald 1921-1993
  Thomas, Owen P. 1929-1990
  Babb, Howard S. 1924-1978
  Film Studies
  Tonelli, Franco 1934-1991
  French and Italian
  Tonelli, Franco 1934-1991
  Donato, Eugenio 1937-1983
  Nagel, Bert 1907-1999
  Meyer, Henry Cord 1913-2001
  Garcilazo, Jeffrey 1956-2001
  Bailes, Kendall E. 1940-1988
  Marder, Arthur J. 1910-1980
  Information and Computer Science
  Hostetter, Gene H 1939-1988
  Thomas, Owen P 1929-1990
  Kalisch, Gerard K. 1914-2000
  Holladay, John C. 1928-1986
  Rubel, Arthur J. 1924-2001
  Coodley, Eugene Leon 1920-1999
  Miller, John David 1950-1992
  Thompson, Robert 1927-1989
  Fairshter, Ronald David 1942-1988
  Holmes, William Carl 1928-1999
  Juda, Arnold 1913-1988
  Obstetrics and Gynecology
  McClure, James H. 1922-1980
  Leopold, Irving H. 1915-1993
  Ludwig, Frederick C. 1924-1995
  Jennings, Elmer Richard 1917-1992
  Katz, Jacob 1933-1998
  Gluck, Louis 1924-1997
  Miller, John David 1950-1992
  Fairhurst, Alan S. 1929-1990
  Kramer, John Cecil 1930-1989
  Earle, Robert W. 1914-1981
  Elliott, Henry W. 1920-1976
  Kavka, Gregory S. 1947-1994
  Sircello, Guy 1936-1992
  Melden, Abraham I. 1910-1991
  Physical Education
  Crawford, Wayne Hulbert 1917-1968
  Physics and Astronomy
Portrait Reines, Frederick 1918-1998
  Chen, Herbert H. 1942-1987
  Montroll, Elliott Waters 1916-1983
  Pellam, John R. 1914-1977
  Political Science
  Eckstein, Harry H. 1924-1999
  Psychiatry and Human Behavior
  Tewari, Sujata 1938-2000
  Kramer, John Cecil 1930-1989
  Psychology and Social Behavior
  Chalmers, Douglas Kenrick 1940-1993
  Birnbaum, Isabel M. 1937-1991
  Radiological Sciences
  Jones, Malcolm D. 1923-2001
Reines, Frederick 1918-1998
  Ludwig, Frederick C. 1924-1995
  Cole-Beuglet, Catherine 1936-1987
  Russian Studies
  Weil, Helen Harmash 1933-1987
  Social Sciences
  Roberts, George Owen 1924-1984
  Spanish and Portuguese
  Barrutia, Richard 1925-1999
  Studio Art
  Jones, John Paul 1924-1999
Portrait Tamblyn, Christine 1951-1998
  Scoles, Jack Ramler 1920-1969
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Irvine Christine Tamblyn
Assistant Professor of Studio Art, UC Irvine
"Christine achieved an international reputation for her work in performance, video, and digital media. Colleagues and students regarded her as an innovative scholar and a compassionate educator, who possessed an uncanny ability for conveying complicated issues with clarity and humor."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Irvine, photo number PR00302 Frederick Reines
Distinguished Professor of Physics & Founding Dean of the School of Physical Sciences, UC Irvine
Nobel Laureate
"Reines' many contributions to elementary particle physics, in both his extensive studies of neutrinos and his ardent investigation of fundamental conservation laws, brought him many honors and great distinction."

Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Irvine, photo number PR00298a Ralph Waldo Gerard
Professor of Biological Sciences, UC Irvine
"Professor Gerard was clearly one of the most productive and distinguished neurobiologists of the twentieth century. . . . He posed basic questions and stimulated critical research."

Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Irvine, photo number PS00247 Edward Arthur Steinhaus
Professor of Insect Pathology, UC Berkeley
Professor of Pathobiology, UC Irvine
Founding Dean of Biological Sciences, UC Irvine
"The culmination of his lifelong aspiration to centralize research on disease in all forms of life, the Center for Pathobiology will grow as a memorial to Edward A. Steinhaus."



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