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Davis Campus
  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
  Glassburner, J. Bruce 1920-1997
  Oettinger, Martin P. 1929-1986
  Knoer, Elsie Marie 1947-1985
  Lorenzen, Coby, Jr. 1905-2001
  Krone, Ray Beyers 1922-2000
  O'Brien, Michael 1918-1999
Portrait Powers, John B. 1908-1993
  Neubauer, Loren W. "Tod" 1904-1991
  Bainer, Roy 1902-1990
  Hall, Warren A. 1919-1990
  Jain, Anil K. 1946-1988
  Perry, Russell L. 1904-1986
  Amorocho, Jamie 1920-1983
  Schultz, Herbert Bernhard 1908-1979
  Tavernetti, James R. 1904-1979
  Kelly, Clarence F. 1906-1976
  Harper, John Cline 1918-1974
  Brooks, Frederick A. 1895-1967
Portrait Walker, Harry Bruce 1884-1957
  Moses, Ben Duncan 1882-1951
  Hoffman, Arthur Henry 1873-1931
Portrait McGuinness, Arthur E. 1936-2000
  Wright, Celeste Turner 1906-1999
Portrait Weber, Brom 1917-1998
  Gilbert, Elliot L. 1930-1991
  Wiggins, Robert Alonzo 1921-1989
  Needham, Gwendolyn Bridges 1906-1988
  Homann, Elizabeth Rudisill 1907-1981

Van Norden, Linda

  Gittinger, James Price 1906-1969
  Fishman, Solomon 1912-1968
  O'Connor, William Van 1915-1966
  Regan, Susan Frances Cobb 1895-1962
  Maeda, Susumu 1950-1998
  Duffey, Sean S. 1943-1997
  Bailey, Stanley Fuller 1906-1981
  Cothran, Warren R. 1938-1980
  Douglas, James Russell 1912-1980
Portrait Stafford, Eugene Marshall 1910-1980
Portrait Smith, Leslie Malcolm 1903-1976
  Eckert, John Edward 1895-1975
  Usinger, Robert Leslie 1912-1968
  Beckman, Herman Ferdinand 1925-1968
Portrait Freeborn, Stanley Barron 1891-1960
  Environmental Horticulture
  Kohl, Harry Charles, Jr. 1919-1996
  Environmental Science and Policy
  McEvoy, James III 1940-1976
  Environmental Toxicology
  Kilgore, Wendell Warren 1929-1995
  Stewart, George F. 1908-1982
Portrait Stafford, Eugene Marshall 1910-1980
  Evolution and Ecology
Portrait Stebbins, George Ledyard 1906-2000
  Exercise Science/
Physical Education
  Molé, Paul A. 1938-2001
  Kovacic, Chuck 1917-1998
  Toomey, Irving Francis 1895-1961
  Family and Community Medicine
  Tupper, Charles John 1920-1998
  Borhani, Nemat O. 1926-1996
  Weiler, Philip G. 1941-1991
  Snively, George G. 1921-1983
  Food Science and Technology
  Luh, Bor S. 1916-2001
  Mazelis, Mendel 1922-1997
  Sterling, Clarence 1919-1996
  Marsh, George Long 1901-1994
  Collins, Edwin Bruce 1921-1991
Portrait Pangborn, Rose Marie 1932-1990
  Schweigert, Bernard S. 1921-1989
  Vaughn, Reese Haskell 1908-1988
Portrait Mrak, Emil M. 1901-1987
  Jack, Eugene L. 1899-1986
  Brown, William Duane 1929-1983
  Stewart, George F. 1908-1982
  Tarassuk, Nikita Paul 1904-1981
  Shipstead, Helge 1891-1980
  Olcott, Harold S. 1909-1979
  Abbott, Frederick Henry 1891-1979
  Nickerson, Thomas Andrew 1921-1978
Portrait Roadhouse, Chester Linwood 1881-1969
  Jacob, Harry Ernest 1896-1949
  French and Italian
  Coe, Richard N. 1923-1987
  Butler, Jonathan Lowell 1939-1974
  Gregor, Howard F. 1920-2000
  Margolis, Stanley V. 1943-1992
  Durrell, Cordell 1908-1986
  Todd, Thomas W. 1927-1969
  Hoermann, Roland W. 1923-2000
Puknat, Siegfried 1914-1997
Portrait Jackson, William Turrentine 1915-2000
  Shideler, James Henry 1914-1998
  Marchand, Roland 1933-1997
  Goodman, Paul 1934-1995
  Dobbs, Betty Jo Teeter 1930-1994
  Lunn, Eugene 1941-1990
  Woodfill, Walter L. 1910-1987
  Lo, Jung-pang 1912-1981
  O'Brien, C. Bickford 1909-1979
  Miller, Richard James 1918-1976
  Puryear, Vernon John 1901-1970
  Home Economics
  Crowder, Louise Christine Struve 1899-1943
  Human and Community Development/Applied Behavioral Sciences
  Meyer, Mary Regan 1930-1988
  Burch, Glen 1904-1988
  Human Physiology
  Carlson, Loren Daniel 1915-1972
  Internal Medicine
  Gold, Ernest M. 1927-1983
  Land, Air and Water Resources
  Broyer, Theodore C. 1904-1995
Aldrich, Daniel G., Jr. 1918-1990
  Amorocho, Jamie 1920-1983
Portrait Veihmeyer, Frank J. 1886-1977
  Stout, Perry Robert 1909-1975
  Martin, William E. 1907-1972
  Davis, Lannes Edward 1894-1966
Portrait Huberty, Martin Richard 1894-1960
  Brown, Jonathan Burdette 1887-1948
  Smith, Alfred 1888-1943
  Beckett, Samuel Hume 1883-1937
  Landscape Architecture
  Tetlow, Robert John 1922-1988
  Shepherd, Harry Whitcomb 1890-1961
  Angelo, Homer G. 1916-1998
  Loiseaux, Pierre Roland 1925-1998
  Jordan, Ellen Rausen 1943-1996
  Bodenheimer, Edgar 1908-1991
  Bodenheimer, Brigitte Marianne 1912-1981
  Lapointe, Steven G. 1952-1999
Portrait Roessler, Edward B. 1902-1993
  Kalicki, Jan 1922-1953
  Titus, Charles Mentor 1867-1937
  Wiley, Lynn Maxey 1947-1999
  Brofeldt, Bo Tomas 1951-1998
  Baltaxe, Harold A. 1931-1985
  Valente, William E. 1934-1993
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, Special Collections, UC Davis General Library. Arthur E. McGuinness
Professor of English, UC Davis
"Arthur McGuinness was deeply involved in the improvement of undergraduate education on the Davis campus. His most enduring legacy will be the Integrated Studies Program, which began in 1968 as a living-learning program for freshmen with faculty teaching a cross-disciplinary curriculum . . . In a deeply moving memorial service for Arthur, alumni of the Program for the last thirty years bore witness to its lasting impact on their lives."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, Special Collections, UC Davis General Library. William Turrentine Jackson
Professor of History, UC Davis
"Jackson's voluminous research made an enormous contribution to Western U.S. history. He entered the field at a time when it was widely believed to be moribund and of little relevance. One of a generation of scholars to come of age during World War II and the early Cold War, his scholarship turned many of the assumptions in the field--and about the field--on their heads. Through five decades of research and publication, Turpie continually revealed how the West of supposed “rugged individualists” and small property owners was in fact underwritten by federal subsidies and international capital."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, Special Collections, UC Davis General Library. George Ledyard Stebbins
Professor of Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis
"his major influence was as a Professor of Genetics . . . His brilliant book, Variation and Evolution in Plants, published in 1950, was the first to bring genetic and populational points of view to the study of plant evolution. The book served to bring plants into the so-called Modern Synthesis, then
being formulated, that combined genetics, biogeography and paleontology with Darwinian thinking and became the foundation for our present understanding of evolution."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, Special Collections, UC Davis General Library.

John B. Powers
Professor of Electrical Engineering, UC Davis and UC Los Angeles
Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Engineering, UC Davis

"In 1958 he was named, by the students, most outstanding engineering professor of the year. In the engineering-student newsletter, the editor wrote of Powers, 'Not only is he an eminent engineer and an instructor capable of stimulating independent thought, but he also demonstrates a deep and active concern for student problems.'"
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, Special Collections, UC Davis General Library.

Edward B. Roessler
Professor of Mathematics, UC Davis

"[Ed] authored several textbooks, including Problems in Agricultural Mathematics; Principles of Sensory Evaluation of Food, co-authored with Amerine and Rose Maire Pangborn; and Introduction to Probability and Statistics, co-authored with Henry L. Adler. The last, published in 1960, became one of the most widely adopted introductory texts in statistics in the United States, going through six editions. Few among us would
claim intellectual diversity on a front as broad as one spanning statistics and the sensory evaluation of food and wine."
 Photograph courtesy of University Archives, Special Collections, UC Davis General Library. Rose Marie Pangborn
Professor of Food Science and Technology and Sensory Scientist, UC Davis
"Rose Marie Pangborn was internationally known as a pioneer in the field of sensory analysis of food attributes . . . She published over 180 scientific articles, including 12 in 1989, and co-authored three textbooks. One, Principles of Sensory Evaluation . . . served as the "bible" for sensory course work and research for over 20 years."
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, Special Collections, UC Davis General Library. Eugene Marshall Stafford
Professor of Entomology and Chairman of Environmental Toxicology Department, UC Davis
"Student guidance and welfare, and excellence in instruction were always paramount with Dr. Stafford. His accessibility and his genuine concern with student problems and goals, while graduate student adviser, were inspirational to his colleagues and contributed to the acceptance of student advising as a worthy and desirable academic activity."
 Photograph courtesy of University Archives, Special Collections, UC Davis General Library. Frank J. Veihmeyer
Professor of Water Science, UC Davis
"Dr. Veihmeyer studied such problems as the availability of soil moisture to plants, movement of water in soil, and cultivation effects on moisture losses from the soil. Those pioneering studies developed new understanding of plant-soil-water relations, including the now well-known concepts of field capacity and permanent wilting percentage. His attention to the practical problems of research led to the development of widely used devices, such as the Veihmeyer soil-sampling tube."
Photograph courtesy of UCLA University Archives. Record series 684, Library Photographic Services. Photographs, 1948-1967. Chester Linwood Roadhouse
Professor of Dairy Science, UC Davis
"The Division of Dairy Industry under his leadership expanded rapidly and had an impact on the industry. Roadhouse deserves much of the credit for the close relations that developed between the University and the dairy industry. Perhaps more than any other individual, Roadhouse was the dominant figure in establishing and teaching hygienic methods and standards for the dairy industry and, by example, for the entire food industry of California. This was his major contribution, and the public is in his debt for it."



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