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Portrait Calloway, Doris Howes 1923-2001
Portrait Seaborg, Glenn Theodore 1912-1999
  Wilson, Garff B. 1909-1998
  Bacigalupi, Rimo Charles 1901-1996
  Stern, Milton R. 1918-1996
  Slottman, William Bradley 1925-1995
  Heyns, Roger W. 1918-1995
  Hammond, George P. 1896-1993
Portrait McMillan, Edwin Mattison 1907-1991
  Heckard, Lawrence Ray 1923-1991
  Gardner, Marjorie Hyer 1923-1991
  Williams, Arleigh T. 1912-1991
  Hart, James David 1911-1990
  Strong, Edward W. 1901-1990
  Jones, Charles W. 1905-1989
  Campbell, Orvin Watson 1906-1986
  Kirk, Barbara A. 1907-1986
  Kleinpell, Robert Minssen 1905-1986
  Towle, Katherine Amelia 1899-1986
Portrait McLaughlin, Donald Hamilton 1891-1984
  Rappaport, Armin 1916-1983
Portrait Hildebrand, Joel Henry 1881-1983
  Dennes, William Ray 1898-1982
  Bascom, William Russel 1912-1981
  Born, James Lee 1915-1981
  Jones, Hardin Blair 1914-1978
  Wheaton, William Lindus Cody 1913-1978
  Silver, Samuel 1915-1976
Portrait Camp, Charles Lewis 1893-1975
  Marsh, Gerald Emir 1900-1975
  Einarsson, Sturla 1879-1974
  Vallier, Ivan 1927-1974
Portrait Coney, Donald 1901-1973
  Shepard, William Finley 1917-1972
  Hazlett, Thomas Herbert 1917-1972
Portrait Hicks, John Donald 1890-1972
  Henyey, Louis George 1910-1970
  Bressler, Raymond George, Jr. 1911-1968
  Davidson, Mary Blossom 1883-1968
Portrait Voorhies, Edwin C. 1892-1967
  Stirton, Ruben Arthur 1901-1966
  Stone, Hurford E. 1892-1966
  Goodspeed, Thomas Harper 1887-1966
  Davis, Alva Raymond 1887-1965
Portrait Miller, Alden Holmes 1906-1965
  Hart, Walter Morris 1872-1964
Portrait Richardson, Leon Josiah 1868-1964
  Struve, Otto 1897-1963
  Russell, Frank Marion 1886-1963
  Adams, George Plimpton 1882-1961
  McBaine, James Patterson 1882-1961
Portrait Stewart, Morris Albion 1902-1961
Portrait Gifford, Edward Winslow 1887-1959
  Crawford, Russell Tracy 1876-1958
  Donald, William Goodricke 1889-1957
Portrait Louderback, George Davis 1874-1957
  Stebbins, Lucy Ward 1880-1955
  Moore, Ernest Carroll 1871-1955
Portrait Barrows, David Prescott 1873-1954
Portrait Bolton, Herbert Eugene 1870-1953
  Leuschner, Armin Otto 1868-1953
  Leupp, Harold Lewis 1877-1952
  Paschall, Clarence 1872-1951
  Mitchell, Sydney Bancroft 1878-1951
  Gettell, Raymond Garfield 1881-1949
  Rieber, Charles Henry 1866-1948
Portrait Haskell, Mellen Woodman 1863-1948
  Duschak, Lionel Herman 1882-1948
  Webber, Herbert John 1865-1946
  Lipman, Charles Bernard 1883-1944
  Priestley, Herbert Ingram 1875-1944
  Putnam, Thomas Milton 1875-1942
  Stockwell, Lynn E. 1892-1940
Portrait Grinnell, Joseph 1877-1939
  Stephenson, William Penn 1889-1939
  Thies, John 1878-1939
  Bumstead, Frank Melvin 1882-1938
  Rowell, Joseph Cummings (1st)(2nd) 1853-1938
  Bruce, Harold Lawton 1887-1934
  Bates, Helen Page 1870-1933
  Law, John Eugene 1877-1931
  Slate, Frederick


Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1980. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Glenn Theodore Seaborg
Chancellor (1958-1961) and University Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
Nobel Laureate

"In spite of his legendary accomplishments, Glenn Seaborg always had time for students, family members, and even non-scientists who wanted to visit with him. He prepared as carefully for lectures to freshman chemistry classes as for appearances before audiences of renowned scientists."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1947. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Leon Josiah Richardson
Professor of Classics and Director of University Extension, UC Berkeley

"Quite apart from the impact and influence exerted by his numerous publications, Richardson's personality was strong and forceful. As a teacher he loved to read Latin aloud and could, when he felt the urge, talk to a class at length in Latin."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1950. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission.

David Prescott Barrows
UC President (1919-1923) and Professor of Political Science

"A warm-hearted man, sensitive to human needs, and innately generous, Barrows was sought for various forms of public service, and always responded as far as possible to every demand."
Photograph by G. Paul Bishop, 1950. Photograph courtesy of University Archives, The Bancroft Library. 13:517 Herbert Eugene Bolton
Sather Professor of History and Director of Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley

"To him historical research was a great adventure. A distinguished colleague, Samuel Eliot Morison, described his writing as 'history that sings to the heart while it informs the understanding.'"



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