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  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
Public Speaking
  Wilson, Garff B. 1909-1998
  Brandt, William Jeans 1917-1998
Portrait Quinn, Arthur J. 1942-1997
  Stripp, Fred S. 1910-1989
  Richardson, L. Janette 1925-1989
  Barnhart, Edward Norton 1909-1988
  Geiger, Don Jesse 1923-1987
  Hagopian, Richard 1914-1976
  Marsh, Gerald Emir 1900-1975
  Rowell, Edward Z. 1885-1975
  Shepard, William Finley 1917-1972
  Perstein, Arnold 1898-1968
  tenBroek, Jacobus 1911-1968
  Watkins, Dwight Everett 1878-1954
  Thompson, Alan Reynolds 1897-1952
  Sturgess, Sarah Huntsman 1879-1949
  Blanks, Anthony Faulkner 1884-1945
  Flaherty, Martin Charles 1872-1942
  Bradley, Cornelius Beach 1843-1936
  Crain, Cordelia 1894-1931
  Madsen, Børge Gedsø 1920-1988
  Hamre, Haakon 1914-1972
  Janzén, Assar Götrik 1904-1971
  Slavic Languages and Literatures  
Portrait Yakushev, Henryka 1924-1997
Portrait Whitfield, Francis J. 1916-1996
Portrait Jelic-Leskovar, Ema 1933-1987
Portrait Struve, Gleb 1898-1985
Portrait Maslenikov, Oleg Alexander 1907-1972
Portrait Lednicki, Waclaw 1891-1967
Portrait Noyes, George Rapall 1873-1952
Portrait Patrick, George Zinovei 1883-1946
Portrait Kaun, Alexander 1889-1944
  Social Welfare  
  Specht, Harry 1929-1995
  Taylor, Hasseltine Byrd 1905-1993
  Chernin, Milton 1910-1987
  Wolins, Martin 1920-1985
  Wilson, Gertrude 1895-1984
  Friedlander, Walter 1891-1984
  Cooper, Ruth 1898-1984
Portrait McEntire, Davis 1912-1983
  Rapoport, Lydia 1923-1971
  Felton, Katharine C. 1873-1940
Portrait Clausen, John Adam 1914-1996
  Swanson, Guy E. 1922-1995
  Lowenthal, Leo 1900-1993
  Fiske, Marjorie E. 1914-1992
Portrait Bendix, Reinhard 1916-1991
  Strong, Edward W. 1901-1990
Portrait Eberhard, Wolfram 1909-1989
Portrait Blumer, Herbert 1900-1987
Portrait Sharlin, Allan 1950-1983
Portrait Jaeger, Gertrude 1915-1979
  Hodgen, Margaret Trabue 1890-1977
  Teggart, Frederick John 1870-1946
  Soils/Plant Nutrition  
  Broyer, Theodore C. 1904-1995
  Ulrich, Albert 1907-1994
  Jenny, Hans 1899-1992
Portrait Aldrich, Daniel G., Jr 1918-1990
  Babcock, Kenneth Leslie 1927-1981
  Storie, Raymond Earl 1894-1981
  McLaren, Arthur Douglas 1917-1979
  Bennett, James Percy 1886-1975
  Stout, Perry Robert 1909-1975
  Martin, William E. 1907-1972
  Overstreet, Roy 1903-1968
  Davis, Lannes Edward 1894-1966
  Kelley, Walter Pearson 1878-1965
  Burd, John Sedgwick 1876-1965
  Dore, Walter Harrington 1882-1960
  Reed, Howard Sprague 1876-1950
  Hoagland, Dennis Robert 1884-1949
  Smith, Alfred 1888-1943
  Shaw, Charles Fredrick 1881-1939
  Owen, Bruce Charles 1911-1936
  Spanish and Portuguese  
  Malkiel, Yakov 1914-1998
  Cornejo-Polar, Antonio 1936-1997
  Chapman, G. Arnold 1917-1996
  Spaulding, Robert Kilburn 1898-1992
  Shadi, Dorothy Clarke 1908-1992
  Durand, José 1925-1990
  Walsh, John K. 1939-1990
  Morby, Edwin Seth 1909-1985
  Simpson, Lesley Byrd 1891-1984
  Campbell, Brenton K. 1929-1973
  Montesinos, José Fernández 1897-1972
  Pérez de la Dehesa, Rafael 1931-1972
  Torres-Rioseco, Arturo 1897-1971
  Rodríguez-Moñino, Antonio 1910-1970
  Morley, S. Griswold 1878-1970
  Kany, Charles Emil 1895-1965
  Buceta, Erasmo 1892-1964
  Kirschenbaum, Leo 1907-1956
  Cornish, Beatrice Quijada 1878-1952
  Schevill, Rudolph 1874-1946
  Luna, José Luis 1910-1941
  Hills, Elijah Clarence 1867-1932
Portrait Hodges, Joseph L., Jr. 1924-2000
Portrait Le Cam, Lucien 1924-2000
Portrait Scott, Elizabeth Leonard 1917-1988
Portrait Barankin, Edward William 1920-1985
Portrait Kiefer, Jack Carl 1924-1981
  Neyman, Jerzy 1894-1981
Portrait Loève, Michel 1907-1979
Portrait Scheffé, Henry 1907-1977
Portrait Fix, Evelyn 1904-1965
Performance Studies
  Harris, Fred Orin 1901-1998
  Wilson, Garff B. 1909-1998
  Bogard, Travis 1918-1997
  Oliver, William I. 1926-1995
  House, George Stillman 1942-1985
Portrait Lehman, Benjamin Harrison 1899-1977
  Kerans, James 1922-1976
  Thompson, Alan Reynolds 1897-1952
  Sturgess, Sarah Huntsman 1879-1949
  Transportation Engineering  
  Newell, Gordon F. 1925-2001
Portrait Eakin, Richard 1910-1999
  Pitelka, Dorothy Riggs 1920-1994
Portrait DeOme, Kenneth B. 1906-1991
Portrait Leopold, Aldo Starker 1913-1983
Portrait Stern, Curt 1902-1981
  Balamuth, William 1914-1981
  Gullberg, Jonas Ekblom 1901-1973
Portrait Miller, Alden Holmes 1906-1965
Portrait Holmes, Samuel Jackson 1868-1964
Portrait Needham, Paul Robert 1902-1964
Portrait Goldschmidt, Richard 1878-1958
  Long, Joseph Abraham 1879-1953
  Kirby, Harold 1900-1952
  Brooks, Sumner Cushing 1888-1948
  Light, Sol Felty 1886-1947
  Kofoid, Charles Atwood 1865-1947
  Ritter, William Emerson 1856-1944
  Daniel, John Franklin 1873-1942
Portrait Grinnell, Joseph 1877-1939
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Irvine, photo number PR00151 Arthur J. Quinn
Professor of Rhetoric, UC Berkeley

"He was a philosophical historian in the tradition of Edward Gibbon and Henry Adams, both of whom he surpassed in stylistic range but also in breadth of moral vision."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Henryka Yakushev
Senior Lecturer of Slavic Languages and Literatures, UC Berkeley

"Her life was shaped by the great upheavals of 20th-century European history. Like so many of her time and place, she would lose her family and home, becoming an emigrée many times over. She rarely, however, spoke of difficulties to her colleagues in Berkeley. And yet, even those of us who knew her only in relatively recent years will always be able to recall the energy and laughter she brought to challenges throughout her life."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Sociology John Adam Clausen
Professor of Sociology, Chair of the Department of Sociology, and Research Professor at the Institute of Human Development, UC Berkeley

"His most significant impact was in the field of mental health, where his work earned him the informal title 'father of the sociology of mental health and mental disorder.'"
Photograph courtesy of University Archives, UC Irvine, photo number PR00151 Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr.
Professor of Soils and Plant Nutrition, UC Davis and UC Berkeley
University Dean of Agriculture
Founding Chancellor of UC Irvine
"While 'Chancellor Dan's' legacy is the UCI campus, his influence extends well beyond the perimeter of Aldrich Park."
Photograph of Elizabeth Leonard Scott by Shanna Swan. Courtesy of Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley. Taken at the International Statistical Institute conference in New Delhi, 1977. Elizabeth Leonard Scott
Professor of Statistics, UC Berkeley
"In the early seventies Scott carried out statistical studies designed to analyze career patterns of men and women in academia . . . The resulting report was reprinted by the U.S. Congress in the volume Discrimination against Women (1971) and widely used in the early 1970s as a model for study of possible discriminatory patterns based on sex and ethnicity at other universities."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. Gleb Struve
Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, UC Berkeley

"When Struve received the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Slavic Studies from the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies in 1973, a part of the citation read: ' . . . You have inspired several generations of literary scholars. . . . To your students, colleagues and friends who honor you as a teacher, scholar and editor, you embody a unique capacity for work, a rare degree of dedication, and a grand combination of scholarly and human integrity.'"
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1956. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Benjamin Harrison Lehman
Professor of English and Theatre/Dramatic Art, UC Berkeley

"A former student writes, 'I see Ben Lehman as clearly as I saw him the first day in sophomore writing class. . . With no idea how sharp, how demanding he could be, we had yet to discover the deep wells of patience he would gladly pump dry for us.'"
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1961. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Waclaw Lednicki
Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature, UC Berkeley

"It was a source of Waclaw Lednicki's strength, as it was also the source of heavy burdens testing that strength throughout his life, that he was a man of intense loyalties."
Photograph of Evelyn Fix by Shanna Swan. Courtesy of Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley. Used by permission. Evelyn Fix
Professor of Statistics, UC Berkeley

"Miss Fix participated in the organization of the Statistical Laboratory and then of the Department of Statistics, essentially from the very start. It pleased her to see statistics come alive and she contributed a great deal to the spirit of the Laboratory and Department. "



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