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  Morgan, Meredith W. 1912-1999
  Fatt, Irving 1920-1996
  Whitaker, Allen 1927-1990
  Kors, Kermit K. 1924-1989
  Sarver, Morton D. 1922-1986
  Hirsch, Monroe Jerome 1917-1982
  Stoddard, Kenneth Berkeley 1904-1970
  Walls, Gordon Lynn 1905-1962
  Minor, Ralph Smith 1876-1961
  Mason, Frederick Lawrence 1886-1954
  Neal, Finley Farrand 1897-1936
  Durham, J. Wyatt 1907-1996
Portrait Welles, Samuel P. 1909-1997
  Kleinpell, Robert Minssen 1905-1986
Portrait Camp, Charles Lewis 1893-1975
Portrait Chaney, Ralph Works 1890-1971
  Stirton, Ruben Arthur 1901-1966
Portrait Clark, Bruce Lawrence 1880-1945
Portrait Matthew, William Diller 1871-1930
  Feyerabend, Paul K. 1924-1994
  Vlastos, Gregory 1907-1991
  Strong, Edward W. 1901-1990
  Aschenbrenner, Karl 1911-1988
  Myro, George 1935-1987
  Hungerland, Isabel Creed 1907-1987
  Dennes, William Ray 1898-1982
Portrait Pepper, Stephen Coburn 1891-1972
  Loewenberg, Jacob 1882-1969
  Sullivan, Celestine James, Jr. 1905-1964
  Adams, George Plimpton 1882-1961
  Kalicki, Jan 1922-1953
  Marhenke, Paul 1899-1952
  Mackay, Donald Sage 1892-1951
  Rieber, Charles Henry 1866-1948
  Physical Education
  Palffy-Alpar, Julius 1908-2001
  Espenschade, Anna Scholl 1903-1998
  Norrie-Brown, Mary Lou 1927-1998
  Keeney, Charles J. 1912-1996
  Rarick, G. Lawrence 1911-1996
  Van Dalen, Deobold B. 1911-1995
  Nordly, Carl Leonard 1901-1990
  Hodgson, Pauline 1898-1983
  Cobb, Louise Staples 1897-1981
  Newsom, Heber Allen 1895-1977
  Tindall, Bruce Allan 1943-1976
  Davis, Sarah Russell 1880-1970
  Cozens, Frederick Warren 1890-1954
  Kleeberger, Frank Louis 1885-1942
  Shambaugh, Mary Effie 1892-1936
  Hutton, Mary E. 1870-1933
  Magee, Walter Edmund 1860-1932
Portrait Knight, Walter David 1919-2000
Portrait Reynolds, John H. 1923-2000
  Tobias, Cornelius A. 1918-2000
Portrait Judd, David Lockhart 1923-1998
Portrait Falicov, Leo M. 1933-1995
  Kip, Arthur F. 1910-1995
Portrait Jeffries, Carson Dunning 1922-1995
Portrait Bingham, Harry Hobart 1931-1994
  Fretter, William Bache 1916-1991
Portrait McMillan, Edwin Mattison 1907-1991
Portrait Lawrence, John Hundale 1903-1991
  Karplus, Robert 1927-1990
Portrait Segrè, Emilio G. 1905-1989
  White, Harvey Elliott 1902-1988
Portrait Alvarez, Luis W. 1911-1988
  Brode, Robert Bingham 1900-1986
Portrait Thornton, Robert Lyste 1908-1985
  Edwards, Hiram Wheeler 1885-1984
Portrait Patten, Charles Gordon 1904-1984
  Shinsky, Kirk Alfred 1952-1983
  Birge, Raymond Thayer 1887-1980
  Loeb, Leonard Benedict 1891-1978
  Jones, Hardin Blair 1914-1978
  Lenzen, Victor Fritz 1890-1975
  Powell, Wilson Marcy 1903-1974
Portrait Moyer, Burton Jones 1912-1973
Portrait Compton, Arthur Holly 1893-1962
  Minor, Ralph Smith 1876-1961
  Jenkins, Francis Arthur 1899-1960
  Williams, William Howell 1881-1959
Portrait Lawrence, Ernest Orlando 1901-1958
  Hamilton, Joseph Gilbert 1907-1957
  Raymond, William James 1865-1947
  Neal, Finley Farrand 1897-1936
  Slate, Frederick 1852-1930
  Morgan, Meredith W. 1912-1999
  Monie, Ian Whitelaw 1918-1996
  Pace, Nello 1916-1995
  Lyons, William Reginald 1901-1992
  Simpson, Miriam Elizabeth 1894-1991
  Reinhardt, William Oscar 1912-1989
  Jones, Hardin Blair 1914-1978
  Cook, Sherburne Friend 1896-1974
  Evans, Edward Stanley, Jr 1926-1972
  Evans, Herbert McLean 1882-1971
  Chaikoff, Israel Lyon 1902-1966
  Walls, Gordon Lynn 1905-1962
  Koneff, Alexei Alexander 1890-1961
  Olmsted, James Montrose Duncan 1886-1956
  Moody, Robert Orton 1864-1948
  Burnett, Theodore Crété 1861-1945
  Maxwell, Samuel Steen 1860-1939
  Moore, Lillian Mary 1887-1929
  Plant Pathology  
  Takahashi, William Noburu 1905-1987
  Thomas, Harold E. 1900-1986
  Gold, Alma Herbert 1911-1984
  Yarwood, Cecil Edmund 1907-1981
  Snyder, William Cowperthwaite 1904-1980
  Gardner, Max William 1890-1979
  Rawlins, Thomas Ellsworth 1895-1972
  Barrett, James Theophilus 1876-1966
  Kendrick, James Blair, Sr. 1893-1962
  Hansen, Hans Nicholas 1891-1960
  Smith, Ralph Eliot 1874-1953
  Horne, William Titus 1876-1944
  Smith, Elizabeth Hight 1877-1933
  Political Science  
  Jones, Victor 1909-2001
  Lipson, Leslie Michael 1912-2000
  Rosberg, Carl G. 1923-1996
  Wildavsky, Aaron 1930-1993
  Lepawsky, Albert 1908-1992
  Bendix, Reinhard 1916-1991
  Hutchinson, John E. 1921-1990
  Seabury, Paul 1923-1990
  Blaisdell, Thomas C., Jr. 1895-1988
  Luebbert, Gregory M. 1955-1988
  Harris, Joseph P. 1896-1985
  Traynor, Roger J. 1900-1983
  Perkins, John Alanson 1914-1982
  Bellquist, Eric Cyril 1904-1979
  Mah, Ng Wing 1893-1975
  Aikin, Charles 1901-1974
  Kelsen, Hans 1881-1973
  tenBroek, Jacobus 1911-1968
  Odegard, Peter H. 1901-1966
  Burdick, Eugene Leonard 1918-1965
  Towster, Julian 1905-1965
  Russell, Frank Marion 1886-1963
  Macdonald, Austin Faulks 1898-1962
  Ray, Perley Orman 1875-1957
  May, Samuel Chester 1887-1955
Portrait Barrows, David Prescott 1873-1954
  Fisher, Lloyd H. 1911-1953
  Gettell, Raymond Garfield 1881-1949
  Moses, Bernard 1846-1930
Portrait Capps, Lisa Margarit 1964-2000
Portrait Leiman, Arnold L. 1932-2000
Portrait Mussen, Paul H. 1922-2000
Portrait Jarrett, Rheem F. 1912-1996
  Heyns, Roger W. 1918-1995
Portrait Landreth, Catherine 1899-1995
  Swanson, Guy E. 1922-1995
  Janis, Irving L. 1918-1990
Portrait Korchin, Sheldon J. 1921-1989
Portrait Macfarlane, Jean Walker 1894-1989
Portrait Coffey, Hubert Stanley 1910-1988
Portrait Beach, Frank Ambrose 1911-1988
Portrait MacKinnon, Donald Wallace 1903-1987
Portrait Block, Jeanne Humphrey 1923-1981
Portrait Ghiselli, Edwin Ernest 1907-1980
Portrait Crutchfield, Richard Stanley 1912-1977
Portrait Krech, David 1909-1977
Portrait Bridgman, Olga Louise 1886-1974
Portrait McKee, John Parker 1921-1971
Portrait Brown, Clarence William 1902-1971
Portrait Ballachey, Egerton L. 1908-1969
  Tryon, Robert Choate 1901-1967
Portrait Jones, Harold Ellis 1894-1960
Portrait Tolman, Edward Chace 1886-1959
Portrait Stratton, George Malcolm 1865-1957
Portrait Brown, Warner 1882-1956
  Brunswik, Egon 1903-1955
  Public Health  
Portrait Griffiths, William 1913-1998
  Hardy, James L. 1932-1997
Portrait Bierman, Jessie M. 1900-1996
Portrait Bruvold, William H. 1934-1993
  Blake, Judith 1926-1993
  Northrop, John Howard 1892-1987
Portrait Knutson, Andie Leonard 1911-1985
  Stanier, Roger Yate 1916-1982
  Krueger, Albert Paul 1902-1982
  Mangold, Walter Smith 1895-1978
  Rogers, Edward Saunders 1905-1977
Portrait Stiles, William Whitfield 1908-1977
  Beattie, Margaret Isabel 1893-1977
  McGauhey, Percy Harold 1904-1975
Portrait Tebbens, Bernard Deuel 1910-1975
  Doudoroff, Michael 1911-1975
Portrait Kaufman, Warren John 1922-1973
Portrait Roberts, Beryl Josephine 1912-1970
  Fong, Jacob 1913-1967
Portrait Smith, Charles Edward 1904-1967
  Carpenter, Charles Milton 1895-1966
  Lembcke, Paul A. 1908-1964
  Legge, Robert Thomas 1872-1960
  Esty, James Russell 1893-1954
  Cunningham, Ruby L. 1880-1944
  Rusk, Glanville Yeisley 1875-1943
  Force, John Nivison 1877-1938
  Public Policy  
  Wildavsky, Aaron B. 1930-1993
  Blake, Judith 1926-1993
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley Rheem F. Jarrett
Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"He discovered that his abiding interest was in the conceptualization, design, and analysis of research in psychology: an area that requires a broad knowledge of the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of a number of areas in his chosen discipline."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley Catherine Landreth
Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"Catherine will be remembered by those who knew her as a unique and colorful personality. She possessed ineffable qualities of elegance, grace, and beauty. At the same time, she was a tough-minded researcher in an area and at a time when concern for experimental and methodological rigor was rare."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley Sheldon J. Korchin
Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"Clinical psychologists who want to understand and alleviate human suffering must consider the intrapsychic, dynamic functioning of the individual and the social context and values in which the individual's life unfolds. In a field that tends to choose between intrapsychic and social contextual interpretations of personality development, Shelly strongly supported attempts to integrate the two alternatives."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1980. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Emilio G. Segrè
Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley
Nobel Laureate

"Greatly honored for his achievements in physics . . . Segrè is also remembered as a man of unusual literary erudition and culture, sharp wit, artistic intelligence, and broad outlook on life."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley Jean Walker Macfarlane
Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"She initiated and for many years directed the deservedly famous Guidance Study, an investigation of the development from birth to maturity of a group of 250 normal infants born in Berkeley in 1928 and 1929."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1980. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Luis W. Alvarez
Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley
Nobel Laureate

"At each day's end Luie would pick up a couple of volumes of physics journals; he eventually read every nuclear physics article that had ever been published. "
Studio photograph by Barry Evans. Courtesy of Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences Hubert Stanley Coffey
Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"In many ways Hugh was a prototypic humanistic psychologist, although at the beginning of his career the term had not yet gained currency. He was concerned with people in all their complexity and in the infinitely varied social environments in which they live. He was also deeply committed to progressive social values in his own life as well as in his teaching and research."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley. Jeanne Humphrey Block
Professor of Psychology in Residence, UC Berkeley

"It would be difficult to estimate the number of people who saw her as an ideal of the humanist and the scientist, for she combined an extraordinary intellect with the qualities of great erudition, profound love, warm intuitive understanding of others, willingness to exchange ideas, beliefs and feelings, vivacity, humor, and an unending kindness."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley. Richard Stanley Crutchfield
Professor of Psychology, Director of the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research, and Chair of the Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"Crutchfield's penetrating analyses were accompanied by a humane concern for the welfare of individuals whose lives might be enriched by the findings of his work. These concerns were strikingly evidenced in his creation . . . of a program . . . that was used widely in the public schools of America."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1961. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Charles Lewis Camp
Professor of Paleontology, UC Berkeley

"In his teaching Camp emphasized both careful observation of specimens and study of original publications. His lectures were spontaneous and frequently responded to student questions rather than following a predetermined outline. He encouraged students to pursue their own ideas yet was always ready to open his vast and varied store of knowledge to them."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley. Olga Louise Bridgman
Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"The accolade that accompanied [her honorary degree of Doctor of Science] stated well her unique contribution--'Student of inter-relationships of the mind and the body; healer of the ills of childhood that maturity may be free of deep rooted sickness; teacher by word of mouth and by pen of the laws of human development, the obedience to which will ease human experience of preventable tragedy.'"
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1961. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Stephen Coburn Pepper
Professor of Art and Mills Professor of Philosophy, UC Berkeley

"Loving to teach, he delighted in meeting with students in the classroom over a span of ten years beyond his 'retirement' in 1958."
Photograph copyright Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Berkeley. Used by permission. Ralph Works Chaney
Professor of Paleontology, UC Berkeley

"He was the first to adopt an ecological approach to the description and analysis of Tertiary floras in western North America, and to apply it over a much larger geographic area adjacent to the Pacific basin."
Photograph circa 1936, by Dorothy Moore. University Archives, The Bancroft Library. 13:3935 Edward Chace Tolman
Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

"Dr. Tolman was always able to uncover the essential problems underneath the fluctuating experimental fads."
Photograph copyright Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Berkeley. Used by permission. Bruce Lawrence Clark
Associate Professor of Paleontology, UC Berkeley
Curator of Invertebrate Collections, Museum of Paleontology

"Doctor Clark brought together in the Museum the greatest collections of Tertiary megafossils, Foraminifera, and Radiolaria ever assembled in Western North America. He traveled extensively also in eastern United States, in Europe, and in Mexico, adding to his extensive knowledge of the systematic and geographic relationships of his faunas."



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