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  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
  Vaux, Henry J. 1912-2000
Portrait Cockrell, Robert A. 1909-1998
  Biswell, Harold H. 1905-1992
  Fritz, Emanuel 1886-1988
  Dickinson, Fred Eugene 1912-1986
  Krueger, Myron Edward 1890-1983
  Leopold, Aldo Starker 1913-1983
  Grah, Rudolf Ferdinand 1915-1978
  Kittredge, Joseph 1890-1971
  Sampson, Arthur William 1884-1967
  Baker, Frederick Storrs 1890-1965
  Barr, Percy Munson 1897-1960
  Mulford, Walter 1877-1955
  Barish, Jonas A. 1922-1998
  Calame, Alexandre 1913-1996
  Eustis, Alvin 1917-1994
  Walpole, Ronald N. 1903-1987
  Meylan, Edward Fernand 1903-1986
  Carmody, Francis James 1907-1982
  Bissell, Clifford Hershey 1887-1981
  Sandmann, Manfred Max Georg 1906-1980
  De La Harpe, Jacqueline Eugenie V. 1898-1980
  Dufrenoy, Marie-Louise 1898-1978
  Brenner, Clarence Dietz 1892-1977
  Fay, Perceval Bradshaw 1890-1971
  Bonno, Gabriel 1898-1970
  Rowbotham, Arnold Horrex 1888-1970
  Dondo, Mathurin Marius 1884-1968
  Nitze, William A. 1876-1957
  Solomon, Alfred 1877-1947
  Holbrook, Richard Thayer 1870-1934
Portrait Nietschmann, Bernard Q. 1941-2000
Portrait Vance, James E., Jr. 1925-1999
Portrait Parsons, James Jerome 1915-1997
Portrait Glacken, Clarence James 1909-1989
Portrait Leighly, John 1895-1986
  Kesseli, John Ernst 1895-1980
Portrait Sauer, Carl Ortwin 1889-1975
  Blumenstock, David Irving 1913-1963
  Rostlund, Erhard 1900-1961
  Varney, Burton Merrill 1883-1943
  Penzl, Herbert 1910-1995
  Beeler, Madison S. 1910-1989
  Bonwit, Marianne 1913-1982
  Palmer, Philip Motley 1904-1979
  Politzer, Heinz 1910-1978
  Mann, Michael Thomas 1919-1977
  Schneider, Franz 1883-1976
  Taylor, Archer 1890-1973
  Brodeur, Arthur Gilchrist 1888-1971
  Price, Lawrence Marsden 1881-1969
  Gudde, Erwin Gustave 1889-1969
  Brewer, Edward Vere 1887-1967
  Bell, Clair Hayden 1885-1967
  Loomis, C. Grant 1901-1963
  Tabor, Alice Post 1878-1959
  Wolff, Hans Matthias 1912-1958
  Clark, Robert Thomas, Jr. 1906-1957
  Heller, Edmund Kurt 1884-1955
  Paschall, Clarence 1872-1951
  Schilling, Hugo Karl 1861-1931
  Borah, Woodrow W. 1912-1999
  Funkenstein, Amos 1937-1995
  Slottman, William Bradley 1925-1995
  Hammond, George P. 1896-1993
  Harper, Lawrence Averell 1901-1989
  Rosenberg, Hans 1904-1988
  Bingham, Woodbridge 1901-1986
  Kinnaird, Lawrence 1893-1985
  King, James Ferguson 1913-1983
  Rappaport, Armin 1916-1983
Portrait Leake, Chauncey Depew 1896-1978
  Bean, Walton Elbert 1914-1977
  Alexander, Paul Julius 1910-1977
  Miller, Richard James 1918-1976
  Palm, Franklin Charles 1890-1973
Portrait Hicks, John Donald 1890-1972
  Sontag, Raymond James 1897-1972
  Guttridge, George Herbert 1898-1969
  Levenson, Joseph Richmond 1920-1969
  Schaeffer, Paul Bigelow 1893-1967
  Soulis, George Christos 1927-1966
  Van Nostrand, John James 1884-1966
  Kerner, Robert Joseph 1887-1956
  Lantzeff, George V. 1892-1955
Portrait Bolton, Herbert Eugene 1870-1953
  Wecter, Dixon 1906-1950
  McCune, George McAfee 1908-1948
  Paxson, Frederic Logan 1877-1948
  Morris, William Alfred 1875-1946
  Priestley, Herbert Ingram 1875-1944
  McCormac, Eugene Irving 1872-1943
  Chapman, Charles Edward 1880-1941
  Thompson, James Westfall 1869-1941
  O'Brien, Louis 1902-1935
  Babcock, Kendric Charles 1864-1932
  History of Art
  Amyx, Darrell Arlynn 1911-1997
  Horn, Walter 1908-1995
  Bony, Jean V. 1908-1995
  Chipp, Herschel B. 1913-1992
  Carrott, Richard G. 1926-1990
  Ettlinger, Leopold David 1913-1989
  Home Economics
  Coles, Jessie V. 1894-1976
  Morgan, Agnes Fay 1884-1968

Information/Library Studies

Portrait Mosher, Fredric J. 1914-1999
Portrait Swank, Raynard Coe 1912-1995
  Fiske, Marjorie E. 1914-1992
Portrait Wight, Edward Allen 1899-1986
  Markley, Anne Ethelyn 1903-1979
Portrait Coney, Donald 1901-1973
  Coulter, Edith Margaret 1880-1963
  Sisler, Della Jarrett 1876-1958
  Peiss, Reuben 1912-1952
  Mitchell, Sydney Bancroft 1878-1951
Portrait Biasin, Gian-Paolo 1933-1998
Portrait De Negri, Enrico 1902-1990
Portrait Ferruolo, Arnolfo Bartolomeo 1913-1982
  De Filippis, Michele 1891-1975
  Altrocchi, Rudolph 1882-1953
  Vaughan, Herbert Hunter 1884-1948
  Pickerell, Albert G. 1912-1999
  Riggs, Marlon T. 1957-1994
  Lyford, Joseph P. 1918-1992
  Desmond, Robert William 1900-1985
  Stewart, Kenneth Norman 1901-1978
  Fishman, Solomon 1912-1968
  Hulten, Charles M. 1909-1967
  Griffin, Philip F. 1900-1964
  Raymond, Charles Harvey 1887-1939
Photograph of Bernard Q. Nietschmann Bernard Q. Nietschmann
Professor of Geography, UC Berkeley

"Much of Nietschmann's life was dedicated to a rigorous, empathetic, and committed understanding of the workings of culture and environment among indigenous peoples . . . In the 1990s, for example, he established the Maya Mapping Project, which involved Indians from southern Belize in the making of a Maya Atlas to document their homeland and claim their rights to that land. "
Photograph of James E. Vance James E. Vance, Jr.
Professor of Geography, UC Berkeley

"Vance was also a world authority on transportation, the growth and change of urban form, and the historical geography of North America. His pathbreaking books are still classics in their subjects. He was the first urban geographer to be permanently appointed at Berkeley, and the first geographer to receive the campus's Distinguished Teaching Award. His popular courses influenced two generations of geographers, historians, city planners, and architectural historians."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1981. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Robert A. Cockrell
Professor of Forestry, UC Berkeley

"Throughout his 62 years as a member of the Berkeley faculty, Bob Cockrell had a record of dedicated service to his students, to his department, and notably, to the Berkeley campus."
Photograph of James Jerome Parsons James Jerome Parsons
Professor of Geography, UC Berkeley

"His 150 articles and myriad reviews and notes, alongside his four books, covered a remarkably diverse range of subjects, from cork-oak forests to California manufacturing, from fog drip to pre-Columbian ridged fields (which he initially discovered from the air), and from African grasses in the New World to the historical pre-conditions for industrialization."
Copyright Dennis Galloway, 1966. Photograph courtesy of the School of Information & Management Systems. Raynard Coe Swank
Professor of Library and Information Studies and Dean of School of Librarianship, UC Berkeley

"Swank spent much of his time as dean trying to bring about a melding of the new information science, being advanced by the computer, with traditional librarianship, which was undergoing a change of vast proportions."
Photograph of Clarence James Glacken Clarence James Glacken
Professor of Geography, UC Berkeley

". . . Glacken was engaged in writing his magnum opus on nature and culture in western thought from ancient times to the end of the 19th century, which was published as Traces on the Rhodian Shore in 1967. The book was hailed as a monumental work of scholarship and synthesis, bringing together ideas on this vast and universal topic as they never had been before, transcending geography as a discipline but also being recognized as one of the truly great books written by a geographer in this century."
Copyright Barry Evans Photography, 1965. Photograph taken behind Men's Faculty Club, UC Berkeley. Courtesy of the School of Information & Management Systems (SIMS), UC Berkeley. Edward Allen Wight
Professor of Librarianship, UC Berkeley

"He was a fine conversationalist, interesting and interested, and he was deeply concerned about people and their institutions, especially schools and libraries. His expertise in the services, administration, and organization of the latter, based upon the twin pillars of study and solid experience, enabled him to exert a far-reaching influence on public libraries in California and led him to be called upon for advice outside the state from as far away as Australia."
Photograph courtesy of the Department of Italian Studies, UC Berkeley. Arnolfo Bartolomeo Ferruolo
Professor of Italian and Chair of the Italian Department, UC Berkeley

"Anyone who knew Arnolfo knew what civilized good-fellowship was. It was one of his happy traits to be able to talk with all kinds of people--colleagues, students, writers, waiters, shop clerks--without ever being anything other than himself, and with a willingness and an ability to learn from one and all that was as sincere as it is rare. His erudition was remarkable, and we do not say 'formidable'only because he carried it so lightly that it is doubtful that anybody ever felt uncomfortable in talking to him. We were always learning from Arnolfo, even when we were not consciously aware of it."
Photograph of John Leighly John Leighly
Professor of Geography, UC Berkeley

"He was best known for his publications on climatology (including its history) and cartography (especially map projections and the graphic representation of numerical data), but also made notable contributions in other areas, such as the dynamics of stream flow. The maps and graphs he drew to illustrate his own writings were often true works of art."
Copyright Dorothea Lange. Photograph courtesy of the Department of Geography, UC Berkeley Carl Ortwin Sauer
Professor of Geography, UC Berkeley

"Sauer deplored any attempt to apply 'universal' principles in the interpretation of cultural--including economic--phenomena, knowing that humanity is composed of diverse groups, each associated with a particular part of the earth's surface, whose cultural differences are apparently permanent. . . . His conversation and correspondence often adverted to the brevity of life in relation to the number of questions and problems he always saw ahead. . . . His own life lasted well beyond the span allotted to man, and he made full use of it by a devotion to humane scholarship encountered too rarely in the academic world."



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