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Berkeley Campus
  Academic Disciplines Administration &
Professional Staff
  Biological Sciences
  Ornduff, Robert 1932-2000
  Simmons, John E. 1928-1999
  Jukes, Thomas H. 1906-1999
  Bearden, Alan Joyce 1931-1999
  Fraenkel-Conrat, Heinz L. 1910-1999
  Koshland, Marian Elliott 1921-1997
  St. Lawrence, Patricia 1922-1996
Portrait Bremermann, Hans Joseph 1926-1996
  Williams, Robley Cook 1908-1995
  Arnon, Daniel I. 1910-1994
  Fogel, Seymour 1919-1993
  Echols, Harrison 1933-1993
  Smith, Ralph Ingram 1916-1993
  Dempster, Everett R. 1903-1992
  Wilson, Allan Charles 1934-1991
  Cameron, Donald Ross 1907-1984
  Knight, Claude Arthur 1914-1983
Portrait Stern, Curt 1902-1981
  Brown, Spencer Wharton 1918-1977
  Lerner, I. Michael 1910-1977
  Doudoroff, Michael 1911-1975
Portrait Stanley, Wendell Meredith 1904-1971
Portrait Miller, Loye H. 1874-1970
Portrait Steinhaus, Edward Arthur 1914-1969


Jenkins, James A. 1904-1965
  Castle, William Ernest 1867-1962
  Clausen, Roy Elwood 1891-1956
  Babcock, Ernest Brown 1877-1954
  Yerushalmy, Jacob 1904-1973
  Cave, Marion Stilwell 1904-1995
Portrait Mason, Herbert Louis 1896-1994
  Collins, O'Neil Ray 1931-1989
  Day, Boysie Eugene 1917-1988
Portrait Papenfuss, George Frederik 1903-1981
  Emerson, Ralph 1912-1979
  Bonar, Lee 1891-1977
  Machlis, Leonard 1915-1976
  Bennett, James Percy 1886-1975
  Foster, Adriance Sherwood 1901-1973
  Proskauer, Johannes Max 1923-1970
  Goodspeed, Thomas Harper 1887-1966
  Davis, Alva Raymond 1887-1965
Portrait Jepson, Willis Linn 1867-1946
  Lipman, Charles Bernard 1883-1944
Portrait Setchell, William Albert 1864-1943
  Avery, Priscilla 1899-1939
  Gardner, Nathaniel Lyon 1864-1937
  Holman, Richard Morris 1885-1935
  Hall, Harvey Monroe 1874-1932
Portrait Wendt, Paul F. 1908-2000
Portrait Nicosia, Francesco M. 1927-1997
Portrait Boutell, Wayne Struve 1920-1996
  Doyle, Leonard 1912-1996
Portrait Grether, Ewald Theophilus 1899-1994
  Jastram, Roy 1915-1991
  Li, Choh-Ming 1912-1991
  Vatter, William Joseph 1905-1990
  Revzan, David A. 1909-1988
  Duncan, Delbert James 1895-1980
Portrait Hoos, Sidney Samuels 1911-1979
  Vance, Lawrence Lee 1911-1978
Portrait Quire, Catharine de Motte Greene 1893-1978
  Staehling, Charles Christian 1883-1975
Portrait Crum, William Leonard 1894-1967
  Roberts, Royal Arlington 1892-1959
  Reck, Dickson 1904-1955
  Daggett, Stuart 1881-1954
Portrait Hatfield, Henry Rand 1866-1945

Chemical Engineering

  Barker, Horace Albert 1907-2000
Portrait Seaborg, Glenn Theodore 1912-1999
Portrait Calvin, Melvin 1911-1997
  Jura, George 1911-1997
Portrait Dauben, William Garfield 1919-1997
Portrait Pitzer, Kenneth Sanborn 1914-1997
Portrait Gwinn, William Dulaney 1916-1997
Portrait Tobias, Charles W. 1920-1996
Portrait Perlman, Isadore 1915-1991
  Wilson, Allan Charles 1934-1991
Portrait Pimentel, George Claude 1922-1989
  Greenberg, David M. 1895-1988
Portrait Jensen, Frederick Richard 1925-1987
  Orlemann, Edwin Franklin 1915-1985
  Muetterties, Earl Leonard 1927-1984
Portrait Vermeulen, Theodore 1916-1983
Portrait Hildebrand, Joel Henry 1881-1983
  Carpenter, Frederick Hiltman 1918-1982
Portrait Giauque, William Francis 1895-1982
Portrait Mahan, Bruce Herbert 1930-1982
Portrait Libby, Willard Frank 1908-1980
  Powell, Richard Edward 1917-1979
  Shen, Mitchel Ming-Chi 1938-1979
  Hassid, William Zev 1899-1974
  Porter, Charles Walter 1880-1971
  Cunningham, Burris Bell 1912-1971
Portrait Stanley, Wendell Meredith 1904-1971
  Kirk, Paul Leland 1902-1970
  Hackett, David Powell 1925-1965
  Allen, Frank Worthington 1903-1964
  Blasdale, Walter Charles 1871-1960
  Fischer, Hermann Otto Laurenz 1888-1960
Portrait Gibson, George Ernest 1884-1959
  Stewart, Thomas Dale 1890-1958
  Rollefson, Gerhard Krohn 1900-1955
Portrait Latimer, Wendell Mitchell 1893-1955
  Olson, Axel Ragnar 1889-1954
Portrait Branch, Gerald E. K. 1886-1954
  Randall, Merle 1888-1950
  Walker, Earl Fiske 1887-1949
Portrait Lewis, Gilbert Newton 1875-1946
  Bray, William Crowell 1879-1946
  Schmidt, Carl Louis August 1885-1946
  Eastman, Ermon Dwight 1891-1945
Portrait Ruben, Samuel 1913-1943
  Morgan, William Conger 1874-1940
  O'Neill, Edmond 1858-1933
  City and Regional Planning
  Mocine, Corwin R. 1911-1997
  Dickert, Thomas George 1945-1988
  Scott, Mellier G., Jr. 1906-1988
  Appleyard, Donald 1928-1982
  Wheaton, William Lindus Cody 1913-1978
  Wurster, Catherine Bauer 1905-1964
  Rabinowitz, Gerson 1919-1998
  Gordon, Arthur Ernest 1902-1989
  Fontenrose, Joseph Edward 1903-1986
  MacKay, Louis Alexander 1901-1982
  Green, William McAllen 1897-1979
  Linforth, Ivan Mortimer 1879-1976
  Bundy, Elroy Lorraine 1920-1975
  Smith, Henry Roy William 1891-1971
  Helmbold, William Clark 1908-1969
Portrait Richardson, Leon Josiah 1868-1964
  Alexander, William Hardy 1878-1962
  Washburn, Oliver Miles 1873-1958
  Allen, James Turney 1873-1948
  Price, Clifton 1867-1942
  Calhoun, George Miller 1886-1942
  Ryder, Arthur William 1877-1938
  Nutting, Herbert Chester 1872-1934
  Flagg, Isaac 1843-1931
  Merrill, William Augustus 1860-1930
  Comparative Literature
  Nestrick, William V. 1940-1996
  Richardson, L. Janette 1925-1989
  Alexander, Paul Julius 1910-1977
  Bundy, Elroy Lorraine 1920-1975
  Computer Science
  Spira, Philip 1941-1998
  Morton, Paul Lester 1906-1995
  Lawler, Eugene L. 1933-1994
  Wang, Shyh 1925-1992
  Dalziel, Charles 1904-1986
  Sakrison, David John 1933-1980
Portrait Diamond, Bernard L. 1912-1990
Portrait Sherry, Arthur Hanett 1908-1986
  MacCormick, Austin Harbutt 1893-1979
  Wilson, Orlando Winfield 1900-1972
  Kirk, Paul Leland 1902-1970
  Lohman, Joseph Dean 1910-1968
  Tappan, Paul Wilbur 1911-1964
  Kelley, Douglas McGlashan


Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1980. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Melvin Calvin
University Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
Nobel Laureate

"In all of his activities Calvin was an unpretentious but enthusiastic participant, eager to know why some action was to be taken or how some physical phenomenon could be understood. His genius was in asking the right questions and seeing explanations that did not readily occur to others."
Photograph of William Garfield Dauben William Garfield Dauben
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

"In Berkeley, Dauben started an active research program in several areas. His studies on the photochemistry of Vitamin D initiated an extensive program in organic photochemistry. He was at the forefront of the surge of activity in this area in the 1960s and 1970s. His work included photochemical studies of dimes and trienes and contributed to the synthesis of strained compounds such as transryclohexene and small-ring systems."
Photograph of William Dulaney Gwinn William Dulaney Gwinn
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

"The molecules studied with microwaves had a variety of complexities. They ranged from rigid molecules, often with nuclear quadrupole interactions yielding bonding information, to molecules with motions such as internal rotation or ring-puckering, as found in five-membered rings, which yielded internal potential energy functions. These studies resulted in detailed information about structure and internal motion never obtained before."
Photograph of Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

"During this period just before the Second World War, he obtained many important results in thermodynamics and internal rotation of molecules. For example, he discovered that one of the carbon atoms in cyclopentane pops up out of the plane of the other four carbon atoms (to relieve torsional strain), but that the identity of the non-planar carbon rotates around the ring, a phenomenon he dubbed 'pseudorotation.'"
Photograph of Charles W. Tobias Charles W. Tobias
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

"Among his other notable accomplishments one may mention the development of electrochemical techniques for measuring mass- and heat-transfer coefficients in free and forced convection, analysis of the effect of electrode resistance on local reaction rates, elucidation of the nature of conductivity in two-phase systems, introduction of computers for the calculation of current and potential distributions within electrolytic cells . . ."
photograph from Haas School of Business: A brief centennial history (1898-1998), courtesy of Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. Ewald Theopholis Grether
Professor of Business Administration and Dean of the College of Commerce, School of Business Administration, and Graduate School of Business Administration, UC Berkeley

"Grether played a major role in changing both the image and the reality of business schools in the United States. . . .
He clearly viewed the proper role of the business school to be similar to that of the medical school. . . .
Business schools at the leading universities across the country began to shift toward the model that Grether had already put in place at Berkeley."
Photograph of George Claude Pimentel George Claude Pimentel
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

"In the mid-60s George's study of fast reactions unlocked the secret for converting chemical energy directly into laser light. The chemical laser has since taught us much about chemical reactions and about the transfer of energy among molecules. It has also been developed into large and powerful laser systems. Meanwhile, George's high-speed infrared spectroscopic techniques proved adaptable to the devising of instruments for remotely determining the composition of the atmosphere and surface of Mars."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1950. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Joel Henry Hildebrand
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

"After his high school mathematics was completed with solid geometry and trigonometry, he discovered independently the power and beauty of calculus. After he had learned as much chemistry as his teacher (the principal) knew, he was given the key to the laboratory, a college laboratory manual, and encouragement to learn more on his own. "
Photograph from Haas School of Business: A brief centennial history (1898-1998), courtesy of Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. Catharine de Motte Greene Quire
Professor of Accounting and Business Administration and Associate Dean of Women, UC Berkeley

"She was in charge of the laboratory sections in the elementary accounting course at Berkeley. As happens so frequently in such cases, the students learned accounting almost entirely from Catharine. After each section meeting, she presided at a table in a nearby coffee shop to help students; as many as six to twelve would show up at a time. She made the accounting laboratories exciting, a most unusual and exacting accomplishment."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1950. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Wendell Meredith Stanley
Professor of Moleculary Biology and Biochemistry and Founder of the Virus Laboratory, UC Berkeley
Nobel Laureate

"Stanley's activities in education extended far beyond the campus; his lectures to diverse audiences and especially to lay and medical groups were most effective in promoting scientific ideas and basic research."
Photograph of Frederick Richard Jensen Frederick Richard Jensen
Professor of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

"His most important contributions are probably in electrophilic reactions of organometallic compounds and particularly in organomercury chemistry. This was an especially difficult research area because of the changes in reaction course occasioned by small amounts of impurities that could change the mechanism from electrophilic substitution to free-radical reactions, yielding compounds having different stereochemical and even structural properties."
Photograph courtesy of University & Jepson Herbaria Archives, UC Berkeley. Willis Linn Jepson
Professor of Botany, UC Berkeley

"His memory is perpetuated by the saxifragaceous genus Jepsonia, and by a host of commemorative specific names. But these tokens are insignificant in comparison with the tremendous debt owed him by every student of Californian natural history. He was remarkably successful both as a teacher and writer in communicating his great enthusiasm for the flora which he had done so much to make understandable."



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