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  Academic Disciplines Administration &
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  African American Studies
Portrait Christian, Barbara 1943-2000
  Agricultural and Resource Economics
Portrait Wellman, Harry 1899-1997
Portrait Sammet, Loy L. 1908-1995
Portrait Lee, Ivan M. 1917-1995
  Mehren, George L. 1913-1992
Portrait Kuznets, George Michael 1909-1986
  Weeks, David 1890-1986
Portrait Boles, James Newton 1920-1984
Portrait McEntire, Davis 1912-1983
  Benedict, Murray Reid 1882-1980
  Von Ciriacy-Wantrup, Siegfried 1906-1980
Portrait Hoos, Sidney Samuels 1911-1979
  Erdman, Henry Ernest 1884-1977
  Clarke, David Andrew, Jr. 1919-1974
  Tinley, James M. 1897-1971
  Bressler, Raymond George, Jr. 1911-1968
Portrait Voorhies, Edwin C. 1892-1967
  Adams, Richard Laban 1883-1957
Portrait Alsberg, Carl Lucas 1877-1940
Portrait Peterson, George Martin 1897-1940
  Mead, Elwood 1858-1936
Ryerson, Knowles A. 1893-1990
  Lepkovsky, Samuel 1901-1984
Schalm, Oscar William 1909-1982
  Taylor, Lewis Walter 1900-1981
Hutchison, Claude Burton 1885-1980
  Peterson, Daniel Walter 1917-1980
  Kelly, Clarence F. 1906-1976
  Metcalf, Woodbridge 1888-1972
Portrait Chandler, William Henry 1878-1970
  Hendrickson, Arthur Howard 1890-1968
Portrait Tufts, Warren Porter 1890-1968
Portrait Hodgson, Robert Willard 1893-1966
  Hart, George H. 1883-1959
  Smith, LeRoy Burns 1876-1955
  Elwood, Clifford Franklin 1881-1955
  Baade, Herman Joseph 1887-1953
  Beach, Jerry Raymond 1888-1951
  Secrest, May 1871-1951
  Haring, Clarence Melvin 1878-1951
  Crocheron, Bertram H 1882-1948
  Mackie, William Wylie 1873-1947
  Webber, Herbert John 1865-1946
  Kern, Olly Jasper 1861-1945
  Hunt, Thomas Francis 1879-1942
Portrait Bioletti, Frederic Theodore 1865-1939
  Hayes, Fred Montreville 1885-1938
  Tavernetti, Thomas Frederick 1889-1934
  Nichols, Paul Frothingham 1893-1934
  Holst, Walther Flemming 1895-1933
  Lippincott, William Adams 1882-1931
  Kennedy, Patrick Beveridge 1874-1930
  Deetz, James 1930-2000
  Shack, William A. 1923-2000
  Washburn, Sherwood Larned 1911-2000
Portrait Mandelbaum, David G. 1911-1987
  Bascom, William Russel 1912-1981
  Olson, Ronald Leroy 1895-1979
Portrait Heizer, Robert Fleming 1915-1979
  Pettitt, George Albert 1901-1976
  Smith, Henry Roy William 1891-1971
Portrait McCown, Theodore Doney 1908-1969
Portrait Kroeber, Alfred Louis 1876-1960
Portrait Gifford, Edward Winslow 1887-1959
Portrait Lowie, Robert Heinrich 1883-1957
  Stump, Harold A. 1905-1996
  Czaja, E. Michael 1911-1994
  Prestini, James L. 1908-1993
  Kostof, Spiro Konstantine 1936-1991
  Goodman, Michael Arthur 1903-1991
  Rittel, Horst W. J. 1930-1990
  Bernardi, Theodore C. 1903-1990
  Friedman, Howard Abraham 1919-1988
  Lindheim, Roselyn 1921-1987
  Jeans, Raymond W. 1889-1987
  Perry, Warren Charles 1884-1980
  Simonds, George Patton 1905-1978
  Distefano, José Nestor 1931-1975
  Wurster, William Wilson 1895-1973
  Jory, Stafford Lelean 1889-1968
  Moise, Howard 1887-1965
  Hays, William Charles 1873-1963
  Torossian, Aram 1884-1941
  Cummings, Melvin Earl 1876-1936
  Howard, John Galen 1864-1931
  Army ROTC
  Englehart, Alva F. 1895-1945
  Art Practice
  Sussman, Wendy 1949-2001
  Loran, Erle 1905-1999
  Gordin, Sidney 1918-1996
  Allen, Boyd 1931-1995
  McCray, James 1912-1993
  Ruvolo, Felix 1912-1992
  Nelson, Lucretia 1912-1991
  Bischoff, Elmer Nelson 1916-1991
  Haley, John C. 1905-1991
  Brown, Joan 1938-1990
  Lark, Sylvia 1947-1990
Portrait Schnier, Jacques 1898-1988
  Gladding, Hope Meldeau 1889-1987
  O'Hanlon, Richard 1907-1985
  Wessels, Glenn Anthony 1895-1982
  Perry, Warren Charles 1884-1980
  Paris, Harold Persico 1925-1979
  Wellington, Winfield Scott 1897-1979
  Miller, Lea Van Puymbroeck 1898-1979
  Gayton, Anna H. 1899-1977
Portrait Obata, Chiura 1885-1975
Portrait Pepper, Stephen Coburn 1891-1972
  Maenchen, Otto John 1894-1969
  Zogbaum, Wilfrid 1915-1965
  Neuhaus, Eugen 1879-1963
  Lockwood, John Ward 1894-1963
  Ryder, Worth Allen 1884-1960
  Park, David 1911-1960
  Washburn, Oliver Miles 1873-1958
  Patterson, Mary Frances 1872-1957
  Boynton, Ray 1883-1951
  O'Neale, Lila Morris 1886-1948
  Nahl, Perham Wilhelm 1869-1935
  Asian Studies/Asian Languages
  McCullough, Helen Craig 1918-1998
  McCullough, William Hoyt 1928-1997
  Dales, George Franklin, Jr. 1927-1992
  Schafer, Edward H. 1913-1991
  Carr, Denzel 1900-1983
  Chao, Yuen Ren 1892-1982
  Boodberg, Peter Alexis 1903-1972
  Roadarmel, Gordon Charles 1932-1972
  Chen, Shih-Hsiang 1912-1971
  Lessing, Ferdinand Diederich 1882-1961
  Farquhar, Florence Walne 1895-1946
  Williams, Edward Thomas 1854-1944
  Kuno, Yoshi Saburo 1865-1941
  Cunningham, Leland Erskin 1904-1989
  Einarsson, Sturla 1879-1974
  Henyey, Louis George 1910-1970
  Struve, Otto 1897-1963
  Crawford, Russell Tracy 1876-1958
  Trumpler, Robert Julius 1886-1956
  Leuschner, Armin Otto 1868-1953
  Moore, Joseph Haines 1878-1949
  Meyer, William Ferdinand 1880-1948
Copyright Jane Scherr. Photograph courtesy of African American Studies Department, UC Berkeley. Barbara Christian
Professor of African American Studies, UC Berkeley

"Students were overwhelming in their expressions of enthusiasm, reverence, awe, gratitude, respect, and love for her as a teacher, a person, and a friend. She won superlative praises in every single course that she taught, and student demand for her counsel and advising was extraordinary. "
Photograph by Grace Dote, Date: June 1973. Courtesy of Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley. Original photograph 4.98 inches wide, 3.5 inches high. Loy L. Sammet
Professor of Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley

"He was brought to California to provide engineering expertise for a new research project in marketing agricultural products. . . . The methodology developed by Sammet and Bressler became known as the Economic-Engineering approach and was later widely adopted by researchers in other states and some foreign countries."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop Jr., 1984. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Jacques Schnier
Professor of Art, UC Berkeley

"Always a dedicated and conscientious teacher, Jacques was also a prolific sculptor whose work was widely exhibited and given important critical recognition throughout his long career."
Photograph (mimeographed copy, not original), circa 1957, courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UARC Picture 13:286 David G. Mandelbaum
Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

"Although Mandelbaum's professional concerns embraced many other peoples and topics, India remained his greatest love, and it is for his contributions to Indian studies that he is particularly well known."
Photograph by Kee Coleman, 1936, courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UARC Picture 13:2309 Robert Fleming Heizer
Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

"The combination of basic intellect, curiosity, and broad training produced one of American's last 'general' anthropologists who could talk and write knowledgeably in areas of the discipline far transcending his primary passion, archaeology."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1951. Photograph courtesy of G. Paul Bishop Portraiture. Used by permission. Chiura Obata
Professor of Art, UC Berkeley

"Obata's life and dedication are best represented in what may be his greatest work, a wall-size painting in color of the glory and grandeur of the sun in that instant of flashing brilliance when it covers the heavens before disappearing behind the rim of the earth."
Photograph (halftone print) courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UARC Picture 13:4524 Theodore Doney McCown
Professor of Anthropology and Associate Dean of the College of Letters and Science, UC Berkeley

"McCown's analysis was a major step forward in the analysis of fossil human remains and threw enduring light on the problem of the relationship between Neanderthal and modern man; it still stands as one of the major contributions of [the twentieth] century to a knowledge of human evolution."
Copyright G. Paul Bishop, 1951. Used by permission. Photograph courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UARC Picture 13:543 Alfred Louis Kroeber
Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

"Professor Kroeber's range of interest and competence in nearly every one of the major fields of anthropology, as evidenced by the large number of his published contributions in ethnology, kinship, archaeology, and physical anthropology, made him the broadest student of the larger discipline, a position held in the past by a notable few, such as Edward B. Tylor and Franz Boas."
Photograph by Kee Coleman, 1936, courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UARC Picture 13:3640 Edward Winslow Gifford
Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Museum of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

"Professor Gifford was interested in every aspect of anthropology. Treatises in ethnology, social organization, archaeology and culture history, folklore, religion, physical anthropology, material culture, and museum collections flowed from his pen."
Photograph circa 1932, courtesy of The Bancroft Library, UARC Picture 13:4159 Robert Heinrich Lowie
Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley

"Lowie was a scientist and scholar in the European tradition. He was respectful of learning itself, imbued with its dignity, but unexpectant of world rewards for devoting himself to it. The respect and affection Lowie inspired in his students and colleagues are the finest tribute a man might wish."



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