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Architecture Information

We would like to thank the following individuals who provided assistance in identifying the architects and dates of construction of the campus buildings featured in the Atkinson Photographic Archive:

Daniel Belding

Diane Behling

Kirk Belles

Fred Bockmiller

Charlotte B. Brown

Nicki Chapman

Jeff Cohen

Melissa Conway

Steve Coy

Darian Daries

Deborah Day

Dennis Diplacito

Steve Finacom

Ana Galanis

David C. Gartrell

Elizabeth G. Hammel

Virginia Jansen

Lisa Liles

Lisa A. Mix

Sharyl Murdock

Gretchen Nell

Lynn Ostler

Bob Pizzi

Jeff E. Price

William Roberts

John Skarstad

Sara A. Stilley

David Turner

Valerie Wheat

Jody Williams

Lori Yamauchi

Frank Zwart

Selected Bibliography

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Selected Links

Berkeley Buildings Bibliography: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/ENVI/buildings.html

Los Angeles Campus Profile (includes links to current lists of campus buildings and architecture information): http://www.apb.ucla.edu/apbcprof.htm [PDF]: http://www.apb.ucla.edu/prof02/bldgs.pdf

Los Angeles Master Project List (capital improvement projects from 1986 to current): http://www.capital.ucla.edu/project_index.asp?vSort=Project_Name

San Diego Buildings Bibliography: http://aal.ucsd.edu/pub/archpath.html

Web Site Development

We would also like to acknowledge the following Web site developers and designers:

Wendy Hu

Joan Lee

Brian Murphy

Joyce Wong

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