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I. Berkeley

II. Davis

III. Irvine

IV. Los Angeles

V. Merced

VI. Riverside

VII. San Diego

VIII. San Francisco

IX. Santa Barbara

X. Santa Cruz

The Atkinson Photographic Archive Catalog was created to serve as a catalog of the archive's photographs as well as a tool for cross-referencing buildings. For example, various buildings featured in campus aerial photographs are identified in the catalog with a link to the particular campus aerial photograph in which the building may be found. Additionally, the architectural information for these buildings are provided in the catalog. Please note that the "Date" listed typically refers to the date when the structure was completed.

A guideline to keep in mind while searching for a particular building is that buildings named in honor of various individuals are listed under the surname of the honored individual. For example, the James West Alumni Center is listed under "W" for "West". One exception is the "Martin Luther King Jr." building at UC Berkeley, which is commonly abbreviated to "MLK". In this case, it is listed under "M", for "Martin". In the case where "School" is the first word in the name of the building, such as "School of Law", the building name is found under "S" for "School".

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