Health Sciences Databases


The Cochrane Library contains high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. It includes reliable evidence from Cochrane and other systematic reviews, clinical trials, and more. Current issue is UCB access only.


Indexes journal articles, book chapters, bills, laws, court decisions, reports, books, audio-visuals, and news articles relating to bioethics and professional ethics.

Faculty of 1000  UCB access only

Highlights and reviews the most pertinent papers published in the biological sciences and medicine, based on the recommendations of an international faculty of well over 10,000 researchers.

Global Health   UCB access only
1973 - present

Indexes over 5,000 journals, books, reports, conference proceedings, patents, theses, and electronic only publications. Topics include environmental and occupational health, food safety and hygiene, infectious diseases, medical microbiology, nutrition, public health, toxicology, zoonoses, and more.

MICROMEDEX Healthcare Series   UCB access only
1974 - present

A search interface of several databases with referenced information about drugs, toxicology, diseases, acute care, and alternative medicine.

Natural Standard   UCB access only

Natural Standard is an international research collaboration that aggregates and synthesizes data on complementary and alternative medical therapies, such as herbs and dietary supplements. Information presented is evidence-based, consensus-based, and peer-reviewed. Natural Standard is a full-text source, and contains additional references to the primary literature.

PsychiatryOnline   UCB access only

Contains several full-text psychiatry journals, textbooks, and practice guidelines as well as the the American Psychiatric Association's DSN-IV-TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

1840 - current

Indexes over 1,300 journals, conference proceedings, books, reports, and dissertations in psychology and enriched with literature from psychiatry, education, business, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, law, linguistics, and social work.
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PubMed   UCB access only
1947 - current

Access to citations from MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, other journals in the field of medicine and life sciences, and links to NCBI's integrated molecular biology databases including nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, 3-D protein structure data, population study data sets, and assemblies of complete genomes in an integrated system.

1969 - present

Contains more than 62,000 abstracts of journal articles, books and book chapters, dissertations, reports, conference proceedings and conference papers, government documents, policy or legal documents, editorials, letters, and comments on articles related to the scientific, medical, technical, policy, behavioral, legal, and historical literature related to smoking and tobacco use and its effect on health.

TOXLINE   UCB access only
Last 5 years plus current year

Indexes journals, monographs, technical reports, theses, letters, meeting abstracts, conference papers, and reports in all areas of toxicology, including chemicals and pharmaceuticals, pesticides, environmental pollutants, and mutagens and teratogens. Produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, information is drawn from a number of sources including Toxicity Bibliography and Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology.

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