Library Tips for New Students

  1. Where are the Science and Engineering Libraries?

  2. Who is my Subject Librarian?

  3. What are the major article databases in my field?

  4. How do I find electronic journals?

  5. What is the catalog to find our books and journals?
    » UCB: OskiCat
    » UC and more: Melvyl

  6. What books do I have checked out and how can I renew them?
    » Use MyOskiCat
    » See this Help: Renewals guide.

  7. How do I put a hold (recall request) on a book that is checked out?

  8. How can I keep up with new articles published in my field?

  9. How do I access these resources from off-campus computers?

  10. How do I borrow materials that are not owned at Berkeley?

  11. How do I keep track of my citations?

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