About the Science Libraries

Bioscience and Natural Resources Library
2101 Valley Life Sciences Building
The staff and collections support research and teaching in all fields related to the life sciences and natural resources, including genetics, evolution, ecology, bioinformatics, environmental science and policy, conservation, and nutrition. More...

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library
100 Hildebrand Hall
The collection covers all areas of chemistry and chemical engineering including analytical, nuclear, and biophysical chemistry; chemical biology; polymers; electrochemical engineering; catalysis and reaction engineering; and biochemical and bioprocess engineering. More...

Earth Sciences and Map Library
50 McCone Hall
The collection covers the geosciences, including structural geology, tectonics, oceanography, seismology, geochemistry, glaciology, geophysics, atmospheric science, and planetary science; physical geography, geomorphology, and climatology; and cartography, aerial photos, maps, and GIS.

Engineering Library
110 Bechtel Engineering Center
The Kresge Engineering Library has large study carrels, group rooms with white boards, lounge chairs, computers, strong AirBears, and librarians for assistance. Its collections cover all engineering subjects except chemical engineering. More...

Mathematics Statistics Library
100 Evans Hall
The collection covers all areas of pure and applied mathematics, including algebra, analysis, geometry, number theory, numerical analysis, probability, and topology; theoretical statistics; the research methods of statistics; and mathematical logic. More...

Optometry and Health Sciences Library
490 Minor Hall
The collection covers basic and clinical sciences in optometry and ophthalmology, vision science; and the social, legal, economic, and professional aspects of eye care. Also covered are medical education, evidence-based health care, and doing research in health and medicine. More...

Physics Astronomy Library
351 Le Conte Hall
The collection covers astronomy, physics, astrophysics, cosmology; atomic, molecular and optical physics; condensed matter; experimental particle physics; theoretical high energy physics, nonlinear dynamics; and galaxies, planets, mathematical, chemical and biophysics. More...

Public Health Library
1 University Hall
The collection includes materials on nutrition in health and disease, health administration, epidemiology, toxicology, occupational health, maternal and child health, biostatistics, communicable diseases, community health, environmental health, and international health. More...

Affiliated Libraries

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